Greetings from beautiful South Africa!  After a lengthy flight from Atlanta to Johannesburg, a miraculous luggage recovery, an overnight layover, and a final leg to Kruger, we drove to Michael’s Children Village in White River, South Africa, which will serve as our home base for the next three weeks.  As soon as we landed we hit the ground running, and the last four days have already been full of amazing experiences and adventure.  Our outreach here in South Africa really revolves around Michael’s Children Village and the weekly ministries that they conduct in White River, the Backdoor community, and Nelspruit.  What we have done so far is jump right into the stream of service that the local pastors and missionaries, including Pastor Surprise and Jean and Teisa Miller, are pouring out into the surrounding communities.  Here is a brief rundown of what has happened so far, how we are doing, and prayer needs and opportunities.

Wow.  That’s the word I keep hearing my teammates say, and it is really the best word to describe this beautiful place and wonderful people.  The two local churches that we will be attending and serving with are the Backdoor Church and Iris Revival, both of which were planted and are pastored by Pastor Surprise, and on Sunday, March 5, we had the privilege of worshiping with each congregation.  That morning, while the rest of the team were at Backdoor Church, Brian and Katie Hess had the opportunity to attend a local bush church in Barberton, and Katie was asked to speak on the message of the Father Heart of God!  After the service Jean brought Brian and Katie to a nearby house to pray for the healing of a mother who was suffering from terrible headaches and pain in her feet.  While they were there they also prayed for an older woman who had been practicing witchcraft, and after praying for both ladies, the mother and older woman were totally healed and delivered!

Backdoor church

Backdoor church

Yesterday five of us went to a local hospital to pray for patients and the rest stayed here at M.C.V. to do children’s ministry.  We saw a bunch of people get healed at the hospital!  One sweet lady whose headaches completely went away after we prayed for her, was certain that we had some kind of magic, but my favorite part was to tell her (and each person) that Jesus loves her and that He sent us here to tell her that he knows her and wants relationship with her.  The Lord is so faithful and kind! We are thrilled to be here and to be apart of what the Holy Spirit is doing, and we are growing closer through prayer and worship.

As we continue to serve, we are asking prayer for strength to get over the last bits of jetlag and overall wellness.  Pray also for revival and signs and wonders as we will be holding revival services this coming weekend.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Blog written by Phillip Wennerstrom