The Goodness of God   

 During our stay in St. Simon’s Island, one of the members of the church at which we were ministering invited us to come and minister at his workplace. The man who asked us to join him at work is a high school English teacher. He welcomed us into his Bible as Literature senior class. We were given the incredible opportunity to do apologetics with the Bible Lit class for three days. We attested to the goodness of God and tried to handle some difficult questions. After the one of the classes, a few students stayed late and we prayed for physical healing. Alaina received a word of knowledge earlier in the day about some whose legs were mismatched in length. Two of the girls who stayed after class actually had uneven legs! We prayed and one of them was healed as we watched her leg grow out. She said that she felt her posture had shifted and her shoulders balanced after we prayed. After the last session, we stayed around and chatted with the teacher for a few minutes. The bell rang for the next class, a World Lit class, and we decided that we felt grace to stay and continue to minister. The tone of our visit changed as we recognized the presence of the Lord and the grace to prophecy. We then continued the apologetics with a question-answer format which ended with prophetic ministry for each inquirer. The questions soon faded as we began the hear requests like, “Tell me about myself,” and “Tell me about my past.” We then went into pure prophetic ministry and ended the class with a time of laying hands on a few of the students. We were blown away that Jesus would open a door for us to be His witnesses in a public school!

Blog written by Patrick Smith