Greetings from UGANDA!

Excitement brewed within all of us as the wheels of the airliner touched African soil. There were no missed flights and no lost luggage. The journey to Uganda was long, exhausting, but at the same time incredibly smooth.  After about 24 hours of travel time we finally walked off the plane from Amsterdam. The African air is so much warmer than the climate we have just left. Two kind faces awaited our arrival—Maggie and Excel, representatives from My Father's House, greeted us with warm smiles.

We purchased our visas, packed into our Volkswagen vans, and were off.  We drove through the city of Entebbe. The windows were rolled down exposing us to the smells and sounds of the Ugandan night. The smoky scent of wood fires and street food flooded the air. The sounds of the city surrounded us and only intensified our excitement.

          We arrived at our base around midnight. We are staying at a beautiful guesthouse in Busega, just outside of Kampala. The hospitality has been incredible! The Ugandans are so welcoming and kind. Finally we rested.

We woke up this morning with the air humid and filled harmonious sounds of celebration from a church down the road. Today has been a day of rest. We've worshiped, we’ve had community; we slept and are now ready for what lies ahead.

 Tomorrow we head to the school (The Royal Hope Academy) our hearts are filled with expectation for the goodness of God to be revealed. We are here to love and be loved.  So now we wait to see what tomorrow brings. Much love from Team Uganda!

Blog written by Judah Legge