Nashville Update #4

Nashville Update #4

The final week of #Nashfilled2017 turned out to be the fullest week yet. With time spent ministering at One Stone Nashville, doing supernatural evangelism with the Foundry, and wrapping up loose ends (literally!) with some jewelry making and Walk of Love prep with Papa Joe, this week kept team Nashville busy, full, and having fun! 

Supernatural evangelism with the Foundry was an exercise in spontaneity and joy. Team Nashville split into groups with our Foundry friends to sing prophetic songs over people, do prophetic watercolor and face paint, go on treasure hunts, and encourage people on the street! We heard some really cool testimonies of God’s goodness, and of our own growth in stepping out and being bold in speaking (or singing!) what we heard the Lord say. 

Our time with One Stone on Sunday morning was incredibly fulfilling, as we had the chance to prophesy over nearly their entire staff of volunteers, as well as over folks in the church during both morning services! Many people were super blessed by our words, and we received a ton of feedback and testimonies of how “on pointpretty much all of the words of encouragement were! We also had the chance to do a teaching on the prophetic on our final night- which Juliana led- followed by activations that gave One Stone members a chance to practice hearing God’s voice for each other in a safe learning setting!

Our last few days with Papa Joe were spent learning about another aspect of Elijah’s Heart ministries and helping out with some prep work for ongoing activities. We got to help prepare for a jewelry-making element that they are building into the ministry to teach some work skills to those they serve! 

Overall, team Nashville had a blast these three weeks learning to grow in boldness in speaking God’s heart, walk in relationship with our brothers and sisters in Nashville, and do our part to transform our beautiful city by being ourselves and loving well, and being willing servants. 

And that’s a wrap for #Nashfilled2017. We’ll see ya next year!

Nashville Update #3

Nashville Update #3

What an awesome second half of the week - the theme seems to have been food! A chilly Thursday began with a meal at the Foundry for local leaders where we had the privilege of meeting others with a heart for our city and hearing some of the things they had been doing. Our kind team leaders had prepared chili for us to chill out together in the afternoon, and the evening was spent with the Foundry at the Meal of Hope for the second time. Jesse spoke about the purpose of prophecy and we were able to minister to people by giving words of encouragement. The Lord showed up with the bread of life and several people gave their lives to the Lord after tasting and seeing that he is good! Afterward we ‘sealed the night’ with the Foundry team, made a fire tunnel and had a spontaneous time of worship!

Friday began with preparing for Queen’s Night - transforming the community center into a banqueting room fit for a queen. What fun to be creative with glitter and voile! It was beautiful later to see the women presented with a rose, escorted to their seats, served food and honored for their leadership. We teamed up to give encouraging words to each of them and they were showered with gifts to take home. We helped clear the room but the Elijah’s Heart team took everything back to their base and set up for the Walk of Love before we arrived the next morning! They are truly tireless selfless lovers of God and others!

Saturday morning dawned cool but sunny – perfect weather for the Walk of Love. While Papa Joe organizing the team like a wise general, the bagging up of food for the Walk of Love looked like a production line, powered by Christian songs with a great rhythm! 400 bags later we were on our way - knocking doors with the cry “Free snacks, Walk of Love team!” It was such a joy to bless the community. There was even candy for the children!

Monday and Wednesday we were with Papa Joe for a series of book fairs, where books are given to children of all ages (good reading is the foundation for all learning). It was a joy to see children picking out books that would be their very own.

On Tuesday we met with the leadership team at One Stone to find out about their vision and history. We had the opportunity to prophesy over their staff and finished with a spontaneous time of worship in their sanctuary.

Team Nashville also took a hike round Radnor Lake, ate good food together, and chilled with popsicles – where a photo opportunity became a naturally supernatural opportunity as we traded prophetic words for someone taking a group photo for us!

Romania Update #2

Romania Update #2

We're two weeks through our outreach already and team Romania is doing great! Last Tuesday, we visited a local Life group from our first church in Targu-Mures. Marion and Krisstina were our wonderful hosts! They cooked us a feast of ribs, chicken, pork, eggplant, and tons of classic Romanian dishes. Our hearts and stomachs were filled as we then had the opportunity to minister to about 15+ people. We prophesied over everyone in the room and followed it with Adam leading worship and Tim bringing a healing message on soaking in the presence. We saw many hearings that night and ended with Tiphani singing over the people as they soaked. 

Wednesday the 15th we did some sight-seeing in the city! We tried incredible doughnuts and cappuccinos as well as listened to our host Adi while he gave us the background history of the city and how communism affected it. 

Later that night, Dabney spoke to a women's home group about passing the baton and Tiphani spoke to the worship team on worship and creativity! 

Thursday, our team went on an adventure to a walled in city. We visited a museum that had artifacts dating back to about 1200 BC. 

Thursday night the 16th, Bethany Legge brought an incredible message on the prophetic. 

On Friday Morning, a small group of us visited a couples ministry headquarters and prayed for them. They work with orphans, giving them life skills and teaching them about value. Later on that night, Tiphani and a team led worship and Neil preached on healing at the youth group. We saw people healed of back pain as well as prophesied over a good number of the kids there. We played games with them, had dinner, and quickly learned that Romanians LOVE putting corn on their pizza. 

Saturday our team was blessed with a feast by our hosts Adi and Mia! They fed us SO much classic Romanian food. We tried pork fat that had been salt cured for a month. Many of us could only have about a tiny bite because it was so salty. 

That evening, the guys on our team went to a Romanian soccer game and did some supernatural evangelism while the women on our team ministered at a women's night. Dabney spoke about spiritual parenting and how we need to receive as well as pour out. 

On Sunday our team went to a new church called Grace Church in Reghin, Romania. Adam spoke on the Father heart of God in the morning and we listed to the Romanian worship team as they led with some of their cultures musical aspects. It was such a treat! Later that night, Tiphani led worship and Hunter spoke on the prophetic. We quickly realized that this church had completely different dynamics than the first church we were at. This church is full of gypsies and we've had so much fun connecting with them!

