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WEEK 1 | Team Scotland!

Fit Like! (A Scottish greeting that we will most definitely be bringing back to Nashville).

After 39 hours of travel, we made it to our first destination - Aberdeen, Scotland - late in the night of the 9th. It was a lot of traveling, but with a combination of coffee and Holy Spirit, we made it! We were greeted at the train station by our amazing hosts, the leaders of Sheddocksley Baptist Church, where we have had the privilege to serve at this week. 

Our first day of ministry was on Sunday the 10th. A couple of us had the opportunity to help in the children’s ministry and got to pray and prophecy over all of the kids in the group. Another small group of us sang hymnals at an elderly home, and also got to share a teaching and a testimony. The rest of the group was at the church that we are guests at, and Richard got the opportunity to teach on honor and Bethany shared a testimony with the congregation. On Sunday night, we got to be a part of a creativity night at the church, and Morgan shared a teaching on creativity while others had some personal ministry appointments to listen and love on those that wanted ministry. After Morgan’s teaching, the rest of the night was spent having fun being creative! One young woman was especially touched by a prophetic word she had received in the morning service and she made a drawing of the word to remind her of it, and it was so incredible to hear how transforming the day had been for her and how touched by the Father she felt. 


Our week began with starting to set up “prayer spaces” in both a local high school in Aberdeen and the church, where students got to explore different zones (“letting go” zone, happy memories zone, “God’s good words” (prophetic) zone, prayer zone, identity zone, etc.) that make space for experiencing the Father’s love. We all had a blast being creative and coming up with different ways to make the space fun for the students. While part of the group was setting up, another group was getting to help with the “Little Fishes” group that the church hosts, which is a group of Non-Christian mothers and their toddlers. They got the opportunity to lead them through a couple of children’s Sunday school songs, and also got to pray and prophecy over several of the mothers and their kids.


Tuesday was the first day of hosting the prayer space at the middle/high school (secondary school, as they call it) and it was absolutely incredibly seeing the Lord love these kids through the prophetic words we shared with them at the “God’s good words” zone. Another zone that was really impactful for the kids was the letting go of fears, and replacing them with who God is - “El Roi”, “Elohim”, “Yahweh-Nissi”. It was amazing to see kids who were not Christians encounter the love of Jesus and be totally different by the time they left the prayer space. While some of us were at the school, another group of us got to lead a staff devotion at Sheddocksley Church where Allison shared a message and we got to bless the church staff with worship and prophetic words. That night we had a blast hosting the young adults of the church for a taco night at our house and blessing them! 


The following day some of us were at the school again for the prayer space, once again getting wrecked by the amazing love that the Father was pouring out on these kids, while another group was helping with the first day of prayer space at the church. The classes that came through the prayer space at the church were younger, and they were super impacted by the identity station, where they got to pick out positive words about themselves and we also got to add words that the Lord was saying about them. We fell in love with all the adorable little kids with the cutest Scottish accents, and so many of them were excited to have made grown-up, American friends! That night we hosted a healing night at the church, where Madison shared a message on healing and we saw the Lord heal people! Level 10 pains being completely rid of! 

On Thursday morning we got to go into downtown and see the beach, and all of us got to try a full Scottish breakfast. (Haggis and black pudding! Don’t ask what’s in them!). Later, a group of us got to lead a school assembly at the same school that we had the prayer space at, and Michelle shared the gospel and the team prophecied over several students and two of the teachers. The power of God’s truth was so present, and a lot of the kids were hearing the gospel for the first time! 


Friday was jam-packed with personal ministry appointments at the church, and the Lord showed up with so much freedom and encouragement.

We can’t wait for what’s next! Getting to serve the wonderful people we are meeting here in Scotland has been amazing, and watching God move in everyone’s lives has been absolutely incredible to watch! 


- Written by Elyse Youngdahl | #ScotlandOfTheLiving