Week 1, Nashville Outreach 2017 started as spring and ended as winter! We’ve had an awesome time so far as a team, learning some of the history of what God has been doing in different parts of the city - and getting our hands a bit dirty in the process!

This year, our team is working with Elijah’s Heart Ministries, The Foundry, and One Stone Nashville.  For our first few days, we had the opportunity to serve Elijah’s Heart and The Foundry -- both inner-city ministries that God planted through some amazing, willing hands in Papa Joe Bradford and Scott & Sarah MacLeod.

On Thursday and Friday, we met with Papa Joe and his Elijah's Heart team to begin serving by learning -- hearing the heart of their ministry to the inner-city and the poor. We also got to lend our hands to begin organizing supplies in preparation for some big community events they are putting on -- The Walk of Love, a monthly food distribution walk, and Kids Love 2 Read, their education and literacy program. We learned that Elijah's Heart is a ministry to easily the neediest neighborhood in Nashville, and indeed in the country. Papa Joe shared with us its history -- how God placed them there supernaturally through an incredible series of circumstances and grants. We also learned how Papa Joe got his name, as a needed father in the community! Elijah’s Heart is an incredible blessing to the community in Napier and we are so excited to invest more in their needs and into the community.


Later, we had the opportunity to spend some time with Scott MacLeod and hear his story on how the Foundry came to be. It was awesome to see God’s hand weaving through the entire story, and to hear about the impact it has had on the neighborhood. We were able to experience some of this impact firsthand by serving at the Meal of Hope and meeting some of the residents of the neighborhood who have been blessed by this ministry. We were able to pray for some of them and heard some cool testimonies of God moving in their lives! 

On Friday night, we worshiped the Lord at Friday Night Fire and love on the community of the Foundry by prophesying over some of their staff and fellowship! It was a lot of fun for us to step out in faith on what we heard the Lord say about His children, and see new friends blessed by His love.

Overall, this has been a week of learning to step out and be flexible in serving!