Monday the 20th, Neil spoke on healing to Grace Church and we saw everyone healed! Back pain, knee pain, headaches, eyesight, and hearing have all been healed! We are so blown away by everyone's hunger in this church to receive healing physically and spiritually. 

On Tuesday our team went to Grace Church for a prayer meeting. We came together with the church to pray for breakthrough in their city. We ended the night by praying over families and for healing. 

On Wednesday our team had the day off! We walked around the town and some of us went to the zoo! We also caught up on some much-needed rest. 

On Thursday we passed out invitations to people in downtown Reghin to come to a salvation and healing meeting on Friday! We saw a couple people healed and saved while we were out! Thursday night, Tim spoke on hearing Gods voice and the team prophesied and prayed afterward. 

Our team would love prayer for health and divine appointments! 

Chickamauga Update #2

Chickamauga Update #2

Hello, again! We are having a blast partnering with the church to give away all that’s been given to us. Our leaders, Faith and Tetra, reminded the team that Grace Center has been called an “apostolic resource center” and that we get to be a part of living out that call by equipping Covenant Life with the resources to hear God’s voice, minister in the prophetic, receive inner healing, and live an abundant healed life!

What We’ve Been Up To

In addition to kicking off a supernatural evangelism youth event last weekend, we teamed up with the church’s inner-city ministry, Jeremiah Junction, and talked on hearing God’s voice to elementary to college-aged men and women. After learning to hear God’s voice, one of the teenagers saw a picture of God holding a little girl. It took her a moment before she realized that that little girl was her! My highlight was getting to look into a young woman’s eyes and speak worth into her soul.

That Sunday Morning, year two student, Mateo Palmitier spoke a powerful message on Honor. The team also got to minister prophetically to the church, as well as pray with people after each service. Already, we have testimonies of healings and answered prayers:

“We've been getting word back from church members for how they've quickly seen breakthrough after our team prayed for them! Last Sunday our team prayed for one of the Staff members of Covenant Life, Crystal, and we prayed for healing in her back, and for favor her home and car that she and her husband have been struggling to sell for a long time. The following Tuesday, we saw Crystal and she informed us that she'd gotten her first bids on both her house and car AND that her back hadn't been hurting since we prayed for her!! So exciting!

Another man that we prayed for on Sunday, Craig, had been yelling in pain whenever he would stand from a seated position because of what he thinks is a hernia in his stomach. We immediately tested it after praying if he was still in pain rising from a seated position and he wasn't. We talked to him a few days ago, and the pain is there every once in a while but he has to really move around to look for it. We are believing for full healing, and are hoping for an official report once he goes to the hospital!” (Tetra, team leader)

Jake Boyce, year 1, and Charlotte Largen, year 2, prayed for a man named Shawn. Shawn asked for prayer for his son, Cameron, who was sick at home. When Shawn and his wife got home, the babysitter told them that their son randomly got up, ready to play around the same time that Jake and Charlotte prayed for him! These are just some of the many many testimonies that are coming back to us!

We also got to share on hearing God’s voice and on the Father’s heart with the youth group. We prayed with them for a real-life impartation of His love. I would have raised all my funds for the one girl that encountered the Father's Heart for the very first time. I prayed a simple prayer: "Father, would my arms be your arms", and I held her until His love melted away the pain.”

We also have been ministering to the staff on topics ranging from forgiveness to inner healing. The staff has set such an example of humility for the rest of the church! We set up chairs where each staff member was invited to release shame or guilt from the past. We call this “walking in the light”.

One of The most impactful moments for me so far has been sitting on the other side of the "walking in the light" chair. I'm reminded of that verse where Jesus asked the question which is easier, to tell someone their sins are forgiven or to tell them to take up they're mat and walk. Getting to partner with King Jesus and look someone in the eye and tell them that their sins are forgiven is beyond humbling but it's also one of the most exciting parts of our journey because we get to see people walk away in freedom. That shifted my perspective in realizing just how powerful the cross is because I'm reminded of my own journey towards freedom and the kindness of God to walk with me in the process” (Charlotte Largen, year 2).

Mateo gave a live-demo for the staff on how to give a prophetic word, prophesying and teaching at the same time. We are being stretched in new ways as the church staff is eager for God to invade their lives and equip them as leaders to carry out a new move of God!

The Power of Prophecy

Jake prophesied over a young man at Jeremiah Junction, named Shamar. Later that night, the Lord repeated the prophecy Jake gave to Shamar in a dream! The Lord told Shamar He was set apart and anointed.

“The whole situation was humbling because I felt like I had so little to really give, but the Lord took it so much further than I ever thought it would go with the little I gave him.” – Jake Boyce, Year 1

God is clearly at work! We are hosting an Encounter Weekend for over 120 people this weekend, so keep us in your prayers. One hundred and twenty lives are about to be transformed from the inside out!

Nashville Update #2

Nashville Update #2

Week 2 started off with a lot of action and a lot of words! A major theme for the week has been prophecy, as we started out the week running into one of our new friends from the Foundry and giving him a prophetic word! From there, we have had the opportunity to minister to a number of Elijah’s Heart’s leaders and support staff, giving them some encouraging and strengthening words we felt we heard from God’s heart. We also met and encouraged some of the folks who have been working with Elijah’s Heart for years- some of them long enough to truly be a part of the family that they’ve formed through their ministry.

On the practical side of things, we had the honor of handing out invitations to Queen’s Night, a night to honor the women who have stepped up as leaders in the Napier community.  Team Nashville also got to spend some time under the tutelage of Papa Joe, learning about some of the ways that God directs their ministry, and finishing some prep work for Kids Love 2 Read, an event which will take place next week! Lastly, one of the highlights of the week so far came on Monday night, when we got to help Papa Joe and his family out with the children’s choir at Harvest Hands.  This is an awesome community development center located right in the neighborhood we are serving, and we had a blast singing with the kids!

We are looking forward to spending some more time with the Foundry later this week, and serving at Queen’s Night and Walk of Love this weekend!

South Africa Update #1

South Africa Update #1

Hello from South Africa!! Since our feet touched the ground we have been going all out and loving every minute. The staff at Michael’s Children’s Village (MCV) are so welcoming and accommodating. We all feel like one big family. We arrived at MCV on Saturday, March 11th and were greeted with open arms and delicious pizza for dinner.

