Greetings from Iceland, where the weather was been surprisingly warm! We are staying in a cozy apartment in the center of Reykjavik, hosted by Baldur and Barbara Fjeldsted of Catch the Fire Ministries. Our team spent the first part of the week becoming familiar with the heartbeat of this city. We've spent time on the streets and in the small shops around our home, building connection with the people around us - treating this whole city like family.

When we arrived at Catch the Fire on Sunday, we had the privilege of hosting a time of prophetic ministry with a team from a ministry school based in Bergen, Norway. They've had much of the same training that our students have gone through; we connected quickly and thoroughly enjoyed praying and ministering together. We met up with their team once more at United Church here in Reykjavik, where we heard testimonies from their time here, and had an incredible night of worship and ministry. Keith Wheeler was there for the meeting, and shared stories of his time ministering in the East. During the service, the presence of God was tangible in the room - and we saw physical healing, and powerful restoration of relationship with Father God. One of the things we've all been amazed by is how easy it is to minister in this nation - the hearts of these people are open and eager for more of God! They're hungry for His presence, and as a result, when they gather together - He comes. It's amazing to be a part of a culture that so literally "thirsts for the living God."

This week, we led a women's home group at our apartment, and spent time connecting over good food and great coffee. I shared my story and what I've learned about the incredible value of our hearts, and how to let God heal them. The guys went to spend time with the men's group from the church, but were surprised to have Steve Long open the door when they arrived. Steve has been here a few days this week, giving direction and encouragement to the church. He and Baldur had our team prophesy over the leaders in the congregation, specifically speaking into their spiritual giftings, so they can serve well where they've been planted.

The key word for our time here is Family. Within our team, within the church, and with everyone we meet - we're cultivating a sense of belonging, and of being at Home. The number of believers in the city is very small, despite it being officially titled a Christian nation, but as the news of this whole and connected Family spreads, eyes are being opened to the love shared in Papa God's house. 

We're honored to be here, and look forward to whatever is in store for the rest of our trip. Thank you for your prayers over our team!