St. Simon's Island/North Island Church

Our time on the Island has been exemplified, I believe, by a rhythm between "doing" and rest. Here are some highlights from this week:

On Monday night (3/23) the team women attended SOS, a ministry for young married/soon to married women.  We prophesied over each woman individually.  It was a blast to flow with one another and to see the words of encouragement hit the mark time and time again.  

Tuesday, 3/24:

In the morning most of the women attended a ladies study taught by Alyson Tucker, the pastor's wife. The women were finishing up a study that Alyson has been teaching on The Prayer of Petition.  Several women gave testimonies of how the teaching had impacted them. The team then spent the next hour or so praying over, encouraging and getting to know the women.

Concurrently, the team men plus Marakia and Alaina had the privilege of sharing in the classroom of Scott Infante. Scott is a member of North Island Church and teaches Biblical Literature and World Literature in the public school system. His class is made up of about half believers, half unbelievers. The teamed shared with the class through a question and answer format, plus one member of the team shared a "before and after Jesus" testimony. What a remarkable opportunity.

On Tuesday evenings the church has separate Bible studies for men and women.  Janie Levin (for the ladies) and Mike Mandel (for the men) taught on Ungodly Beliefs. Believe me, both of them knocked it out of the park!!!  Following the teaching, we prayed with each person there and continued to get to know these amazing men and women. Cool story...a husband and wife each received healing of a frozen shoulder.  Two different rooms, same God, same healing. Yay God !!!

Wednesday, 3/25:

Yay!!! Finally some sunshine. Though much of the day was spent indoors doing the following:

Emily, Alaina, Marakia and the men returned to the high school classroom where they were able to sow more seeds into the lives of these young men and women. They are returning again on Friday. [and just reported that today, Friday, they have stayed for a second class and are prophesying over students. Did I mention this is a public school?)

The rest of the team spent the morning in Brunswick at His Ministries. His Ministries is a daytime drop-in center that provides services for the homeless and those struggling with such things as addiction and prostitution. On this day there were only women in the center, but a team of men were headed out to take sandwiches to men on the street. The team got to pray with them before they left.The day our team was there Mary, herself fairly recently off the streets, gave a presentation on how to apply for a job. The team was so impressed.  There were many opportunities to visit with the women present and to offer prayer, encouragement and fellowship. 

That night we offered prophetic ministry at the church.  We had sign-up sheets that were almost completely filled up on Sunday.  That tells you something about the hunger and receptivity of these friends. With four teams and in two hours we prophesied over 40 people!!!  It was such an amazing time.  Such a privilege. So much life imparted. 

Thursday, 3/26:

Day off. Adventures in walking, beach time, hot tubs, marshlands, bike rides, dinner at Gnats, the day culminating in baby turtle rescue. Greenpeace got nothin' on us.

And then there was the matter of a small frog in the women's condo. That matter was also resolved peacefully for all involved.

Blog written by Sue Roth