Sunday morning we went to Backdoor Church which is the local all-black church. Pastor Surprise gave the sermon and there was lots of dancing and singing to the Lord. Later in the afternoon, we went to the Iris church in Nelspruit. This is a predominately white church and the service is a little different from Backdoor.

The first place we ministered was Themba Hospital. Themba means hope in Siswati, which is their native language. Comella has been going there every week for over a year to pray for the patients on Ward 7, which is typically women who have had some abuse or trauma in their lives. We were able to pray with several women who were not very responsive at first but after prayer and interaction with us we saw Jesus heal pain, and several gave their life to Jesus. The difference in their countenance was like night and day. One young girl was going to go to a witch doctor after she got out of the hospital, but after receiving Jesus she decided to go Backdoor church instead. On our way out of the hospital, we encountered a nurse who knew Comella. She asked us to pray for a man who was with her, suffering from leprosy. We have so many more great stories like this continued that day. We have been able to go back two more times and some of the same women were there and so glad to see us. We also visited the men’s ward, the babies, and the children.

We have also had the privilege of working with Dignity Ministry in Nelspruit. It was founded about 5 years ago and they minister to girls on the street and go into the brothels to minister to the girls and just let them know that they are loved. Katherine, who works for Dignity, knows a lot of the girls and will let her into their rooms to pray for them. We had a powerful prayer group in the first place and one of the girls got deliverance.The second place the girls took us up to one of their rooms where we sang, they sang, and we all prayed for them and reminded them that Jesus loves them and is with them whenever they need Him.

One day we drove to Ngodwana which is about an hour away. We were working with Katherine and Dignity Ministry. This started as a truck stop that grew into a brothel for girls to service the truck drivers. Eventually, a little town developed. One of the girls came back with Katherine and gave her life to Jesus. When she returned she was so different the others wanted what she had. She now works for Dignity and a church has been established in the little town. We went for a short service and then did the home visits to pray for the people. Everyone is so friendly and open to receiving Jesus and the love He pours onto them. They were waiting for us to arrive and waved goodbye to us as we left.

We visited the preschool children at Hope Village. From there we divided up into two groups and went with local pastors to do home visits in the Backdoor area. That day we saw a swelling on the back of the neck the size of a large grapefruit shrink to the size of a small orange, also a leg swollen with an open sore, shrink so that we could see the ankle bones. So many people accepting Jesus and seeing the change in them immediately.

We have spent several nights at the church in Gutjwa pastored by Pastor Norbert and his wife Pastor Rose. They started the church 2 years ago in an area that has a lot of witchcraft. This was their 2nd Anniversary and held revival meetings Wed., Thurs., Fri., and Sat., and ended with a church service on Sunday that included praise singing and dancing, worship music, guest speaker, and sermon. Lots of activity and celebrating followed by lunch. On Saturday afternoon, we did some home visits in the area. We had 3 teams go out with interpreters. There were many stories of healing, deliverance, and coming to Jesus. It was a very hot day but so rewarding knowing that peoples lives were changed.

Iceland Update #1

Iceland Update #1

Greetings from Iceland, where the weather was been surprisingly warm! We are staying in a cozy apartment in the center of Reykjavik, hosted by Baldur and Barbara Fjeldsted of Catch the Fire Ministries. Our team spent the first part of the week becoming familiar with the heartbeat of this city. We've spent time on the streets and in the small shops around our home, building connection with the people around us - treating this whole city like family.

When we arrived at Catch the Fire on Sunday, we had the privilege of hosting a time of prophetic ministry with a team from a ministry school based in Bergen, Norway. They've had much of the same training that our students have gone through; we connected quickly and thoroughly enjoyed praying and ministering together. We met up with their team once more at United Church here in Reykjavik, where we heard testimonies from their time here, and had an incredible night of worship and ministry. Keith Wheeler was there for the meeting, and shared stories of his time ministering in the East. During the service, the presence of God was tangible in the room - and we saw physical healing, and powerful restoration of relationship with Father God. One of the things we've all been amazed by is how easy it is to minister in this nation - the hearts of these people are open and eager for more of God! They're hungry for His presence, and as a result, when they gather together - He comes. It's amazing to be a part of a culture that so literally "thirsts for the living God."

This week, we led a women's home group at our apartment, and spent time connecting over good food and great coffee. I shared my story and what I've learned about the incredible value of our hearts, and how to let God heal them. The guys went to spend time with the men's group from the church, but were surprised to have Steve Long open the door when they arrived. Steve has been here a few days this week, giving direction and encouragement to the church. He and Baldur had our team prophesy over the leaders in the congregation, specifically speaking into their spiritual giftings, so they can serve well where they've been planted.

The key word for our time here is Family. Within our team, within the church, and with everyone we meet - we're cultivating a sense of belonging, and of being at Home. The number of believers in the city is very small, despite it being officially titled a Christian nation, but as the news of this whole and connected Family spreads, eyes are being opened to the love shared in Papa God's house. 

We're honored to be here, and look forward to whatever is in store for the rest of our trip. Thank you for your prayers over our team! 

Chickamauga Update #1

Chickamauga Update #1

Hello from Chickamauga, Georgia! We are having a blast just being God’s kids and giving away what God’s given to us with a precious church just outside of Chattanooga. The people of Covenant Life Worship Center have welcomed us with open arms and hungry hearts! We are undone by their kindness, generosity, and eagerness for God to move in their city.

Can Ministry be THIS Good?

As a team, we keep pinching ourselves because it is hard to believe that ministry could be THIS wonderful! I’m laughing at how much God has turned our paradigm for doing “the Lord’s work” upside down. We are finding that His yoke is easy and His burden is light-- that where there are hungry hearts and a hungry God who is zealous for His people to encounter His love, His love is poured out. Their hunger seems to pull everything that’s been deposited in us these past few months right out of us! Meanwhile, we are so well taken care of with warm beds, good food, and times of rest. Yes, ministry really is THIS wonderful.

“Yes, ministry really is THIS wonderful.”

What We’ve Been Up To?

