Puerto Rico Update #3

Puerto Rico Update #3

WEEK 3 | Team Puerto Rico 

Hola from Puerto Rico!


We are on week 3 of being here, and it has been an amazing trip! We started this week off with attending two different church services on Sunday. Matt Palmer, a year one student in SOSL, preached on the father heart of God Sunday morning at a church called Abundant Life. This church does not have a building and they meet in the parking deck of a cardiology clinic. God is so funny! Matt did an incredible job teaching, and afterwards we had a time of ministry. We got to prophesy, pray for physical healing, and Matt got to pray with a few men that approached him afterwards because of how his message had resonated with them.


Two days this week the men on our team worked on their second roof project. They did an amazing job and knocked it out rather quickly! This was in a neighborhood that got hit the worst by hurricane Maria. It was very sobering driving around and seeing how lives had been affected directly by the hurricane. Because the men had worked so hard, the ladies decided to bless them by cooking them a steak dinner and giving them each a prophetic word. It was such a sweet time of getting to bless them and they loved it!

Mary speaking at Abundant Life

Mary speaking at Abundant Life

On Wednesday the women on our team got to go to a women’s bible study held at a home of a friend of Becky Potterbaum (friend of Grace Center that lives in Puerto Rico). It was such a refreshing time for all of us. The lady that led it began by talking about how God hears us. We walked away super encouraged by all of the women we met. They were powerhouses that did not hesitate to pray into situations and speak truth over every prayer request we discussed.

Wednesday evening we attended Abundant Life church again where we did a teaching and activation on the prophetic. Mary Taylor, a year one student, taught and she did an amazing job! We were all so proud of her. Afterwards, we had a time of doing prophetic games and it was amazing getting to encourage people that were new to prophesying.  It was also neat to receive prophetic words from them as they were learning.

The last day this week was another rest day for us and we enjoyed our second day trip to old San Juan. Many of us found refreshment in spending time with the Lord in a café or at an old fort. Some bought souvenirs to bring back to the states and we all met up for lunch at a rooftop restaurant before we headed back to our house. We ended the day feeling rested, and so thankful for all that Jesus has done on this trip, and all that he is going to do.  


It has been a beautiful experience getting to partner with local churches and fellow believers on this island. God loves Puerto Rico and getting to partner with him in bringing restoration has been an honor and a privilege! We are excited and expectant of all that He is going to do in our last week here.  

Prayer Requests:  Please pray that we finish our time here in Puerto Rico strongly!  Also, pray for all of the seeds we have planted to flourish and bring much fruit.

-Written by Lindsay Triola

-Photos by Chris Law & Danielle Wilson

Nashville Update #2

Nashville Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Nashville 

It was an incredible second week in Nashville!!

Friday we completed a full week at Papa Joes where we ministered to the community and helped pass out lunches. That evening we had the honor of partnering with Project R12 which is a ministry that does incredible work in Uganda. They provide education, shelter and food for orphans and at-risk kids and women there. They have a Ugandan team on the ground who have been equipped to lead and run this independently which creates sustainability for the people there. We had the opportunity to pray and prophesy into their upcoming trip and over the people going. They were able to record us praying and encouraging the Ugandan team as well so they can share it with them!


Saturday was the big picnic where we got to partner with the missions team at Grace Center and the Elijah Heart staff to have a cookout/community event for the JC Napier and Sudekum communities. People were fed but one of the most beautiful things was just getting to connect and love on each individual we encountered. Something that was staggering was when one of the men who grew up in the community but who had been successful in cooking and even had been on a popular tv show, came back to the place where his family is. This man had been radically saved and is believing to see transformation in the community he was brought up in. He shared that events like this aren’t normal for this community. He shared that he hasn’t seen anything like it. He even brought over a little kid to share that they had never played with white kids before, in this community. Our team and other members of our church body got to break some of this racial and economical division and just love these people like Jesus and as family. We had powerful interactions, had fun and fellowship, and offered prayer for healing and encouraging words to anyone who wanted it! We were so grateful to be a part of this day!


“Earlier in the week when we were walking around the projects/handing out flyers, a little boy about seven years old who was out playing came over and began to help us. We knocked on this door together and a lady answered, she took our flyer and said thank you. Right afterwards this little boy pulled me to the side of the building and shared that he witnessed this woman’s car being shot at and acted out the machine gun he saw with hand movements and shared how bullet holes covered her car. He mentioned this casually, its just every day life for him. It was evident he just needed to process and as we were walking I felt the need to speak life into him and his future. I felt the Lord had music planned for him in his future and he said he likes the drums. He also had just gotten baptized a week prior and I told him I see him playing the drums in church someday. It was a pure moment where he was able to grab onto and see a bright future. Kathy heard this story and brought a pair of drumsticks and drum pad for us to give him as a gift. On Saturday we expected to see him at the picnic but couldn’t find him so we asked Papa Joe’s team member to help us find him at the address we had been given and just hoped was his. When we started walking up a little boy came running to us and it was him! We gave him the gift and it was a super special moment. He opened the gift on the sidewalk and it was a small moment but one that could change everything for this little boy, help pave a path for his destiny and also just show him that he matters and is seen and loved!”

-Blake Zapara


Monday we were able to walk up and down the entirety of Music Row, praying for and speaking blessing over the music industry as a whole and all the businesses along it. We stopped along the way for dinner as a team. Throughout the walk our team was able to speak into and pray for several people that were highlighted to us. This prayer walk really set us on fire and gave us more of God’s heart for our city.  


Tuesday and Wednesday we partnered with Grace Center’s ministry for new moms, Babes with Babes, and were able to grocery shop and then prepare 50 freezer meals that will bless families in our community!

Thursday we had the gift of getting to attend Acts 13, which is a group of leaders across the city of Nashville where they share what God is doing across the city and even the world. Blake and Trenton got to lead worship alongside their worship leader. After that, a visitor from out of the country shared his powerful testimony and prayed for each of us to have a greater revelation of Jesus. It was a morning that shifted everything for us as we each had such a special encounter with Jesus. 

Thursday night we helped with Meal of Hope for the 3rd week! I had the opportunity to speak about forgiveness and share part of my story about how God has brought so much healing and transformation through forgiveness. I gave them the chance at the end to ask and receive God’s forgiveness and also release it to the people who have hurt them and wronged them. It was incredible to see almost every person praying and releasing forgiveness. At the end our team got to encourage and pray for the people there. One guy was struggling with suicide and hopelessness and tonight through hearing my story and being loved on and prayed for by our team, has new hope and found healing and comfort. It was a powerful night!

It has been such an honor to get to partner with amazing ministries and leaders in our city and see how God is moving and participate it it. We are so expectant for all that is to come for our last week!

- Written by Hannah Starr

South Africa Update #2

South Africa Update #2

WEEK 2 | South Africa

We are on the second half of our trip now and we have more updates for you!  We are both thankful and excited to see what the Lord is doing!

With navigation and translation help from pastors from the local church, Friday was spent going house to house in Gutshwa.  We had many great testimonies from the day!  We met a woman that said her feet hurt so Silvia and a few others prayed for the pain to go away.  Blake, one of our team leaders, asked if her legs were the same length; one leg was about 3 inches longer than the other so Silvia prayed for the legs to become equal in length.  Silvia looked down and the legs were of equal length.  Marc was looking the entire time, but he blinked and the legs were instantly the same length.  Our team was ecstatic and filled with faith! In the same house, we saw another woman’s eyesight get better as she was able to read without her glasses after some prayer. She also had stomach pain that was healed through prayer. During these house visits, several team members saw images and proclaimed prophetic words about rivers flowing through the city of Gutshwa and abundance coming to the land.  We later found ourselves unknowingly walking through a dry river bed. The favor we felt in Gutshwa only increased as the days went on.  

Silvia speaking in Gutshwa

Silvia speaking in Gutshwa

On Saturday, we had the privilege of being the first non-locals to attend an annual celebration at the chief’s estate in Gutshwa. The chief is over the surrounding lands and we were told he oversees around 2 million people. It was the first time they had an inter-racial function to celebrate the chief’s birthday. We got to watch passionate and lively traditional dancing, much of which reenacted pre-battle ceremonies of different tribes.  After the showcase, we got the opportunity to go up on stage and bless the land.  One of our team leaders, Blake, blessed the land and shared prophetic words regarding rivers and blessing coming to the land.  Then, we were all invited to the chief’s house, given VIP treatment, and enjoyed a large buffet! In South African culture, to share a meal means there is no problem with the other party. So, this meal communicated to the chief that the church was ready to love on him, pray for him, and honor him. These events were a testament to the favor that the Lord has given us throughout this trip, favor that has only increased as the trip has gone on.  Saturday night, Kylie and Silvia shared on the Lord’s faithfulness at the sixth and final day of the Gutshwa revival. We know that their transparency coupled with the truth touched the hearts of the people in Gutshwa.

Sunday morning, we had our final meeting at Gutshwa. The local pastors expressed much gratitude for the work we had done in the past week.  We also had the privilege of hearing Tryphina Sithole, Pastor Surprise’s wife, speak on “remembering what the Lord has done for you”.  She has a powerful testimony and delivered a great message!  We celebrated the anniversary of the Gutshwa church with a meal that we have shared with them over the past years.  That day was also team member Sam’s birthday!  We had time to rest for the remainder of the day and had a fun braai (barbecue) that night!

Kylie speaking in Gutshwa

Kylie speaking in Gutshwa

Monday and Tuesday were spent as free days and sight seeing days.  It was also a time where we got to reflect on the week of ministry and check in with each member of the group.  We shared testimony and opened up about different things God has been showing us on this outreach.  It was also team member Cameron’s birthday so we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant and even got to pray for and bless our waiter!


