The Design of the School

The school was created with several guiding principles in mind. The first is that all Christians are in full time ministry, regardless of their occupation. Whether someone is a doctor, an architect, a photographer, a pastor, a mom or a missionary, all believers are called to live a life that represents Jesus and the values of His kingdom here on earth. Life in Jesus means there is no difference between the secular and the spiritual.

In light of this, the primary aim of the school is to equip students to be naturally supernatural everywhere, irrespective of their vocation. That means our graduates are as comfortable healing the sick and prophesying as they are at managing themselves and communicating effectively in relationships.

The school is designed to produce graduates who are full of love, integrity, confidence and honor and are able to walk in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.


Core Values

The core values of the school are as follows:

  • Each student has their identity firmly rooted in sonship. They know they are a son or daughter of God and that their heavenly Father loves them dearly.

  • Living from their inheritance as a son or daughter, students know how to hear His voice and are confident in their Father’s nature to perform signs, wonders and miracles.

  • As a result of knowing their value as sons and daughters, students can live a life of blessing to others in both generosity and honor.

  • Because they are created in God’s image, the students’ lives and character will grow to reflect that of Jesus. They are heading towards emotional wholeness and healing as they represent God in their lives.

The teachings in first and second year of the school cover the spectrum of these core values and help prepare students to continue in life with healing, wholeness and confidence.


A Typical Week at the School

Students meet on Mondays and Tuesdays from 9AM-5PM. Each day starts with worship after which first and second year students move to their separate teaching class rooms. Tuesday afternoons are devoted to small group time where students meet together in smaller groups with a staff leader to process the week's teaching and share and pray together. Every week on the school is devoted to a topic so there is plenty of time to learn, practice, ask questions and receive revelation.

Students are given weekly journal assignments to help them apply the teaching they've received and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus. These assignments are key to the growth and transformation of the students. To learn more about first and second year, visit their respective pages.


Plenty of practice

In addition to the teaching that takes place on Monday and Tuesday, students are assigned time to practice what they've learnt at Grace Center services on Sunday mornings and also on Monday night at emanate. As the school progresses, students begin to pray as part of our ministry team and prophesy over guests at the church through our prophetic ministry teams. This not only hones their sensitivity to the Holy Spirit but serves as a practical outworking of the values they have been learning at school.

As the school is geared to prepare students for life and not just ministry, there are plenty of opportunities to practice what is learned on the school in everyday life. Students have an opportunity to practice healing the sick and ministering prophetically on the streets and are encouraged to practice what they've been learning in their communities. 

Toward the end of the school, students are given the opportunity to go somewhere in the world to serve other churches and ministries. Several outreach locations are presented and students can pick which one they wish to attend on a first come, first served basis. The costs associated with these outreaches vary depending on the location, and the cost of the outreach is in addition to the cost of the school. Previous outreach locations have included cities in the USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Iceland, Israel, Australia, Central Asia, Uganda and South Africa.

Outreach Team to Nova Scotia 2018!

Outreach Team to Nova Scotia 2018!

Outreach Team to South Africa 2019!

Outreach Team to South Africa 2019!

Outreach Team to England 2018!

Outreach Team to England 2018!

Outreach Team to Puerto Rico 2019!

Outreach Team to Puerto Rico 2019!


Join us for our 2019-2020 school year!