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Jeff & Becky Dollar

Grace Center Senior Pastors

Jeff and Becky are the senior pastors of Grace Center. In addition to teaching on the school, they give oversight to the school and lead the SOSL senior team.

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Alyn & AJ Jones

School Directors

Alyn and AJ are the directors of the School of Supernatural Life and the Senior Associate Pastors of Grace Center. Along with Jeff & Becky, they designed and launched the school in 2011. Originally from Scotland & Canada, they moved to Franklin, TN in 2008 to oversee the young adult ministry at Grace Center and pioneer the school. 

Shannon mcLaird

School Pastor

Shannon is the 1st year school pastor. Shannon leads the small group staff and oversees the day to day running of the school. Shannon is a graduate of the school and has been part of the SOSL staff since 2012. Shannon is full of discernment, joy and wisdom and is an incredible "momma" to the students.

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Danielle Helson

School administrator

Danielle is a graduate of the School of Supernatural Life and has served as small group leader on the school. She now oversees all the administration of the school. In addition to working at the school, she administrates the prophetic ministry at Grace Center and runs the prophetic outreach ministry at emanate. A gifted administrator, Danielle keeps the school running with excellence and runs Cultivate Boldness, a ministry focussed on reaching the world through signs, wonders and evangelism.

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Sarah PApe

1st YEAR School Administrator

Sarah is an graduate of the school and a former small group leader. Sarah overseas all the administration for first year and serves with excellence. She is loved by everyone who encounters her and she loves exceptionally well.


Outreach Coordinator

Cori plans the outreaches that students optionally attend as part of their school experience. Cori graduated from SOSL in 2014 and joined the school staff in 2016. An expert at planning and organization, Cori is a vital member of the team who helps the outreach component run smoothly.

Small Group Leaders

Every Tuesday, first year students meet in small groups led by our staff small group leaders. These leaders are graduates of the school who are there to help pastor students through the school year and offer wisdom, support and counsel. They are excellent Christian leaders who have been hand picked for this role.