Over the last four days, we have seen and experienced God move in many, many ways.  Here are just a few testimonies and stories of some of the unique things the Lord has done during the last couple days.  


On Wednesday, we joined with Jean Miller in the weekly feeding program that provides a full meal to the Backdoor community on a daily basis.  Approximately forty people arrived including around twenty children, and before the food was distributed, Marla shared a message on “Friendship with Jesus.”  Afterwards, she asked if there was anyone there that wanted to receive Jesus as Savior, and about twenty of the children came forward and received Christ!  It is truly amazing how the Lord opens the hearts of his children, and how physical needs often open the door to minister to spiritual needs.

Physical Healing

This weekend we had the honor of attending and speaking at a revival in the Gutshwa community and celebrating the church’s first anniversary.  The revival was full of amazing worship, prayer, and messages brought by Andrew, Hope, and Zach.  On Friday, before he preached on Physical Healing, Andrew heard a word of knowledge to go outside the revival tent and wait.  He went outside the tent, and as he walked around and waited on the Lord to tell him what to do next, two women came up out of the field nearby and walked up to Andrew.  He and a local missionary who was standing nearby prayed for one of the women and her painful, deaf ear opened up and she was able to hear again without any pain.  God is so kind to speak in ways that we understand, and we are learning as a team that He trusts us to take a risk, step out in faith, and act upon what He has said.  When we act upon what God tells us, faith is activated and that is when miracles happen.


Before the revival service on Saturday, we split up in groups and visited homes in Gutshwa to pray for people and invite them to the services.  At the last house we visited, a sweet lady named Anna was excited to see us and wanted us to pray for her.  However, not long after we began blessing her, her back and neck became very painful and the pain moved around.  Her countenance became more hostile and she wanted us to stop praying and leave.  We continued to pray peace and healing over her and took authority over her mind, body, and home.  As soon as I invited Holy Spirit to remove any spirit that was tormenting her, she let out a deep breath, hunched over, and as all the pain left her body, she began to cry tears of joy.  At this point we hugged her and invited her to the service that evening, and told her that Jesus loves her wants relationship with her.  Later that evening we saw her at the service worshiping with the community.  There is truly freedom where the Spirit of the Lord is!

As a team, each of us is encountering the Father in new ways.  Jonathon and Kelsey are incredible leaders, and I speak for everyone when I say that it is an honor to follow their lead and serve with them.  We could not be more encouraged and excited about what God is doing.  Overall, we have been blown away by how smooth everything has gone, and despite the annoyance of an ant infestation in the group home, we are very grateful for everything we are experiencing. 

 We do ask for prayer for guidance and open hearts as we will be doing an outreach in the bush community of Secunda this week.  Almost two weeks into the outreach, the group misses loved ones, spouses, and friends.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Blog written by Phillip Wennerstrom