Wednesday morning, we had a powerful worship session in the prayer hut. We spent time dancing and singing with the kids and praying together. For the rest of the day, we did personal ministry sessions at MCV and played with the kids.  We love pouring out everything that God has blessed us with through Grace Center.  We began to connect the dots of what God has been doing in and through us. This opened our eyes to how intentional He has been to lead us in this outreach.


-Written by Cameron Hunt

Puerto Rico Update #2

Puerto Rico Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Puerto Rico 

Hello from sunny Puerto Rico!


Our team has been having so much fun getting to serve the communities of Puerto Rico in such practical and hands-on ways. This past week, we have partnered with MarAzul (a local church) to serve the community in Bayamon and help Bayamon Christian Academy (BCA) paint their school. The school building was destroyed in the hurricane and they have been using a temporary rented building since. Our team had the opportunity to landscape their building, paint the building, design and paint a mural, and work alongside a team of InterVarsity college students from the University of Vermont (UVA).  InterVarsity is a Christian program that consists of students who are both believers and non-believers. 


Our team had the opportunity not only to pour into the practical needs of the school but also work with the InterVarsity students and share our stories with them. We got to share about SOSL and share testimonies about what the Lord has done in our lives. We developed great friendships with them and when some of the students on their team had an opportunity to ask Jesus into their hearts, we heard that six of the students decided to give their lives to the Lord! One of our team members even got to pray with one of the UVA students to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was so fun to share with the students about how Jesus has transformed our lives.


While painting the school on the second day, the students from BCA came to see the progress on the school and they were so excited when they saw it! The looks on their faces were priceless and they each got a picture next to the mural. The work was definitely laborious, but thinking about the students having a place to learn, grow, and be in community together was well worth it. The process of painting the school was also very meaningful for us because Grace Center sent out a team last year to visit and start painting and we got to come and finish the work they started. 


After a long week of working 9-5 we had a wonderful day off on Saturday! We woke up late and had some fellowship with each other in the morning then took a ferry ride to visit the historic city of Old San Juan. The buildings are the oldest in Puerto Rico and we got to visit and explore the city for a day. 


Prayer Requests: We have been so fortunate to be able to help practically and spiritually here in Puerto Rico. Please continue to pray for physical strength for our team as well as divine encounters where people experience the Love of the Father!


¡Adios from the sun kissed Puerto Rico team!



-Written by Ellen Warner-Gourd

-Photography by Chris Law

Iceland Update #2

Iceland Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Iceland

Hey Everyone!

We are having such an amazing time in Iceland and are in awe and wonder at the hand of God moving so powerfully among the people and places we come into contact with… and it’s only the second week!

In continuation from our last blog, we pick back up on Wednesday, the 13th, which was full of sweet personal ministry appointments set up at Catch the Fire Reykjavik. At the same time, we also had stations set up around the church for people to receive prophetic words and prayer. This was such a sweet day full of people receiving healing of the heart, physical healings and encouraging words full of love and destiny. It was cool to see people drop by the church who heard Brendan, Peter and Cooper’s testimonies on the radio and how they were curious to come check out the church and be so open to receiving words of encouragement and prayer. 


That evening, our team was split between two different home groups from the church where we had the chance to connect relationally with people but also see God move in powerful ways. At the first home group, Brendan was able to share his testimony which was really impacting, especially for the men of the group. The meeting was full of prayer and words of knowledge for different people who needed physical healing in their bodies. At the second home group that evening the team gathered around different ones in the group who also needed physical healing. One elderly man was in severe pain from back issues, had dealt with stomach cancer, blood clots and had battled with extreme fear and anxiety especially in the night, fearing he may not wake up in the morning. As a team we were able to pray and there was such a peaceful, tangible, sweet presence of the Lord instantly present. As we prayed for healing the man began to say, “Wow, it’s so hot” and tears began rolling down his face. You could see the man being overcome by the presence of the Lord and as we continued to pray the pain began to leave his body! At one point the man told us that he could see Jesus and that he was flying. It was so precious to see the Lord minister so deeply to this man’s heart and watch him full on encounter the love of Jesus. After we prayed for him we were able to minister to others in the group who needed physical healing but also mental breakthrough. Both home groups were filled with such sweet times of connection and developing relationship between our team and the people from the church. 

Thursday we continued with inner healing, prophetic and prayer appointments at the church for the majority of the day. There seems to be a common theme among the prophetic here in Iceland and that is the overwhelming love of the Father for His people here. We’ve learned that what may seem like a “small” word of encouragement that we hear from the Lord for a person really has so much more impact than what we realize! The prophetic ministry that has taken place here has been so full of life, love and healing. It is so beautiful to see people come in one way, not really knowing what to expect, and leave with smiles on their faces and joy in their eyes because they have hope from the Father. 

Worth, Megan and I had the opportunity to pray for a woman’s daughter in the church. She was born with a disorder called Kabuki Syndrome, which can have a myriad of symptoms. This young girl has struggled with heart issues and hip issues. Specifically, the ability to walk because her hip joints don’t stay in place. She also deals with underdeveloped muscles.  She had surgery on her hips 6 weeks ago and has been bound to a wheelchair ever since.  Our team was able to pray and declare complete healing over her.  We also had her declare identity over herself in our identity mirror.  Yesterday, her mother sent Charlotte a message saying that the doctor’s thought it would take 4-5 weeks before she would be able to walk with a walker and another 2-3 months before she would be able to walk without assistance.  However, the girl’s mom sent me a video of her a few days after praying and God has given her the strength and the ability to walk without assistance! Thank you JESUS! - Charlotte Largen


Friday was full of different ministry appointments at Catch the Fire Reykjavik during the day and that evening we were apart of the Friday night church service. Worth, Cooper and Bethany joined the church’s worship team for the evening and there was a sense of breakthrough in the air when Worth released a song that he had been hearing throughout the day called “Way Maker” over the church. It was so amazing! The lovely Kerri Ruffer released an incredibly powerful message that evening on the “Freedom of Obedience”. 

Friday evening we were all a part of the ministry team after the message and EmilyGrace and I went over to an 11 year old boy who needed prayer for his knee due to a soccer injury. The boy’s knee was swollen and in a lot of pain, so much so that he did not want us to touch his knee. We began to pray and had him repeat the four line prayer for healing we learned in the school and then asked him how his knee felt. He began to touch his knee and told us that part of his knee didn’t hurt anymore! He said his pain level was at a 10 before and went down to a 3! I asked if he would be ok with me laying my hand on his knee as we prayed again, to which he said yes. We prayed again and began thanking the Lord for what he was doing in this boy’s knee and then all of sudden his knee began to move and pop under my hand! I asked him if he felt the movement and his eyes began to widen which we told him Jesus was healing his knee. At the end of the prayer his knee popped one last time and the boy said, “Woah!”. We then asked him to stand up and see how it felt… the boy got up and began stomping his foot and pressing all over his knee saying the pain was gone!!! The boy came back to EmilyGrace and I a little later in the evening and said that his knee still looked swollen, so we ended up praying for the swelling to go down and the his knee returned to normal size! - Bethany Dollar

On Saturday we did ministry stations, like the previous Saturday, where people could come by and receive prophetic words, prayer, inner healing, along with soaking and a creativity station. The day was full of beautiful testimonies where many people received freedom, healing and deliverance! Later that day a woman who is a part of the church found three of us individually to encourage our team that we are apart of what will break out over Iceland through what we have done since being here. She described how it is to the equivalent of when you throw a stone into the water and there is a ripple effect… and she said the Lord provided the stone through us. So cool! And YES LORD!


Sunday we had the day OFF! It was a day so needed and full of gorgeous natural landscapes around Iceland. We ended up seeing two amazing waterfalls and going to Black Sand Beach. The day was full of adventure, rest, beauty and connection as a team! Monday morning we ended up having the morning off due to a few people in our team getting sick. That evening those of us who felt well went to United and Worth gave his powerful testimony on the “Heart of Stone” and then after we had the opportunity to be apart of the ministry team. Tuesday those of us who felt well had the day off to go check out the incredible and relaxing Blue Lagoon… praise the Lord! That evening the girls were able to rest and our incredible guys on the team were able to assist Baldur and his team in helping with some construction at the church and guys… the church looks so good! It has been so amazing to see Baldur’s vision for the church unfold and to help me apart of that.

DSC_0051 2.jpg

To say our time here has been good is an understatement. There have been so many beautiful moments of encountering the heart of the Father here in Iceland. It has been so sweet to see God bring so much healing and transformation in the short time of us being here. There have been multiple themes of praying for people struggling with anxiety, trouble with sleeping, addictions, depression and you can feel the tangible presence of God come over each and every person and simply yet powerfully love on them. We are honored to be apart of all that God is doing here in this country and are believing for God to continue to move in miraculous ways. A theme for our team has been this feeling of being “undone” by Jesus. We are continually being undone by His love, power, mercy, kindness, faithfulness, glory, beauty, holiness and presence. The wonderful thing is that when we are undone by who Jesus is and how we are experiencing Him here in Iceland, we are in a sense being filled in the midst of this undoing… but it is not for us to keep. We are continually given opportunities to give it away and what a joy that is!

Written by: Bethany Dollar

Scotland Update #1

Scotland Update #1

WEEK 1 | Team Scotland 

Hello from Scotland!