We hit this weekend off with worship, teaching and activation on supernatural evangelism with the youth! Kristen Beloate kicked off the night sharing on the prophetic and how God delights in our risk: “I've found it better to step out in risk than miss and opportunity to reveal the heart of the Father to someone.”

 My favorite part was watching the lightbulb turn on for each teenager that God really does speak to them! For many of them, it was the first time they ever heard God speak to them about someone else! “We’ve had many opportunities thus far to do just that and it's been radical to see people completely undone by the love of the Father” (Kristen Beloate).

“God delights in your risk.” – Kristen Beloate, (Year 1)

In fact, supernatural evangelism has never felt more natural! I asked Gina Evangelista to share her experience leading the youth on a supernatural evangelism treasure hunt at the mall:

“Before outreach, I had really struggled with supernatural evangelism and getting caught up in anxiety and fear when approaching people on the street. But when we started to lead and teach the youth how to do supernatural evangelism in a natural way, something unlocked in me and all of the fear disappeared. As I was explaining how simple it could be to the girls we were working with, I started to realize for myself how simple it is, and I felt a whole new confidence and ease about sharing the love of God with everyone we encountered. As I spoke those truths over the youth, I was able to really grasp and believe them for myself and it was a total game-changer with evangelism. It was absolutely incredible how the Lord used that leading experience to shift my own heart in that area!”

“Supernatural evangelism has never felt so natural!”

Charlotte Largen (Year 2) taught a fantastic message on Supernatural Evangelism before we took the kids out on a prophetic treasure hunt at the mall, sharing her stories of cultivating boldness and stepping out in faith. I loved hearing the youth share their testimonies of hearing God’s voice, stepping out in boldness, and sharing God’s heart with total strangers at the mall!

Stay tuned, because we have more updates coming! We are so excited to keep you posted!

Romania Update #1

Romania Update #1

What an incredible time we've had so far! Team Romania has received so many words about family on this trip and that is what has been our experience so far. We left last Thursday (March 9th) and have been on a journey of upgrades and surprises. The plane we were going to board from Dullas Airport that would take us to Munich, Germany was delayed because of some mechanical issues. So we boarded a couple hours later but missed our flight from Munich to Cluj, Romania. 

To our pleasant surprise, we were able to stay in Munich for a day and stay the night! We were given food, transportation and our own individual hotel rooms completely free of charge while we awaited our plane to Cluj. We drove about two hours from Cluj and finally made it to Targu-Mures, Romania on Saturday (March 11th) where another well-received upgrade awaited us! We were freely upgraded to automatic cars (PRAISE HIM) that were larger than the cars we had originally been planning on renting for our time here. This has given our team so much more space as well as aided us with adjusting to the new driving patterns of Targu-Mures. 

We were blown away by the space we have in our guest house here! We are blessed to have room for meeting as a group, spread out space for our introverts, as well as a kitchen we can make our meals in. Our hosts here have been the kindest and most loving people we could have asked for. They have taken measures to make sure we are comfortable and have been helping us with the adjustment to culture. We have found that our hosts (Audi and Mia Pop) are family to us. We may live across the world but our hearts all sync with Father God in the same way. 

So far, we have been to three services and have seen people encountering the Lord in incredible ways. On Sunday morning, Adam spoke on the Father Heart of God. It opened up our time with our new friends as one of healing and new perspective. Our team spoke some prophetic words over individuals as well as the congregation. People's hearts and spirits were touched by a loving Father.  

Sunday night, Charis brought an amazing message on forgiveness. Her testimony and vulnerability opened up a place of safety for people to ask for prayer over specific areas of their life. We saw some breakthroughs for people as we had the opportunity to walk them through forgiveness of themselves and others. 

Monday night, Tiphani led the room in worship opening up a place for people to connect to the Spirit. After worship, Bethany Barkley shared a powerful message on having a heart of stone. The revelation she had to share led people to be open and bringing their hearts to Father God to heal. Her boldness sparked a mindset on new truth of guarding your heart versus having a wall around your heart. 

After our Monday night church service, Adam and Neil led someone to the Lord in the parking lot! They started by asking if the boy had pain in his knee, which he did not. BUT Adam and Neil said "that's fine! Would you like to know things about your future?" They gave him a prophetic word and the boy was BLOWN AWAY! They told him it was because of Jesus and then led him to the Lord. They invited him to a service at the youth group we will be ministering at and are hopeful about seeing him there. 

We are all SO very thankful for your prayers and your support. We are having so much fun learning, growing, and pouring out everything we have been freely given! Tune in again for more updates! 


Nashville Update #1

Nashville Update #1

Week 1, Nashville Outreach 2017 started as spring and ended as winter! We’ve had an awesome time so far as a team, learning some of the history of what God has been doing in different parts of the city - and getting our hands a bit dirty in the process!

This year, our team is working with Elijah’s Heart Ministries, The Foundry, and One Stone Nashville.  For our first few days, we had the opportunity to serve Elijah’s Heart and The Foundry -- both inner-city ministries that God planted through some amazing, willing hands in Papa Joe Bradford and Scott & Sarah MacLeod.

On Thursday and Friday, we met with Papa Joe and his Elijah's Heart team to begin serving by learning -- hearing the heart of their ministry to the inner-city and the poor. We also got to lend our hands to begin organizing supplies in preparation for some big community events they are putting on -- The Walk of Love, a monthly food distribution walk, and Kids Love 2 Read, their education and literacy program. We learned that Elijah's Heart is a ministry to easily the neediest neighborhood in Nashville, and indeed in the country. Papa Joe shared with us its history -- how God placed them there supernaturally through an incredible series of circumstances and grants. We also learned how Papa Joe got his name, as a needed father in the community! Elijah’s Heart is an incredible blessing to the community in Napier and we are so excited to invest more in their needs and into the community.


Later, we had the opportunity to spend some time with Scott MacLeod and hear his story on how the Foundry came to be. It was awesome to see God’s hand weaving through the entire story, and to hear about the impact it has had on the neighborhood. We were able to experience some of this impact firsthand by serving at the Meal of Hope and meeting some of the residents of the neighborhood who have been blessed by this ministry. We were able to pray for some of them and heard some cool testimonies of God moving in their lives! 

