There are several testimonies, experience and encounters from today. At first it seems difficult to compile them into one story, However, it's actually really simple. The one story is this, it's love. 

Though we  saw some incredible things today while ministering and doing what Jesus did, none of it was possible nor mattered if there wasn't love. Love is the expectation. Love is the drive. We are compelled by love. We go out as an act of faith through hope with love himself. That's what today was: an act of faith, through hope, with love. 

Our team headed out with a few of the staff from My Fathers House to do ministry in one of the slums in Kampala. When we got there we split into groups of two or three and partnered with one of the staff in order to have a translator. That in and of itself was an incredible blessing and honor. We all enjoyed getting to connect with the staff today and look forward to many more sweet moments with them. 

Today we came face to face with brokenness and said "no." Instead, we chose to partner with truth and say "yes" to Jesus. As a team we saw a lame leg become whole, a headache leave, depression be broken off, a life given to the Lord and then filled with the Holy Spirit. We layed hands on the sick and watched them recover, saw hope arise and dreams come to pass. We prophesied into people's lives and believed and hoped for their best because we know who OUR Father is. We hugged, held and kissed people of all ages. There were moments when we didn't go up to anyone because people were coming to us for prayer. We were astonished at the hunger that these people had for wholeness. 

Granted there were also many times that we prayed and nothing seemed to happen in that moment. But rather than it bringing disappointment, it built faith. It caused us to lean even more into Jesus, the great physician. Today was a treat. The Father is so kind. Sure there's been several overwhelming and contradicting emotions due to injustices and feeling like we can't do anything, yet Jesus has been so good to us. He's taking us into deeper trust in Him and allowing us to partner with Him and ultimately connect with His heart. 

So, I don't think many of us new what to expect today. We simply went in trusting and believing God is who He says He is.  He is faithful. He is good. He is love. Past all the dirt, differences and language barriers...we loved. 

Blog written by Laura Beth Hardin