Hello from Chickamauga, Georgia! We are having a blast just being God’s kids and giving away what God’s given to us with a precious church just outside of Chattanooga. The people of Covenant Life Worship Center have welcomed us with open arms and hungry hearts! We are undone by their kindness, generosity, and eagerness for God to move in their city.

Can Ministry be THIS Good?

As a team, we keep pinching ourselves because it is hard to believe that ministry could be THIS wonderful! I’m laughing at how much God has turned our paradigm for doing “the Lord’s work” upside down. We are finding that His yoke is easy and His burden is light-- that where there are hungry hearts and a hungry God who is zealous for His people to encounter His love, His love is poured out. Their hunger seems to pull everything that’s been deposited in us these past few months right out of us! Meanwhile, we are so well taken care of with warm beds, good food, and times of rest. Yes, ministry really is THIS wonderful.

“Yes, ministry really is THIS wonderful.”

What We’ve Been Up To?

We hit this weekend off with worship, teaching and activation on supernatural evangelism with the youth! Kristen Beloate kicked off the night sharing on the prophetic and how God delights in our risk: “I've found it better to step out in risk than miss and opportunity to reveal the heart of the Father to someone.”

 My favorite part was watching the lightbulb turn on for each teenager that God really does speak to them! For many of them, it was the first time they ever heard God speak to them about someone else! “We’ve had many opportunities thus far to do just that and it's been radical to see people completely undone by the love of the Father” (Kristen Beloate).

“God delights in your risk.” – Kristen Beloate, (Year 1)

In fact, supernatural evangelism has never felt more natural! I asked Gina Evangelista to share her experience leading the youth on a supernatural evangelism treasure hunt at the mall:

“Before outreach, I had really struggled with supernatural evangelism and getting caught up in anxiety and fear when approaching people on the street. But when we started to lead and teach the youth how to do supernatural evangelism in a natural way, something unlocked in me and all of the fear disappeared. As I was explaining how simple it could be to the girls we were working with, I started to realize for myself how simple it is, and I felt a whole new confidence and ease about sharing the love of God with everyone we encountered. As I spoke those truths over the youth, I was able to really grasp and believe them for myself and it was a total game-changer with evangelism. It was absolutely incredible how the Lord used that leading experience to shift my own heart in that area!”

“Supernatural evangelism has never felt so natural!”

Charlotte Largen (Year 2) taught a fantastic message on Supernatural Evangelism before we took the kids out on a prophetic treasure hunt at the mall, sharing her stories of cultivating boldness and stepping out in faith. I loved hearing the youth share their testimonies of hearing God’s voice, stepping out in boldness, and sharing God’s heart with total strangers at the mall!

Stay tuned, because we have more updates coming! We are so excited to keep you posted!