On Friday night, we worshiped the Lord at Friday Night Fire and love on the community of the Foundry by prophesying over some of their staff and fellowship! It was a lot of fun for us to step out in faith on what we heard the Lord say about His children, and see new friends blessed by His love.

Overall, this has been a week of learning to step out and be flexible in serving!

Outreach 2017

Outreach 2017

Starting March 9th, we will be sending out 57 students to 5 different locations around the world to share God’s tangible love with communities and churches. Our students are going to share the love that they have experienced from the Father through teaching, ministry and serving. We are SO thrilled to see what God does over the next three weeks as our students are reflecting His character, love and excitement with everyone they meet! 

As our students are on their trips, be sure to check out this blog and our Instagram for more updates!


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Prophetic Scotland : Team UK

Prophetic Scotland : Team UK

Team fishers of men and chips had four amazing days in Scotland! We had the honor of working along side Andrew Quinn and the pastors of ESST (Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation). Mike Mandel and Amanda Wynne were able to preach sermons on “Honor” and “Bitterroot Judgments”. The team got involved through sharing testimonies, giving prophetic words, doing prophetic artwork, and leading worship.

Our main focus in our time in Scotland can be summarized in one word: Prophecy. Every day there was opportunity to share God’s heart towards people. One of the most rewarding opportunities was getting to spend half of a day ministering to the staff of St. Mungo’s church (the Church that ESST came from).  Each member of the staff received a ten-minute prophetic word. We also got to be involved with a local youth group where we were able to give prophetic words, and pray for physical healings. Hallie Bateman prayed for a youth member’s toe that was in pain. Shortly after, his toe was completely healed!

We spent one day of the trip exploring downtown Edinburgh. The team climbed to the top of King Arthur’s seat and saw a view of the entire city. The day was full of shopping, eating, and tourism. It was a great day of rest for our team. On our last day in Edinburgh, we went to St. Munog’s church service. At the end of the service we were able to set up prophetic booths and do prophetic ministry just like we do at Grace center. 

There were at least forty people that came through to receive a prophetic word, and countless testimonies of the accuracy of these words. It’s safe to say that the people of St. Mungos were blessed, and left knowing the heart of God for them. Four short days in Scotland did not stop our team from connecting with the amazing students and staff of ESST. We were incredibly blessed by the kindness of our host homes and the school. Though we were there to give, we left full through the love and honor that the people of Edinburgh showered over us. Please keep our team in prayer as we are back in Sunderland ministering with our friends from the House of Prayer. 

Blog written by Emily Phillips

We Believe - Team Nashville

We Believe - Team Nashville

Those from among you will rebuild the ancient ruins;
You will raise up the age-old foundations;
And you will be called the repairer of the breach,
The restorer of the streets in which to dwell.
— Isaiah 58:12

Music City Lights.  Sent out on a mission to rebuild ancient ruins & raise up age-old foundations of the beloved city of Nashville.  Living wells searching out and pouring into wells that are hungry for Jesus.  Finding people who long for more than their current situation.  God gave us a song in our hearts for the amazing city of Nashville and He showed up BIG in every moment.  We continued to team up this past week with The Foundry, One Stone and Family Affairs to pour into these deep living wells.  Wells that pour out water to quench the thirst of East and Downtown Nashville on a daily basis.  

Street evangelism on Saturday was a sweet collaboration of our team and The Foundry.  Singing songs, praying, and telling those God highlighted about who He is, was an amazing way to spend the day.  He sent us to people thirsty for Him, ready to listen and receive the good news.  Hearts rejoiced over the One sent to save them and offer Hope.  God sees.  He knows.  He cares. 

Sunday morning and Wednesday night was spent with One Stone Nashville.  An incredibly deep well, so thirsty for God and His Presence, and our team was given the privilege to have a time of prophetic ministry.  God highlighted lots of people to us and allowed us the opportunity to minister into their lives through an encouraging word and prayer.  One woman in particular God highlighted to us, was struggling with meaning in her life.  Did God really see her? Did He care about her current situation? Yes!  He cared so much about her, He had us call her out and offer encouragement to her; to speak life and declare HIS goodness over every circumstance she was struggling with.  She relayed to our team later that she had literally questioned God that morning and whether or not He saw her; she asked Him to "blow her mind when she went to church."  She came that morning empty and thirsty, but she left full and quenched; beaming from ear to ear with the biggest smile, confident that Father God had most definitely seen her and given her HOPE.  He. Is. So. Good.

Thursday night afforded us the privilege of serving the Meal of Hope again with The Foundry.  Matt and Jenna Hale did an incredible job lifting up worship with sweet praises to our Mighty God.  Mark Newton did an amazing job speaking about healing and God most definitely brought healing that night.  Barbie prayed for a woman who had previously gone through back and neck surgery, but continued to suffer with pain.  Our team witnessed her being set free from the pain and tension she was feeling!  One of the Foundry's staff prayed for a boy to receive Jesus and he most definitely did! Praise for the spiritual and physical healings!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were spent going door to door with the Family Affairs Staff, to every resident of one of their locations, offering a basket of gifts and a desire to pray with each resident.  Our team had an amazing time blessing the families at Berkshire.  We prayed over a woman's ankle and witnessed a miraculous healing.  We prayed for woman needing a job and received an update that she has an interview next week.  We connected with the kids again in the after school programs and blessed them with hugs and encouraging words!  God so loves this community and used our team this week to pour into them.  We ended the week hosting a Family Fun Day on Friday afternoon.  There were games, food, face painting and LOTS of smiles.  What a blessing it has been to sow into this amazing place. 

Two weeks have gone by way to fast, but the things we witnessed will be with us FOREVER. God has used some incredible prophets to declare the things He has for our amazing city and this outreach trip has been the beginning of those things coming to pass.  HE used our team to continue to repair the broken places and restore the streets where we dwell.  He gave us opportunities to see miraculous healings and uncover deep wells. HE chose our team purposefully and we RESTED in His plan, saying "Yes" to every opportunity to be His hands and feet. We don't just believe in the places that minister to this city, we BELIEVE in The Mighty God who over all and through all and in all.