The England/Scotland team met at the Nashville Airport on Wednesday the 6th at around 3:30pm, excited and ready to go! Matt and Shannon and many friends and family members were there to pray for us and send us off. We landed in Winchester, England at about 11am on Thursday to a very warm welcome. Later that afternoon we prophesied over and hung out with the young adult group at Winchester Vineyard Church (WinVin for short). During the next few days, we joined some other churches and did ministry and prayed for healing out on the streets with a group of people from Winchester Baptist Church, went to a newly starting house church where we did prophetic ministry and helped out with worship and the kids ministry. Jasmine spoke on Ungodly Beliefs to the youth group, Mackenzie spoke on Soaking to the church, and a few of the ladies from our group did arts and crafts and gave prophetic words to and with the kids a couple of nights during what they call "Blaze" (the WinVin kids ministry fun night).


Early morning on Monday the 11th, we all packed up and got onto a plane for Aberdeen, Scotland! Again we were met with a very warm welcome! We dropped our things off at our apartment-hotels and then met with the staff and leadership at Sheddocksley Baptist Church (Shedd for short) for dinner!  Over the next couple of days the group split up and did various things such as Personal Ministry appointments, gave prophetic words, went to school assemblies, played UK football with local kids and went to Prayer Spaces in the local schools. Juliana spoke to the church on Sunday about Supernatural Evangelism, Austin spoke on Hearing God's Voice to the young adults group, Heather spoke about the Prophetic to the youth, and Mackenzie spoke on Soaking again. We also went around adventuring downtown Aberdeen to the various beautiful beaches, interesting museums, and cool shops.


We were incredibly honored by Shedd for throwing us a traditional Scottish ceilidh dance on the 16th! (We in return taught them the Church Clap dance, which they completely mastered!)

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Written by Ava Beischke 

Nashville Update #1

Nashville Update #1

WEEK 1 | Team Nashville 

Hello from Team Nashville!

The first week of outreach has been incredible and very full. It is such an honor to be able to partner with local ministries and see right before our eyes how God is bringing transformation to our city. 


All during the Nashville outreach, we have the opportunity to work alongside the team at the Foundry. On our third day we were able to prophesy and pray over the Foundry’s team and staff. We felt honored to pour into them, to speak into what God is doing and share His heart for their ministry. We also got to encourage and prophesy over each of them individually. All four Thursdays this month, our team is partnering with the Foundry for Meal of Hope. Meal of Hope is a weekly church service and dinner served to the homeless and lower-income community of inner-city Nashville. They have been doing this event every Thursday night for over twenty years. The vision is to serve food to those who are hungry but to really feed them hope. 


“Last Thursday, while at the Foundry where Nashville’s homeless and needy come inside every week to have a meal and hear a message, our team was given the opportunity to sit down, pray, and talk with anyone that came in, for that short hour of the night. I was able to talk to a young man who had just moved to Nashville 3 months ago. He moved here to live with a girl he saw a future with. Unfortunately, when he got to Nashville, He quickly learned she really was just taking advantage of him financially and left him out dry. She is 34 with 4 kids and he is only 19. When he told me he was only 19, The Lord immediately gave words for a new hope in his future and to walk him through a prayer to release him from this girl so he can move forward with what God really has planned for him in Nashville. I asked if he was open to forgiveness towards her and also towards himself for believing all of the lies she told him before he moved here. I told him we could also speak a blessing over her future, her life, etc. He was very open and we prayed together. Afterwards I could sense his heart was coming online again. A word the Lord gave  that was so impacting for him was “You are still on this earth for a purpose.” It was an honor to speak life into his heart for he received it with open hands and I could see so clearly The Father’s intervention in this man’s life.”  -Blake Zapara


This past Thursday at Meal of Hope our team was able to help lead the service. Blake and Trenton led worship and Iain got to share a message about the Father’s heart. In his message, Iain shared part of his story and was able to speak from the perspective of a father who carries such love, tenderness, and acceptance. His message shared that God’s love is constant, it doesn’t matter what they have done or where they are at right now in their life, He still has open arms towards them. It was a powerful time and we were told that our team was able to bring a deeper sense of peace causing everyone to enter in and respond to the peace we carried. 


We spent this week during the day with Papa Joe at Elijah’s Heart where we got to serve the people in the J.C. Napier community in inner-city Nashville. Every morning Papa Joe poured into us, sharing stories and his experiences, and gave us some incredible teachings to equip and train us. Our team had the opportunity to walk through the community, knock on every door telling them about our lunches as well as the big neighborhood cookout picnic event for Saturday, and just to get to know some of the people that Papa Joe serves. We were able to build relationships with people and some of the kids joined us in passing out flyers. We made over 3,000 sandwiches and lunches during the week to give away to the community for spring break. In addition to that, we got to offer prayer and encouragement to the people who came in for lunch. People experienced healing and peace from being ministered to and one lady told us several days later that she was still feeling peace from when we prayed for her. It is a gift to get to partner with this incredible ministry that feels like family! Our team is so expectant for the things God is going to do in the next few weeks and that we get to see miracles and the goodness of God in the place we call home. 

- Written by Hannah Starr

- Photography by Matt Swan  

South Africa Update #1

South Africa Update #1

WEEK 1 | South Africa

Greetings from South Africa!

We are about half way through our time here and we are amazed at how quickly the time is going by.  We are late with this blog post because we have not had electricity or internet for portions of the trip.  Our goal is to get one out every week, so we hope to get another one out a few days after this one so we can get back on track.

We spent the first few days traveling and getting acclimated to our surroundings and food! 


Sunday morning, we attended one of Pastor Surprise’s original churches in Backdoor.  Surprise Sithole is a great man of God, a father, a husband, and a leader. He has been apart of planting thousands of churches across the African continent and is affiliated with Iris Ministries.  His amazing story is in his book, “Voice in the Night”. Attending one of his original churches in Backdoor was an incredible experience for the whole team.  The church reminded us of Grace Center in the way that the church culture valued the presence of God and was ready and willing to change plans for the Holy Spirit. We also had a blast doing group dances with the congregation! Nathan, Marc and Aimee gave 2-5 minute testimonies in front of the entire congregation.  Touching on a taboo topic in the region, Nathan shared how God healed him from depression and boldly asked people to stand up if, like himself, they struggled with depression or anxiety in the past and wanted to walk in the light and receive prayer.

Sunday afternoon was spent at another church affiliated with Pastor Surprise, but this church was in Nelspruit and the members were mostly Afrikaans (predominately white).  At the beginning of service, Silvia and Cameron gave 5 minute testimonies about their walks with God. We believe that their testimonies, along with Pastor Surprise’s message on God’s amazing faithfulness and miracles, succeeded in stirring up the congregation and made them want more of God.  After the message, we started doing the stuff (this is our playful phrase for praying for healing, prophesying, and doing deliverance) for the first time this trip!  More than 20 people came to the front to receive prayer. We prayed for a woman’s shoulder and saw God heal her immediately. There was a woman who needed surgery in her eyes and could barely see; we prayed for her and she could see clearly. We prayed for a man with cancer and didn’t see him healed right away but are believing for healing for him. We also got to honor and prophecy over people and watch God touch their hearts.  Our team members felt like our healing and prophetic gifts were amplified compared to how the gifts feel back home.


On Tuesday morning, we got to attend Surprise’s “School of Supernatural” where he talked about dealing with rejection and how it can keep us from deeper relationship with God and others.  Many of our team members were encouraged to see someone who is such an outwardly focused evangelist, church builder, and itinerant speaker understand the importance of looking inward and inviting Holy Spirit and other people into places of past rejection. This sort of inner healing is highly valued at our home church, Grace Center. Some of us joked, “We flew half way around the world to do more inner healing!?” After his message, we got the opportunity to prophecy and pray over the other missionaries who were in attendance, and we saw many people get touched by God. Silvia and Nathan even got to prophecy over Pastor Surprise himself. It is important to note that we have all been learning from watching how Pastor Surprise leads with humility.  At the church in Backdoor, the church in Nelspruit, at his school, and later on at one of his churches in Gutshwa, you can see him blending in with the rest of the congregation, taking time to honor Jesus, sneaking in unnoticed and standing at the back of the church, and always living with an incredible amount of joy. He is a great model for how to walk in God’s Presence, peace, humility, and joy.

Tuesday afternoon was spent doing practical projects around Michael’s Children’s Village.  We organized donations, cleaned buildings, and took care of those pesky ants! Tuesday night was the first of six days in a row at the annual Gutshwa revival.  We packed into a small tent and enjoyed worship, dancing, and fellowship with the people of Gutshwa. One of our trip leaders, Amanda Van De Sompele, spoke on what it looks like to fully let God into our house (life) and move things around in our lives to accommodate Him, rather than just opening the door and not letting Him in.  After the message, we had folks stand if they wanted to fully let Jesus into their house. We prayed for a Gogo (Grandma) who needed deliverance from her partnership with ancestral worship. We instantly saw her eyes lighten up and her countenance change.  We saw her laughing and talking more in the following days. We saw her at the revival nearly every night for the rest of the week and are confident she will be prosperous moving forward.

Amanda speaking at the tent revival.

Amanda speaking at the tent revival.

Wednesday morning, we had a group worship session in our beloved prayer hut with other missionaries in the village. That afternoon was spent at a local hospital praying for the sick.  God moved in powerful ways. We saw many people get healed. Silvia, Mark, and Lee prayed for a baby who was alone in a bed, feeding through a tube, and was running a high fever. Her eyes were unresponsive. Silvia and Lee laid hands on her and she responded to the presence of God.  She began to breathe easily. We prayed for 5 other babies and their fevers went down. After prayer, people who were minimally responsive began praising God and thanking us. Staff members also received prayer and experienced healing of aches and pains in their bodies. Wednesday night was day 2 of the Gutshwa revival. For the message that night, our team member, Sam Kessler, spoke on forgiveness. It was powerful message. At the end, many people stood up to receive prayer, and many were healed and delivered. 

