Team War Eagle has been having a blast here in the great state of Alabama! The most important lesson I learned this week is that if someone says “War eagle” to you, the proper response is “War eagle.” Those words felt very strange coming out of my mouth the first time I said it, but I’m trying to be like Paul and become all things to all men.

Most of our time this week has been spent on Auburn University’s campus. Each day, we set up a table on one of the main concourses and asked the Lord to lead us as we connected with the students. We did treasure hunts where we delivered encouraging words and paintings to students that God highlighted and spread the joy of the Lord by giving away Starbursts. Miss Karen was an absolute champion while we were on campus. She wrote encouraging word after word for students with complete boldness. For one of her words, she heard God tell her to encourage someone in a truck. Even though we were on a road where we had only seen pedestrians and golf carts, a maintenance truck started driving down just a few minutes later. So Karen ran over and stopped the whole truck! She proceeded to deliver an encouraging word to the driver to which he responded, “Praise Jesus!”

Some other highlights of the week were holding personal ministry sessions focused on inner healing, delivering messages on the Father Heart, Forgiveness, and UGBs, and spending about four hours prophesying over members of the congregation and the community. We had a blast swapping stories of delivering words of knowledge and watching people find freedom from the cycle of fear, shame, and control.

God is good! We’re super excited to see what He will do the rest of the week. On Saturday, we’ll be running a creative arts and dance workshop for about 20 kids from age 4-12. On Sunday, we’ll be prophesying over the church and sharing testimonies of all the amazing things that’s happened throughout the week. Pray for the Holy Spirit to continue filling our hearts with passion and boldness. Pray for the chains of fear, shame, and control to be broken off the members of The Oaks church. And pray for Betsy as she turns 24 on Friday! Love you all. War eagle.

Blog written by Brennen Finchu