Team “fishers of men and chips” is settled in and on the move. Our hosts from Bethshan church have been incredibly welcoming providing us with proper English tea’s, incredible housing, and wonderful opportunities to minister in Sunderland. 

This weekend our team was able to be a part of the church’s new ministry, “Spirit Café”. This ministry reaches out to those who would typically seek spiritual counsel from mediums, witches, and sidekicks. The people of Sunderland are hungry for the Supernatural, but aren’t always going to the right resources. At spirit café, they open up a room in their building that serves coffee and tea, and offer them a menu with different treatments to choose from. For example, things like spiritual readings (prophetic words), dream interpretation, peace treatments, or physical healings are some of the main options. These are all code words for asking Holy Spirit to reveal His love for them! 

Some of our team was able to sit and build relationship with them while they waited for their treatments, while other team members were behind the scenes praying in the House of prayer for the people who would come. Their prophetic intercession paved the way for the evening. Many came through for different treatments receiving prophetic words, while others were healed physically. One person even left the café with Jesus in His heart! 

There will be another spirit café in a few weeks that we are excited to partner with again. The excitement and unity of the team is growing, and we can’t wait for what God has in store for the rest of outreach. Be sure to stay connected with our team through prayer, and reading our weekly blog posts to hear more amazing testimonies!

Blog written by Emily Phillips