What an incredible time we've had so far! Team Romania has received so many words about family on this trip and that is what has been our experience so far. We left last Thursday (March 9th) and have been on a journey of upgrades and surprises. The plane we were going to board from Dullas Airport that would take us to Munich, Germany was delayed because of some mechanical issues. So we boarded a couple hours later but missed our flight from Munich to Cluj, Romania. 

To our pleasant surprise, we were able to stay in Munich for a day and stay the night! We were given food, transportation and our own individual hotel rooms completely free of charge while we awaited our plane to Cluj. We drove about two hours from Cluj and finally made it to Targu-Mures, Romania on Saturday (March 11th) where another well-received upgrade awaited us! We were freely upgraded to automatic cars (PRAISE HIM) that were larger than the cars we had originally been planning on renting for our time here. This has given our team so much more space as well as aided us with adjusting to the new driving patterns of Targu-Mures. 

We were blown away by the space we have in our guest house here! We are blessed to have room for meeting as a group, spread out space for our introverts, as well as a kitchen we can make our meals in. Our hosts here have been the kindest and most loving people we could have asked for. They have taken measures to make sure we are comfortable and have been helping us with the adjustment to culture. We have found that our hosts (Audi and Mia Pop) are family to us. We may live across the world but our hearts all sync with Father God in the same way. 

So far, we have been to three services and have seen people encountering the Lord in incredible ways. On Sunday morning, Adam spoke on the Father Heart of God. It opened up our time with our new friends as one of healing and new perspective. Our team spoke some prophetic words over individuals as well as the congregation. People's hearts and spirits were touched by a loving Father.  

Sunday night, Charis brought an amazing message on forgiveness. Her testimony and vulnerability opened up a place of safety for people to ask for prayer over specific areas of their life. We saw some breakthroughs for people as we had the opportunity to walk them through forgiveness of themselves and others. 

Monday night, Tiphani led the room in worship opening up a place for people to connect to the Spirit. After worship, Bethany Barkley shared a powerful message on having a heart of stone. The revelation she had to share led people to be open and bringing their hearts to Father God to heal. Her boldness sparked a mindset on new truth of guarding your heart versus having a wall around your heart. 

After our Monday night church service, Adam and Neil led someone to the Lord in the parking lot! They started by asking if the boy had pain in his knee, which he did not. BUT Adam and Neil said "that's fine! Would you like to know things about your future?" They gave him a prophetic word and the boy was BLOWN AWAY! They told him it was because of Jesus and then led him to the Lord. They invited him to a service at the youth group we will be ministering at and are hopeful about seeing him there. 

We are all SO very thankful for your prayers and your support. We are having so much fun learning, growing, and pouring out everything we have been freely given! Tune in again for more updates!