Thursday afternoon was spent partnering with Dignity Ministry, a ministry dedicated to rescuing people from a life on the streets.  Teams were sent out on to Anderson Street, which is considered the darkest street in Nelspruit, with the task of ministering to the broken hearted, forgotten, and helping them encounter God’s love and healing power.  We prayed for many people and watched as God touched them. We prayed for the eyes of a shoemaker and on our way back, we saw him working without his glasses. Our team faced some challenges during this time of ministry. We saw amazing miracles but the people rarely reacted to being healed, set free, etc. like we experience back home.  We know now that this is for many reasons. One, the supernatural is more commonplace here. Two, if you show a reaction you are charged more money by the witchdoctors, spiritists, and corrupt ministers. Three, some cultures here are taught that if you laugh and smile today you will cry tomorrow. This day was also a huge learning opportunity for several people on our team. We were reminded that without love, our works are useless (1 Corinthians 13). We realized that we need to focus on loving the people we encounter, follow the Holy Spirit, and maybe “see the stuff”.

-Written by Cameron Hunt

Iceland Update #1

Iceland Update #1

WEEK 1 | Team Iceland

Hæ Hæ (Hi!) Friends and Family from Iceland!

We are about a week in and already we are seeing God move in such amazing, powerful, sweet ways! We arrived in the beautiful country Friday morning and that evening we were introduced to Catch the Fire Reykjavík which is a church plant of Catch the Fire Toronto and is pastored by the amazing Baldur & Barbara Einarsson. Friday evening we worshiped with the church and our amazing leader Cooper spoke on the difference between being interested and dedicated. The message was so powerful and afterwards we were able to do ministry with different ones who wanted to give their “yes” to being fully dedicated to the Lord and who simply wanted more of God.


On Saturday we helped run a conference at the church where we came together for a time of worship lead by Bethany, Brendan and Gigi and then different stations were set up around the church with our team dispersed throughout and people were able to go to each station receiving prophetic words, Godly Beliefs which was set up by people being able to look into a mirror and speaking out all that the Father reveals about them which was written down and prayed into. There were also stations set up for soaking, inner healing and creativity. Many of us were so blown away by how open, hungry and even childlike the people were who attended. 

On Sunday we had a great time exploring the beautiful city of Reykjavík as a team and then we were invited to a surprise party for Barbara  (Baldur’s wife) which was so fun to celebrate and connect with people who attend Catch the Fire Reykjavík and other churches in the community. We were able to spend time honoring Barbara with gifts and encouraging words which then moved into our team prophesying over different ones at the party. It was so sweet to see the Lord call out the gold in each person and love on them with such kindness.


Monday at CTFR we had a time of intercession for the church and the region and then were able to connect with and prophecy over different people who walked into the church building that were curious of what was going on. CTFR has had an open door as a church with the community surrounding the area while we have been here. This has opened up many opportunities for praying and prophesying over those who walk through the doors out of curiosity of the church and who we are as a team. Little do they know it has been a Holy Spirit set up! Ha Ha!  There also were a few personal ministry sessions set up through the day which were so powerful and full of freedom! 

That evening we partnered with another “church” in the area that Baldur has connection with called United which is more of an organization for recovering addicts rather than a church. As a team we were able to connect with United’s leaders and prophecy over one of the leaders whose name was Þráinn and man oh man, it was absolutely powerful! After that time he ended up praying for our team and you could feel the atmosphere of heaven fill the room and in a sense electrically “charged” with the Holy Spirit… and the meeting had not even started! We served as United’s ministry team after a guest speaker from Florida preached and guys…it was so incredible! As a team we saw so many people not only give their life to the Lord during an altar call but people struggling with addictions, physical pain, torment, suicidal thoughts all came up to receive freedom and healing. The presence of God was so thick in the room and people were experiencing healing in their physical bodies and even deliverance from years of pain and tormenting addictions but above all … there was such a sweet peace of the Lord present. Many of us were overwhelmed by the compassionate heart of the Father for each one who asked for prayer. It was such an honor to love on and speak words of encouragement to each person in the midst of their vulnerability, desperation and hunger for freedom.


It’s not surprising that Reykjavik has the word “wrecked” pronounced in it. That’s exactly what we are encountering here, being wrecked by the hand of God and all of His kindness. Saturday, a gentleman recovering from addiction came to Catch the Fire for our time of ministry. He was reluctant but still visited each station on the off chance he might have an encounter. This man was not what you would typically expect to see in the church as he had face and skull tattoos, as well as, a sweatshirt with profanity written across it in large lettering (likely a reflection of the life he is walking out of). He received ministry that night, and although there was not a ton of evidence of encounter, we believe the Lord would finish what He started in this young man. On Monday night at United Reykjavik, I saw him again early in the service and felt my spirit leap. It was like my heart had caught on fire and was screaming “THIS IS HIS MOMENT TO BE FREE! He had but only tasted of it Saturday and now he would SEE it as well!” When we entered the ministry time, he stepped forward for salvation and I swooped over to pray with him. (Crazy how things with Jesus always fall perfectly in place, isn’t it? Haha.) I began to pray for him and realized there was a bit of resistance, I felt like the Lord asked me to prophecy promise over him. And as I began to pour out, my mind began to fill with all of these words of knowledge. I began to call out events of his life, words that had been spoken over him, and his heart’s current desire to be understood. As I stood in the gap for fathers, leaders, and brothers who had betrayed his trust- I saw the Lord reaching down to love him exactly where he was. Interestingly enough, this tough exterior built from the pain of life’s events was being broken down and tears began flowing from his life. There was so much joy that filled him, he couldn’t stop crying and even grabbed his girlfriend to receive a prophetic word as well. The Lord is wrecking Iceland and our team with IDENTITY. We received a prophetic word as a team that we would be melting away the ice around hearts, who knew that was a two-fold exchange and we’d be just as blessed as those we were loving? - Worth Peppers

Another amazing story from the evening is that there was a guy we’ve befriended here who had a friend at the meeting that evening who was skeptical of the Holy Spirit and thought that it was just a show that people put on. After the service she walked away feeling like she knew God was real and felt like she was getting saved for the first time then posted her experience on social media! How amazing and so kind of the Lord!?!

Radio Station

Radio Station

Tuesday we continued with more inner healing sessions at CTFR that were full of so much freedom, healing and personal revelation of the love of Jesus. Through out the day we had different people wander in the church and were able to connect and prophecy with each person. Brendan, Peter and Cooper had the privilege to go to a local christian radio station where they each were able to share their powerful testimonies on the air. After their interviews we ended up having people come to the church who heard the testimonies and wanted to check out the church, come to meet us and connect which was amazing! That evening we went to Baldur and Barbara’s lovely home to have dinner and got the chance to hear Baldur’s incredible testimony of redemption from the Icelandic drug world to becoming a pastor! Baldur and Barbara have absolutely impacted our team by their humility, love for Jesus and others and the call of greatness of both of their lives! What an honor it is to be able to serve this powerhouse couple. After Baldur’s testimony, we ended up having a sweet presence filled time of worship which Baldur ended praying for some of our team members which was phenomenal and so special! Toward the end of our hang time we surrounded Baldur and Barbara and were able to honor, pray and partner with them for the call on their lives and for all of what God is doing throughout this nation including praying for revival in Iceland… no big deal! ;) We have been so amazed by this incredible, presence filled church and the passion that is on the Baldur and his team. Truly, what an honor it is to be apart of all that God is doing here in Iceland! 

Written by: Bethany Dollar

Puerto Rico Update #1

Puerto Rico Update #1

WEEK 1 | Team Puerto Rico 


Hola from Puerto Rico!  To say our first few days were incredible would be an understatement.  Our whole team has fallen in love with the beautiful people who call this island home.  They are the most kind, generous, and resilient people you will ever meet.  The smile on their faces and the kindness they bestow makes it hard to believe all that they went through 1 ½ years ago with Hurricane Maria.  While the main cities on the island have mostly recovered, the communities in the mountains are still in process. 


We have spent our first few days on the island working with a couple of leaders (Elizabeth & Seraphim) from the local Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base.  They have worked so hard and have loved so well the people in the mountain-top communities.  They generously invited us to do home visits with them to pray and prophesy over people.  Each family has welcomed us openly into their homes and have hosted us really well. 

At each home we visited, the Holy Spirit so touched people’s hearts.  It’s so fun to watch and be a part of him coming in and changing their lives forever.  We have seen multiple healings and seen so many hearts find healing and a deep hug and kiss from Papa God.  It’s been so beautiful to see how our hugs can transcend language barriers and communicate the Father’s love so well. 


We spent two days building a roof for a wonderful woman named Reyna.  She is a community leader and has done so much to bring people together.  She made us amazing food (tostones!) for lunch both days we worked at her house.  After we were done eating, she would take additional food to her neighbors.  She is such a special lady who loves her community so well.  It was such a joy to love on her, serve her, and pray over her.  We also spent time painting the outside of a house for a charming gentlemen named Simon.


Our third day with YWAM was spent praying over and blessing a house that was given to them.  We also spent the afternoon clearing out many branches, vines, and debris around the property.  The YWAM team was astounded with all that we were able to accomplish!  We also got a chance to pray, prophesy, and bless some of their leadership.  It was such a fun day!


All in all, we have had a great time and we’ve seen our God do some really amazing things.  And we are just getting started!  We are so excited to continue on and see what else he’s going to do! 

