Our first week in Sunderland was amazing, as we’ve partnered with the House of prayer interns in the city, and with their church. There has been incredible unity, and together we have seen the Lord move tremendously in the city through physical healings.

One testimony is from Carrie Grace,  

“We got to minister to a service of students about hope! After the service I prayed for this lady maybe in her sixties. She was in a fatal car accident in her twenties that killed her boyfriend, crushed her skull, and bruised her brain. They took bone from her hip to rebuild her skull. As a result, she had a severe indentation in her forehead. She also had sinus trouble that affected her several other ways. I prayed for her, and her dent literally filled in significantly. She said it felt lighter and that a shadow had been lifted from it. Later she jolted into realization that her sinuses (that were previously crushed) were draining, her nasal passages were opening up, her head felt lighter, and that each side of her head felt balanced. I led her into deeper understanding in relationship with Jesus, and taught her how to hear God's voice and pursue Him! She was so receptive and proclaimed, "wow you've really helped me so much!" Praise the Lord. I’m glad I could be a part of that.” 

Another testimony from this week occurred when our team, and the HOP interns went out on the streets of Sunderland to do supernatural evangelism. Here is an account of what the Lord did from Emily Phillips.

“Hunter, myself, and one of the interns from the church were on a team. We came across two teenage boys in the park and asked them if we could give them a spiritual reading. One of them told us how his girlfriend had a pyschic tell her things before that came true, so he believed it was real. His other friend did not believe the supernatural was possible. We explained that what we did was different, and that we would be asking the Lord to tell them what He thought about them. We gave one of the boys a prophetic word that ended up being so accurate that he started believing that God cared about him. After his friend heard how spot on the word was, he decided he wanted one too. Next we asked if either needed physical healing. The more reluctant boy said yes but didn’t believe God healed. He told us if God healed the pain in his foot that he would run around the park twenty times, and jump in the pond. The three of us said “deal” all at once. We prayed for his foot and it was completely healed. Although he did not run or jump in the pond, he was completely blown away by God’s goodness. We prayed for his friend who had been jumped by a gang member a few days before. He could not bend his finger and thought it might be broken. We prayed, and he was able to move his finger with no restrain, and the pain was gone. Hunter then noticed a tattoo on his arm and interpreted the tattoo. The interpretation ministered to him so deeply that tears began to form in his eyes. He thanked us, as they both agreed that they did not know that they believed in the whole God thing before, but after today they were starting to think differently. They added Hunter as a friend on Facebook, and asked to take a seflie with us. They assured us that they would be at the next spirit café at the church, and hoped to see us there.”

These are just a few of the amazing testimonies that the Lord has done on the trip. Please keep in prayer for us as we are currently in the beautiful country of Scotland. Stay posted to read more about what the Lord is doing through us in Edinburgh. Team “fishers of men and chips” RULE!