We Will Go Arts woodworking shop

  • Its’ focus is Isaiah 61:3
  • Our team spent time that day helping to rearrange the wood to create more space in the building

The Fountain

  • This place has many different opportunities to serve: children with homework, bible studies, and playing basketball  
  • We helped serve the interns and interact with the kids in these areas

Canned Goods

  • It gave a hand on experience of helping hand out the food, as well as, getting to know the community better. 

Hands and Feet

  • This ministry provides away to meet peoples needs, whether that is through clothing to bedding to encountering the Father’s love through prayer

Yard Work/Maintenance

  • Around base 1, we helped clean up the area.
  • Stacking bricks
  • Break up pieces of wood and take the nails out them

Testimonies from Missionaries

  • They completely surrender to Jesus and He has set them free.
  • They share His LOVE with everyone

Praying and Prophesying 

  • From the people on the streets, missionaries, to additional volunteers
  • It felt like almost every time we talked to someone, we were praying and or prophesying over them.
  • People were blessed and felt God’s heart for them


  • Prophesied over the congregation
  • Prayed for people
  • Then we were invited to visit a high school


  • Husband and wife had problems raising their arms and they can raise them to past their ears
  • Team member experienced numbness in her foot and it was healed

Blog written by Lindsey Darnell