WEEK 1 | Greetings from Team Nova Scotia!

It’s been an incredible first week in the gorgeous country of Nova Scotia (its name means “New Scotland” and it’s located on the Atlantic coast of Canada).

Our trip has been full of adventures so far, from hosting a “Spirit Cafe” for the community to evangelizing in local coffee shops and malls, to exploring the breath-taking coastal views. We’ve encountered unparalleled favor with our hosts Bill and Rosette Legge, whom we considered our second parents within five minutes of meeting them (they are the parents of Judah and Bethany Legge, who are also on SOSL trips to South Africa and Scotland). We’ve also found favor in the local community, specifically in the area of food. Much to our delight, we’ve been blessed with delicious double dinners daily!


Our serving here has been incredibly fulfilling and fruitful, most recently through the Spirit Cafe where we offered the local community a menu of Spiritual Readings, Prophetic Peace Treatments, Physical Healings, and Spiritual Cleanses. We were surprised by the number of people who came out and by the wide diversity of their spiritual backgrounds and beliefs. In fact, so many people came that a few had to be put on the waitlist for our next Spirit Cafe night- word spreads quickly in this quaint community! 

We also had the unique opportunity to attend the grand opening the “Hope Project,” a faith-based residential home that provides therapy to women suffering from addictions. The anointing on this ministry has already captured the attention of newspapers and news channels, so we know God’s got great things in store for them. We felt so honored to be there watching it unfold! 

We’d also appreciate your prayers- this weekend we will be hosting an inner healing conference that is a variation of an “Encounter Weekend.” We so desperately want them to encounter the Father Heart of God during this time! 

Stay tuned for more updates! Don’t forget to follow our adventures through our hashtag #JehovahNovaScotia! 

- Written by Cheryl Brehm