Hello from Glasgow!

The Scotland team arrived yesterday, and we brought the sunshine with us! Folks here said it was the prettiest day Glasgow has had in weeks. Those of us who have traveled internationally before were blown away by how smooth and efficient our travels were. We made all flights without experiencing a single delay, had plenty of time to get to our gates without rushing, and never had to wait long for a connection. Hats off to Charlene for booking a fabulous itinerary! Upon arriving in Scotland, getting through customs was a breeze and all luggage was accounted for. 

We found favor on the first flight with a sweet flight attendant who had just been to Scotland for a wedding. After finding out we were headed there, he told us all about his trip. Later he returned and dropped a huge Delta bag stuffed full of snacks on my lap. “These are for your travels! I hope you enjoy Scotland!” Little did he know he had delivered them straight to the team foodie. After he found out there were ten of us, he ran back to gather more snacks and brought us a second bag.  Our love tanks were full after this surprise snack attack!

We were greeted at the airport with the warmest welcome. Our lovely hosts had already memorized our pictures and greeted us each by name. We went straight to Queen’s Park Baptist Church (QPBC) for lunch with some of the staff. The church looks more like a castle and overlooks Queen’s Park, which is the lush green you would imagine a park in Scotland to be. After coffee and tea and an overview of our week (our shapers were well loved with the detailed schedule and information packet), we walked up the hill to take in the view of Glasgow. This city is breathtaking, and the people are warm.

We ended our first day with a beautiful meal prepared and served by volunteers at QPBC. To say we were well fed would be the understatement of the century. Some of us grabbed seconds of dinner and thirds, yes thirds, of a variety of homemade Scottish desserts.  

The Scotland sweethearts are already falling in love with the incredible QPBC staff, our welcoming host families, and the gorgeous city of Glasgow. We’re so excited to see what God has in store for our time here!

Blog post written by Jessie Risman