Hello, again! We are having a blast partnering with the church to give away all that’s been given to us. Our leaders, Faith and Tetra, reminded the team that Grace Center has been called an “apostolic resource center” and that we get to be a part of living out that call by equipping Covenant Life with the resources to hear God’s voice, minister in the prophetic, receive inner healing, and live an abundant healed life!

What We’ve Been Up To

In addition to kicking off a supernatural evangelism youth event last weekend, we teamed up with the church’s inner-city ministry, Jeremiah Junction, and talked on hearing God’s voice to elementary to college-aged men and women. After learning to hear God’s voice, one of the teenagers saw a picture of God holding a little girl. It took her a moment before she realized that that little girl was her! My highlight was getting to look into a young woman’s eyes and speak worth into her soul.

That Sunday Morning, year two student, Mateo Palmitier spoke a powerful message on Honor. The team also got to minister prophetically to the church, as well as pray with people after each service. Already, we have testimonies of healings and answered prayers:

“We've been getting word back from church members for how they've quickly seen breakthrough after our team prayed for them! Last Sunday our team prayed for one of the Staff members of Covenant Life, Crystal, and we prayed for healing in her back, and for favor her home and car that she and her husband have been struggling to sell for a long time. The following Tuesday, we saw Crystal and she informed us that she'd gotten her first bids on both her house and car AND that her back hadn't been hurting since we prayed for her!! So exciting!

Another man that we prayed for on Sunday, Craig, had been yelling in pain whenever he would stand from a seated position because of what he thinks is a hernia in his stomach. We immediately tested it after praying if he was still in pain rising from a seated position and he wasn't. We talked to him a few days ago, and the pain is there every once in a while but he has to really move around to look for it. We are believing for full healing, and are hoping for an official report once he goes to the hospital!” (Tetra, team leader)

Jake Boyce, year 1, and Charlotte Largen, year 2, prayed for a man named Shawn. Shawn asked for prayer for his son, Cameron, who was sick at home. When Shawn and his wife got home, the babysitter told them that their son randomly got up, ready to play around the same time that Jake and Charlotte prayed for him! These are just some of the many many testimonies that are coming back to us!

We also got to share on hearing God’s voice and on the Father’s heart with the youth group. We prayed with them for a real-life impartation of His love. I would have raised all my funds for the one girl that encountered the Father's Heart for the very first time. I prayed a simple prayer: "Father, would my arms be your arms", and I held her until His love melted away the pain.”

We also have been ministering to the staff on topics ranging from forgiveness to inner healing. The staff has set such an example of humility for the rest of the church! We set up chairs where each staff member was invited to release shame or guilt from the past. We call this “walking in the light”.

One of The most impactful moments for me so far has been sitting on the other side of the "walking in the light" chair. I'm reminded of that verse where Jesus asked the question which is easier, to tell someone their sins are forgiven or to tell them to take up they're mat and walk. Getting to partner with King Jesus and look someone in the eye and tell them that their sins are forgiven is beyond humbling but it's also one of the most exciting parts of our journey because we get to see people walk away in freedom. That shifted my perspective in realizing just how powerful the cross is because I'm reminded of my own journey towards freedom and the kindness of God to walk with me in the process” (Charlotte Largen, year 2).

Mateo gave a live-demo for the staff on how to give a prophetic word, prophesying and teaching at the same time. We are being stretched in new ways as the church staff is eager for God to invade their lives and equip them as leaders to carry out a new move of God!

The Power of Prophecy

Jake prophesied over a young man at Jeremiah Junction, named Shamar. Later that night, the Lord repeated the prophecy Jake gave to Shamar in a dream! The Lord told Shamar He was set apart and anointed.

“The whole situation was humbling because I felt like I had so little to really give, but the Lord took it so much further than I ever thought it would go with the little I gave him.” – Jake Boyce, Year 1

God is clearly at work! We are hosting an Encounter Weekend for over 120 people this weekend, so keep us in your prayers. One hundred and twenty lives are about to be transformed from the inside out!