The War Eagle team has arrived back in home sweet home TN, and are settling in with our families and roommates. For our last few days in Auburn, we spent a wonderful day off on Friday celebrating eating delicious food, exploring downtown Opelika, drinking GREAT coffee; and ending it all getting to prophesy over the owner of the restaurant we ate dinner at, where Netty Leach, a good friend of Grace Center and a SOSL alumni works.

Sarah saw a picture of her dancing and felt that a burden had been lifted off of her-we then came to find out she had been a dance teacher before being diagnosed with cancer over 8 years ago. About three weeks ago she’d finally been given a cancer-free diagnosis! It was so amazing to see her filled with hope and blessed that her future was filled with promise. It also happened to be my birthday, and the team did an AMAZING job honoring, loving, and celebrating me all day! It was an awesome birthday!

Sarah gives a prophetic word....

Saturday we had the privilege of spending the whole afternoon with the kids of The Oaks Church doing a creativity workshop. We had about 30 kids ages 4-12 and Karen did an amazing job starting us off by teaching on hearing God’s voice-they were totally captivated and came away knowing all four keys and writing down what they heard God say about them! Some things they heard were “princess,” “I love you so much,” and lots of amazing pictures! They were then split into two groups where the older half were with Christen learning how to express creativity through art. It was awesome to see the kids listen to God and draw a picture for themselves and then one for a friend. The younger half were with Betsy learning how to express creativity through our bodies and dance. They then swapped classes and learned what the other had learned. In both classes the kids worked through learning about comparison and forgiving anyone who may have taught them the lie that they’re not creative or aren’t good enough.  Then they learned God’s truth about creativity! They were all super brave and heard lots of amazing things from God!

Right before heading home on Sunday we spent one last morning at The Oaks for church prophesying and listening to the congregation share testimonies from the week. During testimony time, Josh decided to ask if anyone had pain their body. One woman had horrible back pain that didn’t allow her to raise her arms and constricted her movement. Karen prayed for her twice from the front and then had her stand up. As soon as she stood up, she raised her arms above her head and said her pain was completely gone!  God did so many awesome things in Auburn, and we had an amazing trip of seeing His kindness and love for all of His children. Thanks so much for praying, supporting, and following along! You can continue to pray for The Oaks church that all the work that has been done this past week and all the seeds planted will be protected and grow deep roots to flourish and grow amazing fruit! 

War Eagle!

Blog written by Betsy Finchum