Then Isaac dug again the wells of water which had been dug in the days of his father Abraham...
— Genesis 26:18

To say that the first couple of days for outreach has been incredible, is an understatement.  Our first day was spent "uncovering wells" and praying for both Franklin and Nashville.  We went to specific areas in both cities that had previously seen incredible revival; areas that long to be unearthed and flow with the Presence of God yet again. 

We started at the Methodist Church in Franklin.  The place where Edward Bounds was compelled to return to and help rebuild spiritually.  We walked the same streets Bounds did, declaring the goodness of God and in turn began seeing reminders of that goodness in the everyday. Even our little ones went and their joy permeated the path. 

Our drive to Downtown Nashville continued our journey and once we arrived, the declarations continued.  God in His kindness, again showed us the incredible in the ordinary, and as we began to look, we noticed that the city is one surrounded by mountains. We saw angels sent to not only protect us on our journey over the next two weeks, but to protect the places we go.  And we saw excitement rise up in each of our hearts as God's Presence permeated the air. 

We made our way to the Ryman, named after Thomas Ryman, who longed for people to have a place to hear the gospel preached.  Our sweet Jenna Hale, received revelation that "Rye" is a crop grown for the protection and enrichment of the soil.  And we stood in awe realizing that God has literally been protecting and enriching the soil we were standing on, waiting for the sowers to come and not only continue to plant, but also for the reapers to harvest the crop that is ready.  This incredible building once used as a place to sow into the hearts of men, was prayed over by our team and anointed with not only the declaration of revival, but also with the oil of God's Presence.

Our second day was not only blessed, but a blessing.  We arrived in east Nashville at Family Affairs ready to worship with this incredible house of believers who love well and praise well. Our time together was spent being the true expression of Jesus and our team was given the amazing honor of praying with and for the members.  The Spirit moved in such a mighty way, that we were able to witness not only hearts being encouraged, but people being saved.

This week we will continue to team up with Family Affairs to bless their staff and the families they minister to.  Our prayer is that the wells uncovered this week spring forth such a revival, that the cities of Nashville and Franklin have a new song in their heart; one that turns them toward the ONE who wrote it. 

Blog written by: Charlotte Largen