Wrapping Up

To say that Africa has been an adventure would be an understatement. We have truly encountered the love of the father in an entirely new way. We have loved and been loved in return. 

Our last week in Uganda has been incredible. The phrase “save the best for last”, comes to mind. The week started on Monday with ministering to each individual member of the Royal hope staff.  We saw incredible breakthrough as we prophesied and loved on these amazing people. My favorite moment being when one of the teachers had her eyesight completely restored. God is good and He loves his children so well.

We have encountered His love in a new way. It has been a privilege to be His hands and feet. The last few days were spent at the school, loving on the faces of those we have come so accustom to holding. We will miss the many little Ugandans shouting for the Muzungus (Lugandan for white peeps) to come play with them. Our team has been loved so well by so many. We have a new understanding of what it means to welcome and to honor. 

Our last night went off with a bang, consisting of drums, dancing, and experiencing the culture of the Pearl of Africa. We ate, we danced, and we laughed. Our hearts are full as we depart from this great country. There could be no better send off. Uganda has changed us all and we feel as though we have gained a new family.  

Thank you Uganda for loving so well. 

Blog written by Judah Legge