Week 2 started off with a lot of action and a lot of words! A major theme for the week has been prophecy, as we started out the week running into one of our new friends from the Foundry and giving him a prophetic word! From there, we have had the opportunity to minister to a number of Elijah’s Heart’s leaders and support staff, giving them some encouraging and strengthening words we felt we heard from God’s heart. We also met and encouraged some of the folks who have been working with Elijah’s Heart for years- some of them long enough to truly be a part of the family that they’ve formed through their ministry.

On the practical side of things, we had the honor of handing out invitations to Queen’s Night, a night to honor the women who have stepped up as leaders in the Napier community.  Team Nashville also got to spend some time under the tutelage of Papa Joe, learning about some of the ways that God directs their ministry, and finishing some prep work for Kids Love 2 Read, an event which will take place next week! Lastly, one of the highlights of the week so far came on Monday night, when we got to help Papa Joe and his family out with the children’s choir at Harvest Hands.  This is an awesome community development center located right in the neighborhood we are serving, and we had a blast singing with the kids!

We are looking forward to spending some more time with the Foundry later this week, and serving at Queen’s Night and Walk of Love this weekend!