Prayer Requests:

We will be working with Marazul this week, so please pray for a continuation and deepening of our relationship with them.  We will be doing a lot of physical labor, so pray for supernatural strength and energy for our team.  Last week, David Wagner prophesied that we would see many filled with the Holy Spirit.  Please pray for favor and for open doors for that to happen.  Thank you!!


- Written by Mary Taylor

- Photography by Chris Law 




2018-2019 Outreach Blog Coming Soon!

Our students head out this week on their spring 2019 outreach! Come back to the blog soon to read about their trips! We will keep this blog updated regularly with testimonies, pictures and more directly from the teams!

We know the Lord has incredible things in store and we cannot wait to share them with you! Thank you for your support of our teams! We will see you back here soon!

Nova Scotia Update #3

Nova Scotia Update #3

WEEK 3 | Team Nova Scotia

And that’s a wrap, another fun snowy week in Canada! We went to the mall several days in a row for prophetic evangelism and came away with numerous new friends! In fact, we had so much favor there that the mall manager allowed us to let us set up tables in the main walkway to give out “Encouraging Words” (aka prophetic words)! We were surprised by how many shoppers stopped to receive words, not to mention curious store employees! 

We also hosted the “Spirit Cafe” several nights as well, offering the community prophetic words, physical healings, and inner healing sessions. As each night passed more and more people came to the church for supernatural encounters, including nonbelievers, critics, and random strangers we invited from our coffee shop visits! Numerous people came in skeptical and left with undeniably powerful experiences with Jesus! For example, one man had a miraculous physical healing in his shoulder, and his severe pain completely disappeared on the spot! 

We also hosted the second half to our inner healing conference, “Into the Deep.” On Friday we partnered with a “Catch the Fire” leader out of Toronto named Dan Slade. He delivered an enlightening message on heaven breaking into earth, and a vast majority of congregation came to the front to be filled with the Spirit! Then Saturday our team continued our series on inner healing- Trent spoke on Ungodly Beliefs, Gina taught on a Heart of Stone, and Tim explained the concept of Soaking. Then Morgan finished our 6th and final day of inner healing messages by speaking on Sonship. And for the first time ever, Nicole painted prophetically in front of a congregation. The church has already asked for us to come back, and some of us are already planning return visits! 


The team also enjoyed numerous worship and prayer sessions at both the church and home of our hosts, Bill and Rosie Legge. And of course, no trip to Canada would be complete without a late night run to Dairy Queen for hot poutine (a Canadian dish made of fries, gravy, and cheese that we’ve come to love). 

We have more adventures coming up soon including visiting the hospital to pray, traveling to Shushan (a supernatural worship center), and touring historical sites! More on those soon, you won’t want to miss our next update! 

- Written by Cheryl Brehm

Photo by Trenton Alan

Photo by Trenton Alan

Photo by Trenton Alan

Photo by Trenton Alan

Nashville Update #3

Nashville Update #3

WEEK 3 | Team Nashville 

This past week has been AMAZING! It is such an honor continuing to see God being God in our very own home city!! We were able to prophesy over Elijah's heart ministry staff as well as 30 of their kids, It was so fun for us to be stretched in hearing Gods voice for others and get to encourage them!


We have gotten to help out Elijah's heart in many different ways, this week we got to go out with ‘Papa Joes lunch express’. We catered food to a company and this will be a continuing thing that brings in money to fund the ministry. We also got to do ‘walk of love’. This is where we pack over 400 bags of snacks/food/toiletries and deliver them door to door in the local community. The needs are great and it is such a blessing to meet some of them! 

We got to be at the Foundry church for Meal of Hope, where our very own Will gave an incredible and powerful message about plugging into God. It was great to see people we've met the past couple weeks and hear some breakthrough testimonies. One of many, (Symone, came last week asking for prayer for breakthrough in getting a job specifically as a caregiver. We prayed, declared, and believed for that! This week she returned, having started her new job as a CAREGIVER). YAY JESUS! 


We spent one day at the TN state capitol, in the old supreme courtroom. We got to intercede on behalf of our governmental leaders, the laws and people in the whole state of TN. It was powerful and intense! PRAISE GOD. Revival is coming. 


Something we’ve loved throughout this past week is ‘Papa Joe time’ this is when we’ve gotten to sit with the leader of Elijah’s heart ministry and talk about everything under the sun as we dive into the Word of God. We love this man and it’s an honor to have him pouring into our team!! 


God bless! 

-Written by Kati Thunborg 




Romania Update #2

Romania Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Romania

Team Romania has been falling in love with the people and culture of this country! We had the joy of serving the community of Adi & Mia Pop’s church, New Covenant, and several other churches that Adi oversees. Emily Phillips kicked off the Sunday service (3/18) by sharing a detailed prophetic word the Lord gave her for New Covenant church, which left nearly the entire room in tears! 

Here is Hunter’s perspective from that morning:

“Sunday morning, Emily spoke at Adi’s Church (New Covenant Church). It was incredible to watch her share a prophetic word/vision that God had given her to share with the congregation.  She spoke there last year as well, but it was much different this year. Last year she shared a message, this year it felt like she delivered a prophetic word about seasons. The seasons of fire, water, and blooming. She explained how each person could be in a different season, but how God was cleansing the Church for a season of blooming. It felt like a word for the church, but also the Church of Romania. I was crying and most others in the room seemed to be getting touched by the Lord. I believe Emily delivered hope and promise to the church. It felt like she caught God’s heart for that particular congregation. It was amazing to see her be received as a minister and not just teaching a message. Everyone could tell the word was weighty and felt timely.”

Later that evening, Laura Watson led a healing meeting, where many got healed and set free! 


“It’s absolutely been a dream of mine to lead a healing meeting! I’m discovering more and more of God’s heart for healing and I long to see people set free from sickness, pain, and any other kind of ailment. I got to share a few testimonies of how He’s personally healed me years ago and how He uses us to heal the sick… but the best part of the evening was the fact that little of it had to do with me! I just showed up with faith and God did the rest! The Healer did what He does best… HEAL! It was so fun to partner with God and watch the room be amazed by His goodness.

Many were immediately healed when Laura asked the congregation to stand up and repeat the “4 Line Prayer” after her, which says: 

“This healing belongs to me, Because of what Jesus did on the cross, I receive my healing now, In Jesus name.”

Our team members all received healing words of knowledge and we were all blown away by how the Lord moved through every prayer. The following Sunday, many came to the front of the church to testify of healings that occurred throughout the week. One man we prayed with for back pain had a dream during the week. In the dream, God touched his spine and he woke up from the dream completely healed! Everyone was blown away!

We spent Monday evening ministering to the youth and had the privilege of prophesying over every kid in the room. On Tuesday, we were invited to eat lunch at a couple’s home from the church and to share at their small group. 

Chris Bontempi shared his heart with the small group that evening. Here is a piece of his experience: 


“The Holy Spirit was so thick and tangible in the room as I began to play my guitar. We were at a home group meeting with some of the leaders from Adi’s church and though many didn’t speak English, I invited everyone to join in with their own melody and song and to just get in a heart of worship and prayer. I felt like I should be coming to learn from them, but they expected to receive from me: First as a worship leader, then as a teacher. So I began to sing and as I sang, I could see an elderly woman just smiling at me. She stood up and prophesied over me. I was taken aback by her word of power that she imparted to me and it was further confirmation that this was a night to step into identity. This was my evening to share about forgiveness and restoration. Throughout the evening I shared my story and taught about Jesus’ love and forgiveness on the cross, which leads to freedom. I was blown away by how many people were impacted at the truths God spoke through me. To end the evening, we prophesied in groups of two and prayed for freedom and healing. God broke chains that night - not just in the community, but in me - and I will be forever changed.” - Chris Bontempi  

IMG_6732 2.jpg
IMG_6792 2.jpg

We spent Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday in the city of Brasov, which is a quaint, beautiful tourist city in Romania (all the European feels!). Our team had the gift of resting and recouping before a wonderful weekend of ministry and “family” time!

Jennifer Tomczak caught the heart of community this week when she wrote, 

IMG_6919 2.jpg

“This week was an incredible time of fellowship. We were invited over to the home of a couple from Pastor Adi’s church that runs a global ministry from Romania for an incredible meal and small group meeting. Then we took a team get away from Wednesday to Friday to the city of Brasov with Adi and his daughter, Andi. Lastly, we spent our Saturday in Adi and Mia’s home for a huge feast. I was so blessed by the fellowship and amazing meals! Their Incredible servant's hearts and amazing testimonies created life-giving moments for me. It left me in awe of the beauty of fellowship, family and the importance of community. 

One of my favorite ministry times was spent with the youth group. We set up prophetic booths and prophesied over each student. To see the accuracy in which the words were coming and the way in which each kid received it was so amazing! They were blown away by the confirmations God was giving to their hearts! Seeing people encounter the God who sees, knows and loves them is amazing! I was blown away by what God was saying about each of these kids! This week truly filled my heart to overflowing. I’m so expectant and excited for what’s to come for the church of Romania.” - Jennifer Tomczak

We arrived back to Targu Mures Friday afternoon and went straight to a youth meeting, where Hunter shared about Ungodly Beliefs. The team broke up into partners and we collectively prophesied over every youth kid in the room! Erica Roman did what she does best and found the “one” in the room that the Lord had for her to pour into. Here is her testimony:


When it was time to prophesy I was immediately drawn to this girl in black. I felt connected to her as someone who was walking a hard road. I told her that I saw a shield before her. I honored her strength and ability to survive troubles and then invited her to let God and others on the other side of the shield. 

