The final week of #Nashfilled2017 turned out to be the fullest week yet. With time spent ministering at One Stone Nashville, doing supernatural evangelism with the Foundry, and wrapping up loose ends (literally!) with some jewelry making and Walk of Love prep with Papa Joe, this week kept team Nashville busy, full, and having fun! 

Supernatural evangelism with the Foundry was an exercise in spontaneity and joy. Team Nashville split into groups with our Foundry friends to sing prophetic songs over people, do prophetic watercolor and face paint, go on treasure hunts, and encourage people on the street! We heard some really cool testimonies of God’s goodness, and of our own growth in stepping out and being bold in speaking (or singing!) what we heard the Lord say. 

Our time with One Stone on Sunday morning was incredibly fulfilling, as we had the chance to prophesy over nearly their entire staff of volunteers, as well as over folks in the church during both morning services! Many people were super blessed by our words, and we received a ton of feedback and testimonies of how “on pointpretty much all of the words of encouragement were! We also had the chance to do a teaching on the prophetic on our final night- which Juliana led- followed by activations that gave One Stone members a chance to practice hearing God’s voice for each other in a safe learning setting!

Our last few days with Papa Joe were spent learning about another aspect of Elijah’s Heart ministries and helping out with some prep work for ongoing activities. We got to help prepare for a jewelry-making element that they are building into the ministry to teach some work skills to those they serve! 

Overall, team Nashville had a blast these three weeks learning to grow in boldness in speaking God’s heart, walk in relationship with our brothers and sisters in Nashville, and do our part to transform our beautiful city by being ourselves and loving well, and being willing servants. 

And that’s a wrap for #Nashfilled2017. We’ll see ya next year!