Stopping for The One in Scotland

This past weekend, the Scotland team made a quick trip to Edinburgh with the one and only Quinn. That’s right, SOSL alumni – we got to hang out with Quinn all weekend in Scotland. If you aren’t already jealous, then you must not know Quinn. He is an SOSL alumni and former small group leader, who lives in Edinburgh, where he helps lead the Edinburgh School of Supernatural Ministry. Quinn was our lovely tour guide for the weekend. He is absolutely amazing, and we had a blast hanging out with him in Edinburgh.

Quinn came all the way to Glasgow to drive us to Edinburgh. When we arrived at our Edinburgh headquarters, which happened to be a penthouse flat with a killer view of the city – daughtership has its perks, y’all – his precious mother was cooking a fantastic feast for us. While she continued cooking, we got to meet Christy, SOSL’s #1 Fan. This is no exaggeration. Christy is only fifteen, though her maturity, wisdom, and dreams would tell you otherwise, but she reacted to meeting a team of SOSL students like most fifteen-year-old girls would react to meeting One Direction.

Christy was glowing with excitement from the moment we walked in the room. She has wanted to attend SOSL forever and plans on going after she finishes university in 2022 – mark your calendars, because it will be a year for the books! She knows more about the school than we do, after studying the website and everyone’s social media. She even asked some of us how many absences we had, knowing graduation was coming up and having memorized our graduation requirements. Christy is obsessed with SOSL in the most beautiful way. Her iPhone background is the SOSL logo, and she nearly lost it when we gave her an SOSL pen and highlighter as a gift. Christy is a firecracker whose heart is unbelievably hungry for more of God.

We had the opportunity to prophesy over her while we waited for dinner. All of us gathered around Christy on the couches and shared God’s heart for her. We could have prophesied over her all night, and we really wanted to. Prophesying over Christy was easy. The excitement she feels for SOSL is nothing in comparison to the excitement God feels about her and her future. We got to know her over dinner. Over and over again, Christy said it was the best night ever, the highlight of her life. 

The next day we joined an outreach team from Bethel at the Edinburgh School of Supernatural Ministry (ESST) which meets every other Saturday. There was something so special about having students from California, Tennessee, and Scotland all worshipping together in one room. The Bethel team ministered to ESST students in the morning, sharing some stories and prophesying over some of the students. After lunch, Carlee gave her amazing sermon on Ungodly Beliefs. Students were taking pictures of her slides and sharing them with friends on Facebook. We also had the opportunity to prophesy and pray over the ESST students during some ministry time.

ESST does community outreach in the afternoon. We split up into groups to join them for street art and treasure hunts. The street art group drew prophetic pictures for people and delivered them with an encouraging word. We thought this was brilliant because they were able take something tangible home to help them remember the word. Our treasure hunting teams went to the park and some local shops, where we got to pray and prophesy over people. Shelly and I were paired with an ESST student named Emily. Just as we were about to run out of time, the three of us found a man who matched nearly all of our clues – brown shoes, green jacket, grey hair, sitting on a bench, near a river. Mike had a lot to say about religion. Much of his life had been defined by disappointment and loss, and it was obvious that he had built some very sturdy walls to protect himself from encountering any more of it. We had what some might have left thinking was a discouraging conversation with Mike. He spoke very negatively about religion and people of different faiths, blaming them for many of the world’s problems. Mike expected us to push our faith on him, but instead we gave him space to verbalize what he was feeling. He expected us to argue with his strong opinions, but instead we listened. Shelly shared a bit of her story with Mike, connecting with his experiences of loss, and then we honored Mike, his intellect, his passion, his heart for justice, and his resilience. Without being weird, we loved Mike through listening and spoke life over him through honoring the person he is. After we left, we prayed elsewhere in the park for God to continue loving on Mike and calling him to life. Sometimes planting seeds simply looks like listening well and pointing out positive characteristics in someone who may not be able to see them. God is faithful to water and grow those seeds, no matter how small they seem.

The next day Quinn gave us a little tour of Edinburgh before we headed to Aberdeen. It was a fun and restful day of exploring a beautiful city. We saw some incredible views, Edinburgh Castle, and the Royal Mile. Our time in Edinburgh flew by, and to most of us, it seemed like we didn’t do much while we were there. We had been praying that God would do just as much in 24 hours in Edinburgh as He did in a week in Glasgow, and he absolutely did.

We did a lot of ministry in Glasgow, especially pouring into the leaders who pour so much into others. In Edinburgh, we learned that stopping for the one looks different everywhere, and it brings more fruit than those doing the stopping ever get to see. We’ve been hearing testimony after testimony about how impactful our quick visit to Edinburgh was. My favorite example is an email from Christy’s mom, sharing that after our visit, Christy prophesied over some of her friends at school – friends who are not believers, in a secular environment. This was her first time ever to prophesy. Here is what Christy’s mom had to say:

It seems to me that you were able to 'call out' things which we have known were in her, but which she hadn't yet been able to fully step into. Hearing the Father's heart for her has released a grace in her to be what He sees. One of you had described her ability to naturally speak Jesus to her friends, and to draw them to Him without them even realising what was happening. She had been chatting to these girls at school about Friday evening - just still so excited about it - and had talked about the prophecies she'd received. They asked what a prophecy was, and she said 'It's when someone listens to hear what God is thinking about you, and then they tell you'. She let them hear a couple of the prophecies you'd given her, and her friends thought it sounded so good that they asked if Christy could 'do it for them' - and she said yes!! She said to me that she wasn't sure she'd 'done it right', but I am so confident that God honoured her boldness and her faith in that moment. Her friends loved what she spoke over them, which seems like a win!

I wanted to let you know this little story to let you see the impact of what you are doing. I guess one of the difficult aspects of a ministry trip is that you have to move on, and don't always get to see what happens next! Your visit has been so significant for Christy, and at such a critical point in her personal and spiritual development. We are so grateful to God for this blessing, and utterly amazed at His hand in the intricate network of connections over many, many years which led to your team being in Edinburgh this last weekend, and to Christy being able to spend time with you. 

Blog written by Jessie Risman