Greetings from Uganda! 

Last weekend, we held a conference for the staff of Royal Hope Academy. The team taught on topics such as Hearing God’s Voice, The Father Heart of God, Father Types, UGB’s, Forgiveness, and Prophetic Ministry. After learning to hear God’s voice, one of the staff members shared with Laura Beth that he felt like God was telling him that He wanted to teach him more about the Father heart of God and what intimacy with Him looks like. The very next day was the session that Laura Beth and Tiphani taught on the Father Heart of God! 

After teaching on prophetic ministry, Cary led the staff in a couple of activities to help activate them in the prophetic. During the very first round they were facing the wall prophesying and Jeanet, one of the ladies on staff, got the name of the person standing behind her! Watching their excitement grow as they practiced was priceless. They caught on immediately! Praise the Lord! After us ministering and prophesying over them, they began to prophecy over us! 

A couple of mornings at Royal Hope Academy were spent taking photos of sponsored children and helping them write letters to their sponsors. We spent Monday afternoon doing arts and crafts with all 400 kids at the school, teaching on identity and creativity. Paint, beads, paper crowns, and giddy smiles were everywhere! Our team has been so blessed by the staff and kids at Royal Hope Academy. They have taught us so much these past two weeks. We are excited to see what the rest of our time here in Uganda holds. 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers! A little over half of our team have struggled with sickness in varying degrees the past week or so, but we are all feeling much better now – praise God! We’d appreciate your prayers as we continue to recover.

Blog written by Morgan Fite