After each of us prophesied over one student publicly and then we spilt up to allow the students to come to us for words. I hated to not be able to follow up immediately with the girl in black who was clearly hiding distress. Hunter recognized my heart to go after the one and released me to go sit with her. 

Through tears she shared her story and for a while I just listened. When she was done I gently asked her questions and finally asked her if she wanted the peace that came with inviting Jesus into our lives. She did. It was a precious moment that I won’t forget. When we finished praying I asked her how she felt and she said she felt at peace, that Jesus was going to help her through her situation. I could see in her eyes and countenance a marked difference. I feel so honored to have been able to witness her step into freedom.” - Erica Roman

The ladies had a girls day Saturday morning and we all got our nails done before the Pop family invited us over for an incredible Romanian lunch! Mia, Adi’s sister, and their dear family friend went above and beyond to serve us. There was much anticipation for this meal because apparently, it was one of Hunter and Emily’s favorite meals from their outreach last year! We were overwhelmed by their hospitality, love and generosity. We’ve been blown away by the way they’ve loved us like Jesus! 

Sunday was a very full day of ministry. Erica Roman bravely sharing her testimony about God’s kindness in the midst of her story at New Covenant’s church. As a way to honor Erica’s story, the church leaders called up a long-standing and faith-filled widow to the front of the church to pray over and bless Erica, as this widow has seen God come through for her time and time again.

 Then we spent our evening at a church in Sighisoara (a city about an hour away from Targu Mures), where Emily shared her testimony of overcoming a Heart of Stone and created space for the prophetic to touch hearts. The last few days, we’ve flowed in more words of knowledge and spot on prophetic words than we’ve ever before! It was so incredible to see people set free by God’s specific words for them. The evening left us overwhelmed by God’s goodness and His love for people!

As our time comes to a close, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude! The Pop family and every connection we’ve made here feels like family. We’ve been greatly honored, trusted and loved by the leaders of many different churches. We recognize this is no small thing and feel extremely thankful!  

-Written by Laura Watson

IMG_6901 2.jpg

England Update #2

England Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team England 

Hello again from England! This update will focus on our time up in northern England, but let’s pick up where we last left off.

On Friday morning we hopped onto a train that would take us from Winchester to London within the hour. When we finally pulled up to the city the London skyline was there to greet us. We left the station for a hop-on-hop-off tour on a roofless double decker bus. Some of the sites we visited were Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Trafalgar Square. From there, Chris and Will took us to an amazing pizza restaurant called Homeslice, then we walked it off by taking a stroll all the way to Buckingham Palace. (The award for best reactions throughout the entire trip goes to Bethany. Her face has consistently remained in awe of anything quintessentially British).

To wrap up our time, we made our way to the London Eye, a giant Ferris Wheel in the heart of the city to take a sunset ride. As we rose above the skyline we could see everywhere we had walked that day and watched as the sky turning into a bright orange. It was probably the best way we could have ended our day.


Saturday we spent all day with the leadership at Level 10 Church, home to our good friend and SOSL alumni Kirsten. There Rachel shared her powerful testimony on forgiveness and Anthea had us in tears with her message on honour (that’s how the Brit’s spell it!) Then Will and Chris took the team out to eat real English food for dinner, which turns out is actually Indian food. So good! We headed back to the church for an evening session where Charis went up for round two of her Heart of Stone message. The evening ended with the team ministering to many people who came up for prayer.

Sunday, we woke up to Winchester completely covered in snow! Much like Nashville, when it snows in England everything shuts down, so there were no church services that day! It was unfortunate because is was supposed to be our last full day in Winchester, but was also a welcomed day of rest for the team. After everyone safely made their way to the beautiful home of the Law family, the day was spent doing some much needed team fellowship.

The first half of Monday was spent saying our farewells to Winchester. The Law’s treated us to a hike in the snowy New Forest where we encountered a group of wild ponies! It literally felt as if we had stepped through the wardrobe and entered into Narnia. After lunch, we headed back to WinVin where the bus from our next destination for the trip was there waiting for us. We said our teary goodbyes to the staff from Winchester then headed off for our new adventure in the north! That night we met the leadership and host families from Junction 28 Church and Hope Church. Just from the meeting, we could sense that these sister churches were full of people who are hungry for more of God and are expectant for what He will do during our time here.


The next morning we split up into two team where the J28 group socialized with a group of moms and children who were new to the church, while the group from Hope Church went to a school assembly where Rachel spoke on being powerful in the Lord. Then we all met together for lunch at Hope Church where we were able to spend more time with the staff. In the evening, we held a prophetic night where we released encouraging words to individual from the front of the church. What’s great about prophetic is it can show you the Lord’s heart for people, and this was the night that our hearts began to swell for these churches.

Wednesday we split into two teams again and set off for two recovery centers for men coming out of addiction and homelessness. It was here that we saw really broken people be transformed before our eyes as we prayed over them for healing, restoration, and hope. Many of us spent time listening to heartbreaking stories and speaking Jesus’ love into their situations. Afterwards, Abbey was invited to give a short message at a school assembly about relationship with God. Then that evening we were back at Hope Church where Juliana spoke a killer message on an Introduction to the Prophetic and opening up a time for the congregation to practice prophesying over each other.

Thursday we met up for a lunch with the leadership at J28, then moved into a time for prophetic ministry. During the ministry time, Melissa headed off to the last school assembly invite on the trip where she spoke to a room of nearly 400 kids on being made in God’s image. After both meetings ended, the whole team left for an evening at a women’s shelter. Some of these women had been there for a while, and others had just moved in that week. Carolyn share her amazing testimony on Hearing God’s Voice, then the team entered into a time of prophetic ministry. The way God spoke to their hearts proved His gentleness and undying love for them. It was a night I know we’ll never forget.

The next morning we explored the neighbor by J28 and spent lunch eat fish and chips like a true British citizen. That evening we said goodbye to Blake (our only man in the team, God bless you) and headed off to the women’s shelter. The first night we were there, we weren’t sure how we were being received, but once we arrived we felt so welcomed by the residents there. Charis spoke again on Heart of Stone (round three!) and Ann shared her message on Father Types. After some time of ministry, we met up with the youth from Hope Church for some laser tag (shout out to Abbey - first place winner - who beat Pastor Danny’s winning streak), then hung out with the kids over pizza.

Saturday morning we headed out to a coffee meeting at Thurcroft, a new sister church to J28 and Hope, where we were able to pray over the church and the community. Blake, Bethany, and Rachel were also able to minister to a new believer who was in his 70s! Afterwards, we headed out to Meadowland Mall for some shopping, then Blake treated the team so some home cooked Mexican food.

Sunday morning we were split again between J28 and Hope Church. At J28 Blake spoke on the Father Heart of God and at Hope Bethany spoke on Physical Healing. After her message we saw significant healings and even prayed with a woman who decided to give her life to Jesus! That evening at J28 one of the pastors interviewed Blake, Abbey, and Ann at a worship gathering while Rachel spoke to the youth in Hearing God’s Voice and Melissa spoke to the children on being made in God’s image.


Monday we all headed out of the city to visit the amazing Chatsworth House, which isn’t a house, but a large mansion. This was actually one of the film location for Pride & Prejudice (2005) when Elizabeth visits Mr Darcy’s home, Pemberley Estate for the first time. There was so much to see that it would have taken more than a day to explore. We spent 5 hours exploring the house, the vast grounds, and eating a delicious lunch at an onsite restaurant. Once we left Chatsworth, we made our way to our last ministry event of the trip. Our fearless team leaders Netty and Sheila spoke a powerful message on renewing your mind at a regional women’s meeting hosted by Hope Church. After the message, they led us into a time of ministry where we could identify any lies we had been believing and replace it with God’s truth.

The next morning, we all met at J28 to say our farewells to the leadership team. As we shared with one another what affected us the most on this trip, it has consistently been the one-on-one ministry interactions with had with people. Despite seeing people healing and getting spot on prophetic words, what has been the most impactful is see a person become acquainted with the love of Jesus. We are now in London and will be flying out on Thursday. This has seriously been the trip of a lifetime. We are so thankful for all the relationships that have been made and the lives we have touched. I am certain that our connections to these churches were made for a reason.

See you soon, America!
Team #soundthecrumpet

-Written by Melissa Ramsaur, Photos by Charis Sims


Australia Update #2

Australia Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Australia 

As our time on this side of Australia draws to an end, I can't help but look back over the past ten days in what can only be described as a feeling of reverent gratitude. Not only have both of the churches we've visited welcomed us as family, but they were willing to step back and give us complete freedom to lead wherever the Holy Spirit wanted to go. This created an atmosphere of breakthrough for each person on our team to grow in leadership and step into their unique giftings. 

On our third day in Melton, we hosted a creativity and soaking workshop at City West church where we set up a couple tables full of all different kinds of creative mediums. Some people brought their own paints, some brought colorful yarn for knitting. We spent the first hour connecting with the Lord through creative expression, then finished off with some soaking after a brief message from Barbie about the difference between soaking and striving. The testimonies afterward blew us away. Just as Moses's face shone when he came down from the mountain, you could see a tangible joy radiating from these people's faces as they shared on the microphone their encounters with the kindness of our loving God. It was so touching to see how intentional and person the Lord was about speaking life and identity into each person in their own unique way. 


Later that night our team split up to lead the church's small groups. Each group was at a different house and the smaller setting allowed us an opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Casey Thompson, Molly, Cecilia, and Andrew led adult groups. Kasey Marcus and I led their young adults group, and Matt and Addison led the youth. The Lord showed up in powerful ways in each of our groups. 

