For a majority of our trip we will be ministering at My Father’s House. Monday we visited for the first time and our hearts were deeply moved. From the moment we arrived we were wrecked with the honor, hospitality and love we received. As we walked up to the school the choir welcomed us by singing, “welcome to the Pearl of Africa.” As we walked inside, hundreds of faces greeted us with eager smiles and cheers. Many of us spent the morning in tears as we worshiped with our Ugandan brothers and sisters. The authenticity, passion and desperation that filled their worship was incredible. 

We were able to spend the afternoon playing with the children as well. Their smiles were so beautiful and laughter so joyous as we did relays and games.  We even shared Bible stories with some of the children.  

In the evening we were able to worship with the staff, and once again the desperation in which they worshiped touched our hearts.  The presence of the Holy Spirit was so real, so sweet, and so full of joy! We were able to give each staff member a prophetic word during this time as well.  It is an honor to serve with these people!  They are so hungry for the Father.  Truly inspiring! 

Our hearts have also been broken. All of the children longed for love and affection, many of them were sick. Children lined the outside of the school gates telling us how hungry they were, that they were very poor. Other children played in the garbage pile. Some of us had seen this before, others had not; but none of us had words to express everything we saw and experienced.

    We are so grateful for My Father's House and what they are able to do to with the children here.  We are blessed to serve along side them for the next couple of weeks!  If you are interested in learning more about My Father’s House or sponsoring a child more information is available at www.myfathershouseintl.org

For the rest of the week we will be doing ministry in the slums and preparing for a conference we will be doing at My Father’s House this weekend.  We look forward to updating you as our week unfolds. Thank you for your prayers!