Blog written by Charlotte Largen

Encountering God - Team Iceland

Encountering God - Team Iceland

This past weekend our team had the opportunity to host an Encounter Weekend for the church. An Encounter Weekend is a weekend where people push into God, focus on the Father, and walk through forgiveness. It's a three day intensive time that is focused on inner healing or healing of the heart from life's many hurts. We saw so much breakthrough and freedom in the hearts of the people as they forgave people who hurt them, abused them, beat them, and abandoned them. We also saw physical healings where people were healed of ear pain, headaches, and shoulder and back pain. One man gave a testimony of how he kept seeing himself so clean and pure just like his infant son. It was, by far, the most impactful time with the church yet. I can't wait to hear about all the incredible stories that have been birthed during this weekend!

One amazing experience was when we went to the Blue Lagoon, a naturally heated pool on the outskirts of the city. I, Cindy, was able to pray for an American citizen who lives here and was working there after marrying an Icelander. She was experiencing isolation and loneliness and I was able to pray that God bless her with close friendships and peace in her heart. It was a great moment to just show the kindness of God to point her out and minister to her in a normal way in her everyday life. 

The Blue Lagoon

Please pray for us as we go out and do street evangelism and love on the people in downtown Reykjavik. Also, pray that we have an incredible last 5 days in Iceland. We will be going to 2 different churches in Sunday so pray that we are able to bless the people at both churches! 

Dancing Child Prophets - Team Auburn

Dancing Child Prophets - Team Auburn

The War Eagle team has arrived back in home sweet home TN, and are settling in with our families and roommates. For our last few days in Auburn, we spent a wonderful day off on Friday celebrating eating delicious food, exploring downtown Opelika, drinking GREAT coffee; and ending it all getting to prophesy over the owner of the restaurant we ate dinner at, where Netty Leach, a good friend of Grace Center and a SOSL alumni works.

Sarah saw a picture of her dancing and felt that a burden had been lifted off of her-we then came to find out she had been a dance teacher before being diagnosed with cancer over 8 years ago. About three weeks ago she’d finally been given a cancer-free diagnosis! It was so amazing to see her filled with hope and blessed that her future was filled with promise. It also happened to be my birthday, and the team did an AMAZING job honoring, loving, and celebrating me all day! It was an awesome birthday!

Sarah gives a prophetic word....

Saturday we had the privilege of spending the whole afternoon with the kids of The Oaks Church doing a creativity workshop. We had about 30 kids ages 4-12 and Karen did an amazing job starting us off by teaching on hearing God’s voice-they were totally captivated and came away knowing all four keys and writing down what they heard God say about them! Some things they heard were “princess,” “I love you so much,” and lots of amazing pictures! They were then split into two groups where the older half were with Christen learning how to express creativity through art. It was awesome to see the kids listen to God and draw a picture for themselves and then one for a friend. The younger half were with Betsy learning how to express creativity through our bodies and dance. They then swapped classes and learned what the other had learned. In both classes the kids worked through learning about comparison and forgiving anyone who may have taught them the lie that they’re not creative or aren’t good enough.  Then they learned God’s truth about creativity! They were all super brave and heard lots of amazing things from God!

Right before heading home on Sunday we spent one last morning at The Oaks for church prophesying and listening to the congregation share testimonies from the week. During testimony time, Josh decided to ask if anyone had pain their body. One woman had horrible back pain that didn’t allow her to raise her arms and constricted her movement. Karen prayed for her twice from the front and then had her stand up. As soon as she stood up, she raised her arms above her head and said her pain was completely gone!  God did so many awesome things in Auburn, and we had an amazing trip of seeing His kindness and love for all of His children. Thanks so much for praying, supporting, and following along! You can continue to pray for The Oaks church that all the work that has been done this past week and all the seeds planted will be protected and grow deep roots to flourish and grow amazing fruit! 

War Eagle!

Blog written by Betsy Finchum

A Beautiful Harvest - Team Austraila

A Beautiful Harvest - Team Austraila

What an exciting end to the week it has been here in Melton. We partnered with City West church and the amazing pastors here, Mark and Cazz. We began by ministering to  a Christian High School where the teacher in charge of chapel had been very discouraged only having had 6 kids all year come forward for prayer. 

The team kicked it off by allowing the Lord to highlight a few students to prophesy over, then Patrick shared his testimony and gave an altar call. Though hesitant at first, before dismissal we had approximately 25 come forward with 4 led to the Lord through salvation prayer!! The teacher leading was super encouraged and uplifted by the way the Lord moved.  

We were on fire as the Holy Spirit continued to pour out  that night at City West College. We all shared prayer testimonies and prophesied over the students who for the first time ever felt the boldness to do the same, many on our team were blessed by their prophetic words in return. God is so good. 

Before our ministry time Friday, we got to spend time at the Wildlife Park and finally see and pet some Kangaroos!! 

Emily Hunt feeding a Kangaroo

Last night the entire team had the privilege of ministering to the youth group here at City West. Once again we began with allowing the Lord to highlight a few to encourage, then Aaron shared his testimony and spoke on the Father’s heart. So many hearts touched as we once again moved in the prophetic ensuring each student a taste of the Father’s heart for them personally. Two more salvations came out of this powerful night! God is so faithful!! 

Blog written by Kheanne Fontaine

Revival in a tent and a preschool - Team South Africa

Revival in a tent and a preschool - Team South Africa

Over the last four days, we have seen and experienced God move in many, many ways.  Here are just a few testimonies and stories of some of the unique things the Lord has done during the last couple days.  


On Wednesday, we joined with Jean Miller in the weekly feeding program that provides a full meal to the Backdoor community on a daily basis.  Approximately forty people arrived including around twenty children, and before the food was distributed, Marla shared a message on “Friendship with Jesus.”  Afterwards, she asked if there was anyone there that wanted to receive Jesus as Savior, and about twenty of the children came forward and received Christ!  It is truly amazing how the Lord opens the hearts of his children, and how physical needs often open the door to minister to spiritual needs.

