Wow! The Power of God!

What an amazing week in our hometown! 

Your Nashville Home Plate team met up for evening worship last Sunday Night at The Anchor, a church community downtown. The team there was so welcoming and invited us in to do whatever we felt led to do. We started off with an amazing worship experience with Sam McLeod and Faith Boyce. After worship, we took communion together with the congregation at The Anchor and then we gathered as a team at the front to do some prophetic ministry. The Lord gave members of the team some specific names of people that He wanted to speak to in the congregation and it was incredible! God totally showed up and showed out (as He tends to do) and a lot of people were really touched by the words released over them from Papa.

Then, our very own Allison Hays delivered her message on UGB’s (Ungodly Beliefs) and she did a fantastic job. UGB’s are so powerful in people’s lives and being able to partner with a community like The Anchor and bring a revolutionary message like that to light was definitely a tremendous honor and a blessing for us. Not to mention we had ministry at the end where a young lady’s leg was completely healed! She was in so much pain that she couldn't even sit down, and after Jessica Seal prayed for her she was able to touch her toes AND sit down comfortably! It was remarkable!

On Monday, we had the day off to rejuvenate ourselves and prepare for the next week of ministry. Recharging on Monday set the tone for the week and sure was a week to remember…

On Tuesday, we canvased the neighborhood around The Foundry for a “Block Party” we were helping them host on Thursday. We went around the neighborhood with The Foundry interns and leadership, knocking on doors, handing out information about the Block Party, and interacting with the community. We met a lot of people, made connections, and even experienced an “impromptu” (is it really ever impromptu with Holy Spirit?) healing take place. Tink was her usual bold self and just went for it and God met her. A homeless woman's leg got completely healed! Her pain went from a 7 to 0! Yay God!

After canvasing the neighborhood, we went back to The Foundry with the interns and leadership. It was at this point we were able to actually meet with Pastor Scott for the first time. He briefed us on the history of The Foundry, from an old, rundown, battered foundry 20+ years ago, to the booming ministry it is today.

That night we entered into a community worship/prayer night with the Foundry crew and others. The Foundry really is a special place. The worship experience we had there was unlike any I’d seen or experienced previously. It was all bare instruments, community oriented, and completely under the whim of the Holy Spirit. It was unscripted and the Spirit just flowed. We went in and out of choruses, different people leading at different times, all by the Spirit’s prompting. It was incredibly intimate and vulnerable. It was truly something we had never experienced before and certainly something we're determined to experience again.

After the worship was over, we called it a night, ready to hit it again Wednesday morning for… the Block Party!

The Block Party is an event The Foundry hosts sporadically throughout the spring and summer months but this was the first one for 2015. It’s hosted in a park right next to The Foundry, the MLK Magnet School, as well as the Jo Johnson community, so it was a perfect way to reach out to the kids as well as the residents. Expectations were high and naturally, God didn’t disappoint.

The Foundry opened the Block Party with a skit about how we carry our hearts around, give them to people, give them to God to heal, give them to people again, and then give them back to God to heal again. It underlined the importance of protecting your heart (Proverbs 4:23) and how important our hearts are to our lives. It also highlighted there’s hope for a new heart in God. A heart that is healed from hurt, shame, and rejection. God truly is in the business of restoration and The Foundry brought that message in a powerful way. The skit was funny, edgy, but most important, it had an impact on the students that were watching.

After the skit, the SOSL team up came up to prophecy over the kids. Many encouraging words were given and seeds planted. It was amazing to see the impact that the prophetic had for these young teenagers. Our team stood at the front and called people out of the crowd to bless them in front of their peers. It was a culture of honor that was formed. As prophetic words were being delivered, we watched as their friends would be in shock of how spot on the words would be for their friends! They were truly astonished by the power of God in those moments! The impact from prophecy can’t be fully measured and while we definitely saw initial fruit from the words, we definitely want to see those words go down deep and bear witness to the kids for years and even decades to come. We then all went around and just prayed for kids and their parents and blessed them with more personal prophetic ministry. One of our team members had a word of knowledge that a man had an injury in his leg. She prayed for his leg and he was instantly healed! He said afterwards "I believe in the word of God, I believe in the love of God, but I've never seen the POWER of God like this." It was a remarkable experience! We even prayed for his son's leg afterwards (because his son also had an injury in which he couldn't bend his leg without pain), and his son was ALSO healed! It was such an honor to bless them and to experience God's power with them!

All in all, the Block Party was a tremendous success. Any time you can affect even just 1 person, it’s worth it. In fact, any time you can make yourself available to God to be used, it’s worth it. And that’s what The Foundry and SOSL team did. On that day, we made ourselves available to our God and to our community.

Thursday really started off well for your Nashville Home Plate team. The SOSL team met at The Foundry for their “Meltdown Luncheon”. The Foundry hosts the Meltdown Luncheon event routinely for pastoral leaders across the city to come, be fed (physically and spiritually), and make connections. It’s incredibly important for our community churches to work together and the Meltdown Luncheon does an amazing job facilitating this. In fact, our very own Charlene Garrett was in attendance!

That night we had our 2nd Meal of Hope! We were able to minister to the homeless and our very own Kari Brandon gave a message on hearing the voice of God. She did an amazing job and the people we were serving received it incredibly well, with one individual just gushing over how he absolutely knew that’s why God told him to come to the Meal of Hope that night! At the prompting of the Holy Spirit, he borrowed a bike and traveled 40 minutes to the Meal of Hope, from his home to hear Kari’s message and he told us that’s exactly what he needed and why God sent him. In a word, that was simply, amazing.

At the end of Kari’s message, Team Nashville went up and we had a ministry time where we operated in the prophetic again. Again, God showed up when we stepped out. It was an amazing time.

On Friday, we went to Family Affairs Ministry in East Nashville for the second time. We partnered with them on another neighborhood canvasing but with their community this time. We went around their neighborhood community, handing out a calendar of events for April and an invitation to attend Saturday night’s worship service. 

For those of us on Team Nashville, we’ve been praying and hoping to be a part of the revival in our city that so many of us have been expecting at Grace Center and in Nashville as a whole. We hope that you will partner with us in prayer, hope, and expectancy to see God transform our city!

Blog written by Josh Mackens