Team fishers of men and chips had four amazing days in Scotland! We had the honor of working along side Andrew Quinn and the pastors of ESST (Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation). Mike Mandel and Amanda Wynne were able to preach sermons on “Honor” and “Bitterroot Judgments”. The team got involved through sharing testimonies, giving prophetic words, doing prophetic artwork, and leading worship.

Our main focus in our time in Scotland can be summarized in one word: Prophecy. Every day there was opportunity to share God’s heart towards people. One of the most rewarding opportunities was getting to spend half of a day ministering to the staff of St. Mungo’s church (the Church that ESST came from).  Each member of the staff received a ten-minute prophetic word. We also got to be involved with a local youth group where we were able to give prophetic words, and pray for physical healings. Hallie Bateman prayed for a youth member’s toe that was in pain. Shortly after, his toe was completely healed!

We spent one day of the trip exploring downtown Edinburgh. The team climbed to the top of King Arthur’s seat and saw a view of the entire city. The day was full of shopping, eating, and tourism. It was a great day of rest for our team. On our last day in Edinburgh, we went to St. Munog’s church service. At the end of the service we were able to set up prophetic booths and do prophetic ministry just like we do at Grace center. 

There were at least forty people that came through to receive a prophetic word, and countless testimonies of the accuracy of these words. It’s safe to say that the people of St. Mungos were blessed, and left knowing the heart of God for them. Four short days in Scotland did not stop our team from connecting with the amazing students and staff of ESST. We were incredibly blessed by the kindness of our host homes and the school. Though we were there to give, we left full through the love and honor that the people of Edinburgh showered over us. Please keep our team in prayer as we are back in Sunderland ministering with our friends from the House of Prayer. 

Blog written by Emily Phillips