Yesterday we flew from Sydney to Melbourne, pronounced “Melbin” by the locals – just say it out loud and you will understand… We met the pastors at Melbourne airport and downed a quick long black (coffee), before heading out to our host homes. Everyone is in awe of the beauty of this country and her people and God’s kindness in sending us to this wonderful place.

On Wednesday night, Shelby Hornbuckle spoke on honor (or, “honour” to our Australian friends) to Salt Community Church in Bomaderry, New South Wales. A woman with Fibromyalgia and severe depression came forward for ministry. She experienced a reconnection with God and began to cry as she felt her pain lessen. Another girl, who originally intended to go to a party instead of church, reported that she had a similar testimony to that of Shelby’s. Two of our team prayed with her. She began to cry as she told them she felt beautiful again, that she felt love for herself, and felt worthy to be honored after a long season of self-hatred and shame.

           Last night, Will Law spoke on healing at a service at Hillview Church for their youth group, Summit Youth. The group is led by our own Nashville natives, Sam and Tink McCloud. We played a hilarious game and ate from giant pile of “chips” in preparation for the service. After worship the team received prophetic words for the teens and sat down to listen to the teaching. 

 After the service the team was released to minister healing for those in the church who needed healing.  A young lady came up the the microphone who had trouble with tightness in her hip after a reconstructive surgery. The girl, a dancer, said that after her surgery she was unable to perform without experiencing at least three days of tightness in her reconstructed hip. She said that during the service her hip tightness was almost completely released in a moment. Another one of the church members was prayed for concerning a lengthy bout with bronchitis. I watched awe and realization wash over his face as his lungs gave up remnants of the bronchitis he had had for three months!

           We spent today cleaning closets and battling Australian Redback spiders as we swept and tidied Hillview church in preparation for tomorrow’s service. Our hearts are being knit together through laughter, Australian cuisine, and the victories that God is giving us in this wonderful place. Jetlag is giving way to sleep, and our hearts are giving way to rest as we enjoy the Aussie culture and the adventure in which we have found ourselves.

Blog written by Patrick Smith.