Physical Healing

This weekend we had the honor of attending and speaking at a revival in the Gutshwa community and celebrating the church’s first anniversary.  The revival was full of amazing worship, prayer, and messages brought by Andrew, Hope, and Zach.  On Friday, before he preached on Physical Healing, Andrew heard a word of knowledge to go outside the revival tent and wait.  He went outside the tent, and as he walked around and waited on the Lord to tell him what to do next, two women came up out of the field nearby and walked up to Andrew.  He and a local missionary who was standing nearby prayed for one of the women and her painful, deaf ear opened up and she was able to hear again without any pain.  God is so kind to speak in ways that we understand, and we are learning as a team that He trusts us to take a risk, step out in faith, and act upon what He has said.  When we act upon what God tells us, faith is activated and that is when miracles happen.


Before the revival service on Saturday, we split up in groups and visited homes in Gutshwa to pray for people and invite them to the services.  At the last house we visited, a sweet lady named Anna was excited to see us and wanted us to pray for her.  However, not long after we began blessing her, her back and neck became very painful and the pain moved around.  Her countenance became more hostile and she wanted us to stop praying and leave.  We continued to pray peace and healing over her and took authority over her mind, body, and home.  As soon as I invited Holy Spirit to remove any spirit that was tormenting her, she let out a deep breath, hunched over, and as all the pain left her body, she began to cry tears of joy.  At this point we hugged her and invited her to the service that evening, and told her that Jesus loves her wants relationship with her.  Later that evening we saw her at the service worshiping with the community.  There is truly freedom where the Spirit of the Lord is!

As a team, each of us is encountering the Father in new ways.  Jonathon and Kelsey are incredible leaders, and I speak for everyone when I say that it is an honor to follow their lead and serve with them.  We could not be more encouraged and excited about what God is doing.  Overall, we have been blown away by how smooth everything has gone, and despite the annoyance of an ant infestation in the group home, we are very grateful for everything we are experiencing. 

 We do ask for prayer for guidance and open hearts as we will be doing an outreach in the bush community of Secunda this week.  Almost two weeks into the outreach, the group misses loved ones, spouses, and friends.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Blog written by Phillip Wennerstrom

Greetings from Down Under- Team Australia

Greetings from Down Under- Team Australia

Yesterday we flew from Sydney to Melbourne, pronounced “Melbin” by the locals – just say it out loud and you will understand… We met the pastors at Melbourne airport and downed a quick long black (coffee), before heading out to our host homes. Everyone is in awe of the beauty of this country and her people and God’s kindness in sending us to this wonderful place.

On Wednesday night, Shelby Hornbuckle spoke on honor (or, “honour” to our Australian friends) to Salt Community Church in Bomaderry, New South Wales. A woman with Fibromyalgia and severe depression came forward for ministry. She experienced a reconnection with God and began to cry as she felt her pain lessen. Another girl, who originally intended to go to a party instead of church, reported that she had a similar testimony to that of Shelby’s. Two of our team prayed with her. She began to cry as she told them she felt beautiful again, that she felt love for herself, and felt worthy to be honored after a long season of self-hatred and shame.

           Last night, Will Law spoke on healing at a service at Hillview Church for their youth group, Summit Youth. The group is led by our own Nashville natives, Sam and Tink McCloud. We played a hilarious game and ate from giant pile of “chips” in preparation for the service. After worship the team received prophetic words for the teens and sat down to listen to the teaching. 

 After the service the team was released to minister healing for those in the church who needed healing.  A young lady came up the the microphone who had trouble with tightness in her hip after a reconstructive surgery. The girl, a dancer, said that after her surgery she was unable to perform without experiencing at least three days of tightness in her reconstructed hip. She said that during the service her hip tightness was almost completely released in a moment. Another one of the church members was prayed for concerning a lengthy bout with bronchitis. I watched awe and realization wash over his face as his lungs gave up remnants of the bronchitis he had had for three months!

           We spent today cleaning closets and battling Australian Redback spiders as we swept and tidied Hillview church in preparation for tomorrow’s service. Our hearts are being knit together through laughter, Australian cuisine, and the victories that God is giving us in this wonderful place. Jetlag is giving way to sleep, and our hearts are giving way to rest as we enjoy the Aussie culture and the adventure in which we have found ourselves.

Blog written by Patrick Smith.

Name's Sake - Team Jackson

Name's Sake - Team Jackson

Now that we are resting on the river, with time to reflect on the fiercely loving ministry of We Will Go, I (Jesse) can't help but play back the numerous faces we saw, served, and loved this past week. 

During this last week, God gave me a gift that makes me cry the more I think about it. He gave me the ability to learn not just faces and stories, but the name of each person. In my interactions with the staff and Neighbors of We Will Go, I literally memorized the name of everyone I met. It wasn't my intention at first, but the Lord set our team up to share and experience His amazing love - through experiencing the power of a name. 

A person’s name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language
— Dale Carnegie

As I experienced the power of knowing a name, I got to be a tiny example of the Father's love by knowing names (He made it so easy).

He says, "I have called you BY NAME and you are MINE!" [Isaiah 43:31]

This week was a powerful illustration of the reality that our Father knows everyone by name; not just His sheep, but also the ones who don't yet know they are His sheep.

In addition to learning the names of so many new friends, we had the pleasure of hearing the stories of many beautiful neighbors and missionaries. 

Each story was different, and beautiful, because they were the stories of normal broken people who wanted to save the world, and heard the Father's call to love their neighbor first (sounds biblical, right?). We also got to connect with Neighbors, and hear some of the mess & beauty that they have gone through: 

As a team we want to share a few of the names and stories of new friends who have impacted us so deeply.

Morgan's story:

Ashley, a WWG missionary, teaching.

This precious lady, Ashley, was one of the first We Will Go (WWG) missionaries we had the privilege of meeting this week. Before we started moving her slimmed-down belongings from one house into another across the street, she kindly sat on the floor of her home and shared her heart with us. 

As she told us about her dream and invitation to relocate to India this fall, she also invited us into her heart in the here-and-now part of this journey.  She told us about the trips and teams she's taken to India during recent years, but what she left me with was an impression of the perfectly-suited gift she's made of her heart to our Father as she asks Him often "how can I serve you with what I have in my hand right now?" 