At the young adults group, Kasey and I started off by sharing a bit of our testimonies, then we prophesied over each person. We saw some immediate breakthrough as we spoke, but we didn't realize how spot on and meaningful our words were until we received some feedback afterward. By simply being obedient and speaking what the Lord placed on our hearts, we were able to bring rivers of life to dry places and healing to areas that were in desperate need. Hearing the accuracy of our words was encouraging, but what truly amazed me was the outpouring of renewed hope and identity that could only have been accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Leaving our new family in Melton was sad, but sweet. We built such a special connection with the members of City West church and although our time together was short, the bonds we formed went deep. After a relaxing afternoon spent all together, our host families made it abundantly clear that we're always welcome to come back and visit, then sent us on our way to our next destination. 

We arrived in Ballarat a couple hours later where we were greeted with a welcome dinner at Mount Clear church. The pastors there were so open and in tune with the Holy Spirit that you could almost feel revival about to break out. As we were leaving that night, we got hit hard with the tangible presence of God in the parking lot and the weightiness of the Holy Spirit set the tone for the rest of our stay in Ballarat. Before jumping straight into serving, we spent the next morning at the wildlife park befriending kangaroos. There were lots of other animals there, but a few of us were too busy fulfilling lifelong dreams to notice anything but the kangaroos. 


Later that evening our team split up again. Half of us went to a prayer meeting and the other half were asked to speak to the worship team about spontaneous worship. While I didn't feel that I had much to share on that topic, since that's not something I've ever done before, our team felt like God wanted to release courage over everyone. So as an act of partnering with the Lord, I took the microphone and led spontaneous worship for the first time to show the church that sometimes courage looks like choosing to be defined by who God says you are, not who your fear says you are. It was a night of breakthrough for everyone who showed up. 

The next night we ran the church's prophetic ministry. Once again, seeing the accuracy of our words was amazing, but seeing God transform people's hearts was even more amazing. It was humbling to be able to speak into these people's lives, almost as if the Lord opened a window for us to see straight into their hearts and gave us the honor of calling forth what He had placed there. 

On Saturday night the pastors of the church took us to the White Night festival to go treasure hunting. Half of the roads downtown were closed off and thousands of people gathered to watch the light shows projected onto buildings all down the street. Our team split up into small groups and headed off to find our treasure. Casey, Addison, and I went with pastor Andrew and his sons to a BBQ place, where we got to speak into a young couple's life, pray over them, and bless them financially. Each team was ready and willing to go wherever the Lord sent us, and as a result, we all had divine appointments and spoke life into people who need it. 

We started off Sunday morning strong with worship led by Andrew and Cecilia, and during service Kasey Marcus, Addison, Cecilia, and Casey Thompson shared their testimonies with the church. The entire day was marked by freedom and as each person shared their testimony they unleashed over the congregation the courage to overcome and hope in the goodness of the Lord. Ministry time was lengthy and powerful. Person after person came up to lay down their burdens and receive prayer and person after person walked away changed and set free. Because this church was so hungry for God, and so desperate for a move of the Holy Spirit, that's exactly what they received. The Lord had set a fire in Mount Clear church and we got to be a part of it! 

We finished up our time in Ballarat with a night of worship and prophecy. Molly and I led worship with Andrew on the keys, Addison on guitar, and Matt on the bass. Almost immediately the presence of the Holy Spirit was heavy and tangible. After worship, our team stood at the front and prophesied. Once again, it was humbling to see the Lord use our team to heal broken hearts and set captives free. What the Lord ignited through us in the city of Ballarat is just the beginning. As we said our goodbyes that night, you could feel the Holy Spirit stirring within people's hearts, preparing for an even greater outpouring. It was an honor to serve at Mount Clear and we once again left feeling just as blessed as the people we ministered to. 

Written by Jordyn White 

Scotland Update #2

Scotland Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Scotland 

This week we made the transition from our time in Aberdeen to the next stop on our trip, Edinburgh. On one of our last nights in Aberdeen we got to attend a traditional Ceilidh dance at Sheddocksley Church, which was a combination of men in kilts, intense dance steps to bagpipe music, and a group of 13 Americans in flannels teaching Scottish people to line dance. Needless to say, we had a blast. The following morning was our last Sunday church service at Sheddocksley, and Elyse got to share on UGBs, Taylor taught the children’s group on the prophetic, and Daniel gave a couple of prophetic words. It was amazing to see how impactful the UGB teaching was when ungodly beliefs were transformed into godly beliefs in peoples’ lives, and watching the couple of people get touched by the Father’s love as they were being prophesied over. We then got to bless and prophesy over the church staff and the pastor before beginning our journey to Edinburgh the following day. It was hard saying goodbye to all of the amazing people we met during our stay in Aberdeen, but we are so excited to watch Sheddocksley Baptist continue to grow and impact their community in tremendous ways! It was an honor for us to get to serve alongside them.

Scotland 2.jpeg

Once we made it to Edinburgh we met up with Andrew Quinn, who is an SOSL alumnus from Edinburgh and is on staff at the Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation there. The next couple of days were spent exploring Edinburgh - sight-seeing castles and monuments, going for a boat ride on Loch Katrine, and hiking the Crags to overlook the city during sunset. The beauty of Edinburgh is something else!

On Thursday we began ministering to the staff of St. Mungo’s Church, leading them through a time of soaking, prophetic ministry, and personal ministry appointments. Throughout the entirety of our trip, the personal ministry appointments have been incredibly fruitful. Being able to talk with people through what they are experiencing, getting them to hear from the Father, and then guiding them into more freedom has been amazing and definitely a highlight of our ministry time. 

Scotland 3.jpeg
Scotland 5.jpeg
Scotland 4.jpeg

That night we got to be a part of a ministry called Outpouring, which is a night of worship and testimonies put on by Bethany House Homeless Ministry. A couple of us shared testimonies of experiencing Christ’s freedom, and then we all had the opportunity to be on the prayer ministry team at the end of the night. The presence of God was so tangible during worship and testimony time, and getting to praise Jesus in the center of the capital city of Scotland was a powerful moment and felt like a declaration for the Kingdom here in this city! 

We are so excited for more ministry opportunities with St. Mungo’s and Bethany House, and getting to meet and work with the students and staff of Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation! 

Love, Team #ScotlandOfTheLiving

- Written by Elyse Youngdahl

South Africa Update #2

South Africa Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team South Africa

Hello from Nelspruit! 


Before we dive into the past week, here’s a brief testimony from some of our hospital ministry last week: 

“During the second week of our trip, I had the privilege of attending Themba Hospital to minister to the patients there. Instantly at the door I was greeted by a patient there named Daisy. Our team had seen enormous breakthrough in her the week before. And we got there, we discovered she had been awaiting our return. She had the kind eyes of Jesus. She greeted me with a kiss to the cheek and told me how much she liked my beard (those are few and far between in Africa, hahaha). She took my hand and led our team to her room in Ward 3. Our team ministered in Ward 3 for quite a while. Ward 3 is the mental illness ward. I felt this growing desire in my heart to sing over her as we prayed for her, but my timidity held me back for a moment. I analyzed what the cost of boldness would be and I felt as though the Lord took me back to a memory at 15 where I first encountered his embrace through worship. I remember how that very moment changed everything for me. I knew the Lord had extended a shift for not only Daisy, but myself as well. I mustered my courage and sang the Bethel song, “Jesus, We Love You” over Daisy. After just one choirs, to my amazement, DAISY BEGAN TO SING ALONG TOO! And when we stopped, she didn’t! She had an encounter with the Father. We watched her countenance change, peace fill the room, and tears fill her eyes. It would seem that her breakthrough wasn’t just for her either, but that our entire team had been impacted. As we left this Ward to move to the next, this sweet encountered happened time and time again. Worship broke down barriers. It was a moment where the Lord turned my fear into faith. The risk had been worth it. I’ll never forget the presence in the rooms that day. It felt like it had the power to change anything. It was sweet and tender. We all had been clothed with a fresh blanket of love. Remember that the hospital was called Themba Hosptial. Themba in Siswate language means “Hope”.  Hope was ours that day. We took it boldly and it never left us after that.”

-- Worth Peppers

On Friday the 16th, we got to go door to door in the town of Backdoor, ministering to residents alongside several local pastors who attended Pastor Surprise’s bible school. Here’s a testimony from one of our team members.

“We were doing house visits in Backdoor which is this town like community on the top of a mountain. Our guide was named Pastor Jefferys and he was the most loveable human possible: he visits these homes in back door once to twice a week. Back door is recognized as the “lower income” community near Nelspruit. Pastor Jefferys had us experience the vastness that is Backdoor as we went through red dirt hills and large thickets to get to some of these homes. Now all of us are good for our monthly workouts- so thanks, Pastor Jefferys. :) 

We went through many homes- believing and praying for loved ones in the hospital and men needing energy and strength. We approached one house that had this amazing women who shared with us what her son was experiencing. He was out of work due to a work injury. His whole left side was unable to fully function. The part of the team that was there gathered laid hands on the man and we saw him instantly healed. It was amazing. He just kept thanking us. It was the sweetest experience seeing his eyes change from hopelessness to hope just by encountering his Maker. Our faith was building as we went from that house and say more people encounter the love of God through healing and encounters. We released prophetic words as we went declaring all that heaven had for these sweet people of Backdoor. Going over two more giant hills, Pastor Jefferys shared with us that we will now be heading to the local witch doctors house because she is ill and we needed to bless her. It was beautiful to see our team accept the news like it was part of our daily life- like walking into these homes and seeing people healed is just part of our DNA. We approach the witch doctors house and walked in, going through different hallways to get to her. She was laying in her bed with eyes of fear and frustration as we walked in. Her company welcomed us coming in to pray for her- for she needed a miracle. Some stood around her, some knelt at her feet and we spent the next ten minutes interceding on her behalf. The thing is- we don’t have to battle for what we have already received. We knew Gods heart for her. After the 10 minutes she shared reluctantly that her arm was starting to feel better- so we kept going. After another 10 minutes- we sang over her, we loved on her and we watched as she decided to vocally proclaim Christ as the ruling voice in her life. Half our team in tears- we watched as fear and anger left her eyes and hope filled the room. A witch doctors house went from heavy and dark to a dwelling place for God himself.”

