I was working full time as an office manager when I decided to apply for Year 1 of the school. I was incredibly unsure of how my boss would react to me asking for Mondays and Tuesdays off. To my surprise, he said yes and allowed me to adjust my work schedule to still complete 40 hours a week. My boss also gave me 3 weeks off for Outreach!

Over the next 3 years, I was able to serve as a small group leader and attend Year 2 while working in the same office. I went on two more Outreach trips and was continually amazed by how the Lord made a way with both work and finances to be a part of the school.

Every outreach trip was completely provided for by the Lord. And as I look back on Year 1, I know that it was completely God’s provision for me that I was able to pay for the school and my regular bills. Mathematically, I should not have had enough to do both, but God consistently provided for me.
— Kate
I LOVE THIS SCHOOL! This year has been the most transformative of my whole life. When I look back over the landscape of this year and what my life looks like now as compared to a couple of years ago, I am filled with awe and wonder and thanksgiving at the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord. I count it such an incredible privilege to have been welcomed as part of this community and to be honored with the wisdom and teaching and the investment of the leaders and teachers. I KNOW that God has marked my life simply because I have been blessed by being a part of SOSL. I have been given much and I know that God has so much in store for me. I am undone.
— Micah
Before I came to SOSL I theoretically believed God provided for people. But when I applied to SOSL I definitely didn’t have enough money to complete the school! What outwardly looked like great faith inwardly felt more like anxiety.

I came to the School without being able to take a job or ask for support (conditions of my visa)

In December I was promised a gift from a very unexpected source, which was deposited in my bank in February. It certainly was an unbelievable testimony because it not only enabled me to complete Year 1 but it opened the door for me to do the second year of School too. If he did that for me, he can certainly do the same for you - he doesn’t have less riches for you because he shared some with me. However, that gift was only half the testimony. I received just as much in ‘expenses decreased’ because of the many acts of kindness shown me by his people, my precious community.
— Juliana
SOSL has seriously brought my spiritual life into a super speed maturity process. I cannot even fathom my life not having gone through the school and having the opportunity not only to receive such incredible in-depth teaching, but having so many new things to form opinions and ideas on and to question. The school has been such an amazing gift to have so many things presented to question and ponder with the Lord and grow. From regular life stuff to the most unreal spiritual stuff, and everything between - I feel stronger, wiser, and more amazing than ever before.
— Tyler
Before I did the school, I was still pretty deeply entrenched in a lack mindset (little did I know that was one of the areas the Lord wanted to bring massive healing to in my life...)

When I was first considering it, even doing the school seemed like a big financial risk - I had two small children, my husband and I were both working, and (although we had experienced some measure of breakthrough) we were still pretty much living in the land of “just enough to get by” and I was afraid this might tip our financial scale back in the wrong direction.

I had already compiled a long list of reasons in my head for why it might not work - it seemed like it wasn’t in the budget, I didn’t know what the childcare costs would be, or how I would balance school with work, etc.

But then I applied anyway, because I couldn’t get rid of this lingering thought: “God doesn’t order what He won’t pay for.”

I had heard people say that His voice sounds like a still, small whisper...a gentle nudging of the heart…and that is exactly what I was experiencing. It wasn’t an audible voice, or an obvious command…it was more like a gentle invitation to experience more of Him.

So I took a tiny step of faith… I submitted my application. Then I took another step of faith and paid my deposit. And with every little step of faith I took, God met me. My tuition was paid in full before school even started, all of the little details with my work schedule were taken care of...every potential obstacle already had a solution attached to it, and every time I took another step forward, another detailed was figured out.

And that was just the beginning...those little steps were just the start of a journey that we’re still very much on...a journey of experiencing God’s kindness and abundance in ways I never believed I was worthy of up to that point. I had no idea my own belief system (about money, resources, and provision specifically) was blocking me from experiencing the fullness of what Jesus paid for me to have. Being in the school helped me uncover so many of those limiting beliefs (aka UGBs) and pulled off layers and layers of shame that had kept me in cycles of “barely getting by” for most of my life.
(And in addition to the inner-healing work, I also learned some really practical tools for how to steward money and resources well, how to align my finances with the kingdom, etc.)

I’m still very much on the journey, and I still have so much to learn...but I 100% believe that taking those steps of faith and investing in the school was the catalyst that set us on the financial trajectory we’re now on...and man oh man, am I grateful!
— Becky
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for this school. Learning to hear His voice and then to prophesy opened my eyes to see me as He saw me. Thank you so much for teaching us everything you know and taking us on this journey of freedom and hope!
— Amy
I am consistently impressed with all of the school’s dedication to quality. From the hours spent preparing teachings to the little bitty details of the website — I feel very honored and realize a lot of time was spent to serve the students and I really appreciate that.
— Hetty
I have been telling people that I loved everything about the school. I love the excellence that you pursue as a team and as leaders. I’m amazed at the way you all work so hard to honor us and to equip us to be sons and daughters in the Kingdom.
— Katie
I love SOSL and I so believe in it!
— Misty
There is literally nothing in my life that hasn’t been impacted positively by the school in some way. Thank you for making it such a safe place to be vulnerable by choosing such amazing small group leaders, inviting such incredible speakers, and by leading such devoted and integrous lives. In the last year my path has changed from death to life, and I never imagined that life could be this good or satisfying. Never before have I had such hope and anticipation for what my future might hold, because I never knew how good my Father was. Thank you for leading me to Him!
— Matt
This school has radically altered my life by introducing the Father’s heart and speaking identity into me. All of the religious fog has cleared away and it is such a joy to know God for who He is. I feel equipped to hit the ground running and live out a supernatural lifestyle. And that is due to the healing, teaching, and love I’ve received. It’s the kind of school that I want to tell everyone I know to go to because no matter where you are at in life it will produce amazing fruit.
— Amy