We're two weeks through our outreach already and team Romania is doing great! Last Tuesday, we visited a local Life group from our first church in Targu-Mures. Marion and Krisstina were our wonderful hosts! They cooked us a feast of ribs, chicken, pork, eggplant, and tons of classic Romanian dishes. Our hearts and stomachs were filled as we then had the opportunity to minister to about 15+ people. We prophesied over everyone in the room and followed it with Adam leading worship and Tim bringing a healing message on soaking in the presence. We saw many hearings that night and ended with Tiphani singing over the people as they soaked. 

Wednesday the 15th we did some sight-seeing in the city! We tried incredible doughnuts and cappuccinos as well as listened to our host Adi while he gave us the background history of the city and how communism affected it. 

Later that night, Dabney spoke to a women's home group about passing the baton and Tiphani spoke to the worship team on worship and creativity! 

Thursday, our team went on an adventure to a walled in city. We visited a museum that had artifacts dating back to about 1200 BC. 

Thursday night the 16th, Bethany Legge brought an incredible message on the prophetic. 

On Friday Morning, a small group of us visited a couples ministry headquarters and prayed for them. They work with orphans, giving them life skills and teaching them about value. Later on that night, Tiphani and a team led worship and Neil preached on healing at the youth group. We saw people healed of back pain as well as prophesied over a good number of the kids there. We played games with them, had dinner, and quickly learned that Romanians LOVE putting corn on their pizza. 

Saturday our team was blessed with a feast by our hosts Adi and Mia! They fed us SO much classic Romanian food. We tried pork fat that had been salt cured for a month. Many of us could only have about a tiny bite because it was so salty. 

That evening, the guys on our team went to a Romanian soccer game and did some supernatural evangelism while the women on our team ministered at a women's night. Dabney spoke about spiritual parenting and how we need to receive as well as pour out. 

On Sunday our team went to a new church called Grace Church in Reghin, Romania. Adam spoke on the Father heart of God in the morning and we listed to the Romanian worship team as they led with some of their cultures musical aspects. It was such a treat! Later that night, Tiphani led worship and Hunter spoke on the prophetic. We quickly realized that this church had completely different dynamics than the first church we were at. This church is full of gypsies and we've had so much fun connecting with them!

Monday the 20th, Neil spoke on healing to Grace Church and we saw everyone healed! Back pain, knee pain, headaches, eyesight, and hearing have all been healed! We are so blown away by everyone's hunger in this church to receive healing physically and spiritually. 

On Tuesday our team went to Grace Church for a prayer meeting. We came together with the church to pray for breakthrough in their city. We ended the night by praying over families and for healing. 

On Wednesday our team had the day off! We walked around the town and some of us went to the zoo! We also caught up on some much-needed rest. 

On Thursday we passed out invitations to people in downtown Reghin to come to a salvation and healing meeting on Friday! We saw a couple people healed and saved while we were out! Thursday night, Tim spoke on hearing Gods voice and the team prophesied and prayed afterward. 

Our team would love prayer for health and divine appointments!