Outreach has been off to an incredible start. It’s amazing to see all that God is doing in this city, our city. Thursday, we kicked off by connecting with one another as a community at Adam and Anna’s house for lunch and worship. We were then honored to go serve and share a meal with the friendliest people at The Foundry. They have been so kind and welcoming to us. One of our team, Kati, preached an incredible message on 'Hope' that opened up the room for ministry time and people were healed. Adam got a word of knowledge about healing and one kind soul got heart healing, quite literally and figuratively. He began to tell us his testimony of how God has been after him and meeting him in the greatest ways. His chest/heart pain went from a 7 to nothing after we got to pray with him! HOW INCREDIBLE!!!

Papa Joe.JPG

On Friday things just kept getting better. We got to meet up with Papa Joe at Elijah’s Heart and listened to his heart and testimony. Then we watched a movie based on his life, extremely touching. If you haven’t seen Unconditional yet, go watch it now! It was such a joy and treasure seeing Papa Joe and his team come alive when he started telling us about the community we were serving. We prepared for Saturday and then headed out and connected together as a team. 


Saturday, was a treat. We got to meet even more of the Elijah’s Heart team and some volunteers. We spent the morning putting together bags of food and snacks and then got to go out into the JC Napier community and hand them out. There was so much food! We packed over 400 lunches and bags of snacks! It was quite the experience. It was funny because Saturday called for rain, but the rain got pushed back until Sunday. What a warm treat for everyone for sure. In the middle of all of it we gathered around to pray at one point and the team leaders’ two-year-old excitedly exclaimed, “Look it’s our family!” and that blessed each of us because it gave us vision to see that we weren’t here to just serve a community and that’s it. We are here because we are serving family being in community with family. After a filling lunch at Gabby’s Burgers, we returned to the Walton Cottage and debriefed about the day and our experiences thus far. It created a great atmosphere for us as a team to bond, connect, and get really vulnerable with each other. We got to talk about the revelation of a two-year-old and how she was able to catch something about this trip that I think will continue to shape and impact the trip, this city, and each of us way beyond April 1.


Sunday, plans changed, and we got to surprise our family at The Foundry by showing up to their Sunday service. It was a great time and such a refreshment to our team. We got to listen and learn from Pastor Sarah McCloud on being better stewards of our TIME as one of the most precious resources on earth. We learned about being Tenacious, initiating Intimacy, grasping our Measure, and being Exuberant. We definitely have some things to chew on for a bit that are going to transform our perspectives. All in all, this trip has started out so powerfully and strategically intentional of the Lord. It’s so easy to see His heart for our city and so inspiring to see Him moving greatly in our own back yard. Nashville, none of us are going to be the same. #VIVANASHVEGAS2018

- Written by Andrea Richardson, Photos by Cooper Alan