After a restful Thursday, the team was back in full force on Friday.  Here's what we've been up to these last three days:

Friday, 3/27.

The team that was in Scott Infante's classroom on Tuesday and Wednesday returned for a third day. See next blog for a detailed report.

Friday night we joined with Scott and his wife, Jane, in an area of Brunswick, Georgia, where they have been building relationship and blessing the residents. They call this outreach "Pizza and Prayer."  We set out to visit many different apartments with pizzas and cokes. Many of the residents are "regulars" who they specifically try to visit, but there is enough pizza so that there is always opportunity to expand into new homes. Most of the people we met were very open to receiving prayer and the many kids greeted the team with great enthusiasm. 

Saturday, 3/28.

North Island Church sponsored a Father's Heart Workshop on Saturday. Teaching that day were: Bettye Stanley (Hearing God's Voice), Marakia Hughes (Forgiveness), Patrick Smith (Father Heart), and Alaina Williams (Father Types). They each did so well!!!  

Saturday evening we enjoyed a team dinner at Blue Water Cafe. Great time. And adding to the fun -- the cafe hostess and our waitress are both high school students who were part of the classroom ministry mentioned above. One is a believer, the other not yet. 

Sunday, 3/29.

Lindsey Darnell, Bettye Stanley and Emily Justice taught in the kid's church on the topic of "Hearing God's Voice." Each of the kids were able to hear something or receive an impression from the Lord. The rest of the team got to pretty much be "civilians" during the morning service...until the fire tunnel at the end of the service.   

Mac gave an awesome message on the Peace of God. So much truth. So much encouragement. At the end of the service, the team formed a Fire Tunnel and we were able to bless, pray, prophesy, encourage each one who came through. They then turned the tables on us and formed a Fire Tunnel to bless us.  It was off the charts!!!

From church we went to a park by the pier and enjoyed a picnic with the church. Gorgeous sunny day...but the party didn't last all day. Had to say goodbye to a few, but we will still be able to see some of our new friends before we leave on Wednesday.

Blog written by Sue Roth