Sheila's stories

On Sunday, I was totally undone by Jeanette's prayer over me. During that prayer, and again a few days later when she pushed me on a porch swing while encouraging me to slow down & rest in Him, I felt God's heart for me (delivered with an English accent). 

It's amazing how God uses all sorts of ways to touch us. Today, the key He used to open a space in my heart was a lovely young women with developmental disabilities who just wanted to be loved. 

Morgan's Story

This little man is one of my favorite people in all the world. 

In church, he worshipped and prayed alongside long-time Jesus knowers. His mom is a transformed woman, and his dad is a transformed man - both recently rescued from life on Farish street - where one danced in, and one managed a club. 

Now, both of these precious people  are living their true identities as a son and daughter of our Father, and their son is growing up in the gift of knowing who he is, and who his Father is. 

Markus's Story

Wow, I had such an incredible experience with Mr Hawkins! After going through collecting food and clothing with him I had an opportunity to hear more of his story. 

While we talked, he shared that he really didn't want to continue his lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, and recognized that he needed to be mentored/discipled. He was so caught up with his own struggle that it had become hard for him to see beyond himself. 

While I was praying for Mr Hawkins I felt led to invite him to ask the Lord for a game that Jesus would like to play with him. He did, and had one of the biggest smiles on his face as he invisioned it in his mind’s eye. Then he responded "but that's not a game", enthusiastically!

He then proceeded to tell me what he saw: "Jesus wants me to gather the children then bring them to Jesus." 

I said, "you've got an evangelistic call on your life!" 

His response was, "I can't be an evangelist. To do that you have to have a call". 

Our hearts so connected. I told him, "Mr Hawkins you just got the call. It may be your life that could alter those kids' lives forever". 

“Wooooowwwwwww”, was his response in a nutshell!

Through taking the time, and allowing Jesus to work, I was able to help Mr Hawkins go from discouragement in living his life by trying to be good to a lifestyle that recognizes that he has a purpose and destiny.  The continued challenge that Jesus really pressed on my heart through this experience is: how many other Mr Hawkins' are in my life - and will I stop for the one? 

Allison's Story

On Monday we joined our neighbors at a church that provides a warm breakfast for those that would otherwise go without. As we sat at round tables with our neighbors, we shared more than stories and pictures of our children; we shared a moment in our lives.  

I had planned on eating before we left - partially because I did not want to eat food that could have gone to someone in need - and partially because I didn’t know if I could stomach a boiled hot dog on a white bun.  But the Lord humbled my heart with the kindest invitation – “would you eat this out of obedience?” In my simple ‘yes’ to Him, I heard His magnified ‘YES’ to my neighbors. 

As I listened to Victor and Kimberly’s story of loss and hardship, I saw the deep sadness in their eyes of hopes deferred. In their holding to hope that someday things would be different, I realized it was my honor to share this simple meal with these precious hearts that refused to give up - even in the midst of a season of life that looks contrary to every dream their hearts have probably ever held.

In all of our introductions; in learning so many names and stories, we have realized that everyone...regardless of shape, age, race, creed or valuable, and worth the courage needed to pursue with love. 

Because we are His reward, and He is worthy of us all. 


Blog by Team Jackson, compiled by Morgan Presley 

Physical Healings - Team UK

Physical Healings - Team UK

Our first week in Sunderland was amazing, as we’ve partnered with the House of prayer interns in the city, and with their church. There has been incredible unity, and together we have seen the Lord move tremendously in the city through physical healings.

One testimony is from Carrie Grace,  

“We got to minister to a service of students about hope! After the service I prayed for this lady maybe in her sixties. She was in a fatal car accident in her twenties that killed her boyfriend, crushed her skull, and bruised her brain. They took bone from her hip to rebuild her skull. As a result, she had a severe indentation in her forehead. She also had sinus trouble that affected her several other ways. I prayed for her, and her dent literally filled in significantly. She said it felt lighter and that a shadow had been lifted from it. Later she jolted into realization that her sinuses (that were previously crushed) were draining, her nasal passages were opening up, her head felt lighter, and that each side of her head felt balanced. I led her into deeper understanding in relationship with Jesus, and taught her how to hear God's voice and pursue Him! She was so receptive and proclaimed, "wow you've really helped me so much!" Praise the Lord. I’m glad I could be a part of that.” 

Another testimony from this week occurred when our team, and the HOP interns went out on the streets of Sunderland to do supernatural evangelism. Here is an account of what the Lord did from Emily Phillips.

“Hunter, myself, and one of the interns from the church were on a team. We came across two teenage boys in the park and asked them if we could give them a spiritual reading. One of them told us how his girlfriend had a pyschic tell her things before that came true, so he believed it was real. His other friend did not believe the supernatural was possible. We explained that what we did was different, and that we would be asking the Lord to tell them what He thought about them. We gave one of the boys a prophetic word that ended up being so accurate that he started believing that God cared about him. After his friend heard how spot on the word was, he decided he wanted one too. Next we asked if either needed physical healing. The more reluctant boy said yes but didn’t believe God healed. He told us if God healed the pain in his foot that he would run around the park twenty times, and jump in the pond. The three of us said “deal” all at once. We prayed for his foot and it was completely healed. Although he did not run or jump in the pond, he was completely blown away by God’s goodness. We prayed for his friend who had been jumped by a gang member a few days before. He could not bend his finger and thought it might be broken. We prayed, and he was able to move his finger with no restrain, and the pain was gone. Hunter then noticed a tattoo on his arm and interpreted the tattoo. The interpretation ministered to him so deeply that tears began to form in his eyes. He thanked us, as they both agreed that they did not know that they believed in the whole God thing before, but after today they were starting to think differently. They added Hunter as a friend on Facebook, and asked to take a seflie with us. They assured us that they would be at the next spirit café at the church, and hoped to see us there.”

These are just a few of the amazing testimonies that the Lord has done on the trip. Please keep in prayer for us as we are currently in the beautiful country of Scotland. Stay posted to read more about what the Lord is doing through us in Edinburgh. Team “fishers of men and chips” RULE!