— Brittany Hamilton

Friday through Sunday marked the last of our days at the Gutshwa revival. By the time Sunday came, we felt like family, since we’d spent every night of the week together. During our last few nights there, we got to minister in deliverance and those who had been dedicated to unholy spirits were released from bondage. Judah taught on allowing the Lord to minister to us in the midst of mourning, and many were able to access parts of their hearts that had been hidden for a long time. 

On Saturday, we spent much of the day doing door to door ministry in Guyshwa before the evening service. At the local bar, our team got to see eight people miraculously healed. A woman whose spine had been curved had it straightened before our eyes. Several backs and knees were healed. One young man whose knee was healed was so excited about his pain being gone that he tried to offer our team money! (We refused it, for the record haha). 

The children of Gutshwa knew our names and wrote their names in our journals and took cell phone pictures with us! Members of the church asked us to stay with them indefinitely! We were given seats of honor at the church’s three-year celebration! God is good, and our family is growing larger day by day. 


Monday through Wednesday of this week, we got to spend time ministering to the mamas, missionaries, and children at Michael’s Children’s Village, where we are currently leaving. Some of our guys helped missionary Michal build the foundation for his house, dozens of us babysat the kids at different intervals, Worth and Blake led worship at a morning meeting, and we all prophesied over the kids on Wednesday night. Here’s a little story from one of our team members:

“On March 13th, we walked the streets, to share the love of Jesus, with a ministry called “Dignity Project.” They cultivate relationships with women and girls in brothels and love on them. A lot of them have come off the streets as well! 

We had a meeting before we went out with three ladies with the ministry. We had a time of worship and prayer before. After worship, they told us to ask the Holy Spirit if there was a vision, name, or word for someone in the streets. 

Everyone closed their eyes and asked, including me. When I asked, I had a vision of a young adult girl in a pink shirt. It was very detailed that I could even see her face. In the vision, I was holding her and singing “You Are My Sunshine.” At the time, I didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t know if I would actually have to hold her and sing to her, or there was a word behind the vision. Maybe even both. But for myself, I do not sing. At. All. Even when I’m in the car with friends, and singing my heart out, I’m mouthing the words! So for me to sing would me dying to myself if we are being honest here. But I knew whatever He had planned I would say “Yes!”

After the meeting, we walked the streets. By the end of the day I did not see the girl. But I knew to trust Papa God. So I waited everyday until I knew. She was “The One” for me. 

On March 21st, we had a time of worship with everyone in the Michael’s Children Village. Before we started, I had someone come up behind me and give me a hug. I turned around and it was the girl from my vision! She even had a pink shirt on! 

We’ve been here for almost two weeks at this time and never crossed paths with her. I said to her, “I don’t believe we have met yet! My name is Mackenzie. What is your name?” She replied and her name was Sunshine! My mind was blown. But, I did not say anything to her about the vision I had. I felt like I was supposed to wait. So I did just that. 

Later that evening, MCV had a Family Night with all the kids and mommas there. We didn’t know what we were doing there until an hour before. Judah told us we were going to prophesy so everyone would get a word. I knew I got the green light from the Holy Spirit then. 

Now, it was time to prophesy. I went up to her and asked if it would be okay for me to give her a word! She shook her head and said, “Yes.” I proceeded to tell her about the vision I had a week prior. While I’m telling her, I have a conversation with Jesus in my mind. 

Backstory, whenever I talk to the Father, He always calls me, “His Sunshine.” The song “You Are My Sunshine” is very dear to my heart, and He always says that is our song. 

Continuing on, I asked Him what I should do. He said to me, “Share our song with her just like the vision.” So I asked her if she ever heard the song before and she shook her head no. I told her I felt like Jesus wanted to share the song with her just like He would. I held her in my arms and sang her the song. After singing the song, I gave her a prophetic word the Lord laid on my heart for her and it all intertwined with the song. I was about to let go but she held on tighter. I heard the Father say, “Sing it again.” I did three more times. As I let go, a tear from each eye streamed down her face. 

At this moment, I knew why I was here in South Africa. I was here for her. I was here to share His love to our MCV family, people on the streets, and more. But I knew for a fact that she was “The One” I came for. I knew I was here for her. 

I fought with the Lord many years that I would not come and here I am. And from the beginning to end I have seen His faithfulness. As the saying goes, “God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.”

— McKenzie Barton


Thursday was Ellen’s birthday and the first day of our safari in Kruger Park! Even though it was unseasonably cold and rainy, we saw every animal we had hoped to see, including lions, elephants, zebras, giraffes, hyenas, leopards, and baboons. We even had the pleasure of having a few monkeys steal food from our safari truck while we were at a rest stop!

Love, #SouthAfrica2018

- Written by Lisa Muloma, Photos by Killian Rose 


Nova Scotia Update #2

Nova Scotia Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Nova Scotia


Hey there friends! We have some awesome updates from our week here in Nova Scotia! 

Over the weekend we hosted an inner healing conference (similar to an “Encounter Weekend”) and opened it to the public - we were blessed to have 65 attendees, including an entire youth group from another church! 

On Friday Austin started off strong with Hearing God’s Voice, and Saturday our ladies brought it in full force- Nicole spoke on Forgiveness, Ashley taught on the Father’s Heart, and Gina finished with Father Types. It was a very fruitful conference that led to a powerful culmination on Sunday when Trent taught on creating a Culture of Honor. Everyone was so touched when we honored the church leaders, Bill and Rosie, in front of the congregation and gave prophetic words to the members of the church! 


During the week we hosted a Spirit Cafe for the community and had many opportunities to pray for healings, give prophetic words, and offer personal ministry times. God showed up in a number of ways, one of which was a miraculous healing! A member of the church was healed of her rheumatoid arthritis, and complete function was restored which allowed her to bend her knee back and forth for the first time in 5 years! Jesus also addressed her heart murmur, allowing her to walk up stairs without any labored breathing! God spoke to her personally saying, “You didn’t want to be healed because it would mean not having things to talk about in your conversations with friends.” Then our team followed with, “How about talking about the goodness of God to fill the void!” Yay God!! 


We also went on a few fun adventures! One night we bundled up in below freezing temperatures and went searching for the Northern Lights and star constellations. Trent captured some stunning images- in fact, he started a new Instagram account for his nature photos, so make sure to check it out at @trentonalan_nature! 

We’ve got awesome plans coming up, including prophetic evangelism in the mall and our second weekend of inner healing teachings! Until next time!! 

- Written by Cheryl Brehm, Photos by Trenton Alan




Nashville Update #2

Nashville Update #2

WEEK 2 | Team Nashville

This past week we have seen God moving in power and love in Nashville! Thank you for your prayers for our team and for our beautiful city.

At the beginning of the week, we served the “Babes with Babes” ministry at Grace Center. We helped to prep, cook, and deliver healthy and nutritious meals for families in the church with newborns in a great time of transition and need. 

Throughout the week we also partnered again with the Foundry. We helped serve in their weekly “Share Meal” on Thursday to the homeless and low-income in the downtown community. Morgan Jae shared her testimony and a message on honor. The prophetic ministry afterward powerfully demonstrated God’s love for the detailed fabric of each individual’s lives. Many were touched by the love of Jesus. Being deeply known by the Father is a true desire of each human soul.


Over the weekend, we did prophetic ministry with the Foundry staff and interns. What a fun, passionate group! We enjoyed lunch and fellowship together at the downtown Farmer’s Market. 


We also met various people throughout the week at restaurants and coffee shops that Holy Spirit highlighted to us, and we have been able to encourage and speak the Father’s love over them. The power of the Gospel is simple. 


We met a new friend named Lexie on Monday night at Vui’s and the next night she came with us to The Belonging church service and to the Share Meal at the Foundry on Thursday. She is hungry and searching for truth! 

Another friend we met was a sweet lady named Ruth, who is a nurse about to leave for Bangladesh to work with the Rohingya refugees in Myanmar.


Here is the feedback from Ruth that she emailed us which sums up how the Father loves, knows, and sees His kids with utmost detail and attention: 

“Thank you so much again, to you and your ministry team. I cannot even describe how the Lord used you all to be His voice of love to me this afternoon. I've actually never been to Crema before, but I had a little time this afternoon, and I felt the Lord inviting me on a "date" with Him, so I went. It still brings me to tears how He met me there by lovingly bringing you all to speak His love over me and lift me in prayer. Sometimes He, in His incredible wisdom and love, ordains the clouds to cover our hearts for a season, but how lovely it is when He finally lifts them and lets us see in daylight what we could only blindly trust in the dimness. Thank you so much for being sensitive to His Spirit and opening your hearts to care, to be used by our beloved Lord to lift the clouds. You all are precious. May our marvelous Savior continue to bless each one of you and minister through you to a lost and dying world! Praying for you!”

We are so encouraged by how God is moving powerfully! 

- Written by Kelsey Edgecombe