Our time in Iceland seems to get better and better with each passing day. I’ve found myself saying at the end of each day “this has been the best day ever.” I’m surprised at how each day there’s something new that either causes laughter within me, silence due to awe and wonder, tears of joy or even tears of compassion. God has been doing an intimate and very real work within our hearts. Our team is constantly being moved not only by the creation that surrounds this country, but also by the testimonies of its people. 

    During church on Sunday Mel and I (Cindy) had an opportunity to pray for a little 2 year old boy who had been life flighted from a small town to a hospital in the city after falling down a flight of stairs and hitting his head. I, of course, did a quick neurological exam while praying for healing and peace. Then, Mel and I were able to walk the mother through a prayer of forgiveness for the grandfather for not being there to protect and keep him safe, since he was watching the boy. We also walked her through forgiveness for the doctors for not doing a CT or MRI of his head to make sure he didn't have a bleed in his head. It was SO powerful! But it didn’t stop there. After church we saw the boy and his parents out at a restaurant and he was completely fine and back to his normal self. So it was encouraging not only to see a physical healing but healing within their hearts as well. 

    Tuesday we had the honor of being invited to Barbara's birthday party. Barbara is one of the pastors at Catch The Fire Reykjavik, the church that is hosting us while we are here. We had such a fun time continuing to build upon friendships and even meet new people. Towards the end of the party we were able to pray and prophecy over her as a birthday gift. After encouraging Barbara we prayed and blessed her. This was incredibly moving and an honor for all of us to witness and be a part of.

    One of the most incredible experiences we've had as team thus far outside of ministry was getting to see the Northern Lights. There’s really no words to describe what we experienced that night. It’s hard to put words to an experience that left us speechless…in awe and wonder at the majesty of the magnificent creator. We came face to face yet again with the reality of God’s beauty. 

Here's a quote from one of our team members, Jessie Risman, that pretty much sums up the late night adventure.

"Tonight I saw the northern lights dance across the midnight sky. I screamed. I squealed. I sobbed. It was the most captivating display of Gods creativity, kindness, intentionality and love and easily the most magical experience of my life. We are the wild lights that dance through darkness painting a picture of the fathers love."


Pray for us as we begin an Encounter Retreat at church tonight for the next 3 days. It’ll be a weekend focused on the healing of the heart. We couldn’t be more excited because we’ve already seen so much hunger in the people. They’re so open to the Lord and ready for more of Him. We are believing for deep encounters with the love of the Father as the Holy Spirit comes and administers healing to their hearts. 

Blog written by Laura Beth Harbin and Cindy Grecu