WEEK 1 | Team England!

Greetings from Winchester, England! Grab a ‘cuppa’ (cup of tea) and make yourself comfortable as we share with you what has been happening with Team England. Outreach so far has been, for lack of better words, profoundly incredible. The Lord has already touched so many lives in such a powerful way and it’s only the beginning of the trip! After landing in London on Friday morning we were picked up by our gracious hosts Will Law (an SOSL alum) and his brother Chris Law, and were taken to their hometown of Winchester. Here in this beautiful town full of deep history, rich architecture, and great coffee, we will be spending the first half of our 21-day trip. After we arrived, we dropped our things off at Winchester Vineyard (aka WinVin, our lovely host church), then headed into town for some much-needed lunch and coffee. That evening, we attend a meeting at WinVin where we not only met the pastoral team, but got to prophesy from the front. The feedback from people there was that they felt greatly encouraged and so known by the Lord. With one family we were able to pray for a son who had lost his way and that he would experience breakthrough with the Lord. (Hold onto the thought for later!)


Saturday we had most of the day off and were able to spent time exploring the heart of the city. At the Great Hall we visited the enchanting garden of Queen Eleanor and saw the Round Table of the legendary King Arthur. Then that night we attended the first of a series of Creatives Nights here at WinVin where Anthea shared an inspiring message on creativity!

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Sunday was Mothering Sunday! (The UK’s version of Mothers Day). This was a full day as the team split into two groups. The first team stayed at WinVin where Bethany had the opportunity to speak to the youth on physical healing. Not only did many of the kids receive healing, but were able to go into the main church service and pray for healing there! These kids are so bold and courageous! We also ran a morning and evening Prophetic Appointment room (modeled after our Prophetic Ministry at Grace Center). Ann and Abbey were able to prophesy over a young man who we later found out to be the son of the family we prayed for breakthrough over Friday night! There has been a common theme on this trip of divine encounters where the Lord has lead specific people to us, often times not knowing the how or the why, and we are able to share God’s heart for them in what seems to just the right timing in their life.

The second team left Winchester to head for Bognor Vineyard in Southsea, England. There, Charis gave a powerful message on Heart of Stone, which is based on Ezekiel 36:26. The reaction to the message was so strong that many people within the congregation came up for ministry. For over an hour, we were able to speak the Lord’s promise of hope and healing and encouraged them to continue pursuing wholeness with the Lord. Then in the evening we were in Portsmouth Vineyard for a service where Netty and Blake lead worship and Melissa shared a message on Soaking. Towards the end of the service, we took time to prophesy and do prayer ministry with the members there. We walked one lady through a forgiveness prayer for a family member who had wronged her 15 years ago and immediately felt the weight she had been holding onto lift off. Not only did her countenance change, but she couldn’t stop expressing how much lighter she felt after we had prayed with her.

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Monday we spent some much needed free time out in Winchester when Blake, Abbey, and Ann encountered a homeless man. Through this encounter, the Lord spoke very powerfully to our team about why we are here-- to love on all broken hearts, because when we love the least of these we have loved Jesus Himself. In the evening we split into two teams again. On the campus of Winchester University, Blake shared on the Father Heart of God with a student led worship meeting and the rest of the team were able to prophesy over the leadership within that community. In the meantime, the other team attended a regional Pastors’ Dinner and were had the privilege of honoring and encouraging the incredible leadership there.

The next day, we all set off for The King’s School where Carolyn taught at an assembly of students ages 11 through 17 on Hearing God’s Voice, then the rest of the team took time after the meeting to prophecy over the incredible Headteacher. The rest of the day we had off, so we did some shopping in a neighboring city, then attended an Evensong service at Winchester Cathedral where we listened to a heavenly boys choir and visited the final resting place of beloved English author Jane Austen (*internal screaming*).

Wednesday evening, Blake and Charis gave an extensive message at Level 10 Church on How To Read The Bible, which incorporated teachings from our Year 2 Bible studies. The teaching included 5 steps for reading the Bible.

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Thursday we split into two teams again. Netty, Anthea, Melissa, Ann, Charis, and Carolyn attended a leaders’ lunch at WinVin where they were able to do prophetic ministry for each of the church staff. After that, they meet up with the rest of the team who had returned to The King’s School. Abbey had the opportunity to share with the students there a groundbreaking teaching on Prophecy, then took the time to give encouraging words to the students along with other members of our team. Then in a smaller classroom with a group of older students, Juliana shared her powerful testimony of Forgiveness. In the evening, we had the privilege of attended Will Law’s Life Group where Ann shared on Father Types, which lead into an open time of prayer ministry.

The Lord is doing a powerful work here on the hearts of the English people. This country is rich in religious history, but we believe there is a legacy being built of renewed hearts that have been set free to carry Kingdom revelation that will spread like a wildfire. The best is only yet to come.

Love, Team #soundthecrumpet

- Written by Melissa Ramsaur