WEEK 2 | Team Nashville

This past week we have seen God moving in power and love in Nashville! Thank you for your prayers for our team and for our beautiful city.

At the beginning of the week, we served the “Babes with Babes” ministry at Grace Center. We helped to prep, cook, and deliver healthy and nutritious meals for families in the church with newborns in a great time of transition and need. 

Throughout the week we also partnered again with the Foundry. We helped serve in their weekly “Share Meal” on Thursday to the homeless and low-income in the downtown community. Morgan Jae shared her testimony and a message on honor. The prophetic ministry afterward powerfully demonstrated God’s love for the detailed fabric of each individual’s lives. Many were touched by the love of Jesus. Being deeply known by the Father is a true desire of each human soul.


Over the weekend, we did prophetic ministry with the Foundry staff and interns. What a fun, passionate group! We enjoyed lunch and fellowship together at the downtown Farmer’s Market. 


We also met various people throughout the week at restaurants and coffee shops that Holy Spirit highlighted to us, and we have been able to encourage and speak the Father’s love over them. The power of the Gospel is simple. 


We met a new friend named Lexie on Monday night at Vui’s and the next night she came with us to The Belonging church service and to the Share Meal at the Foundry on Thursday. She is hungry and searching for truth! 

Another friend we met was a sweet lady named Ruth, who is a nurse about to leave for Bangladesh to work with the Rohingya refugees in Myanmar.


Here is the feedback from Ruth that she emailed us which sums up how the Father loves, knows, and sees His kids with utmost detail and attention: 

“Thank you so much again, to you and your ministry team. I cannot even describe how the Lord used you all to be His voice of love to me this afternoon. I've actually never been to Crema before, but I had a little time this afternoon, and I felt the Lord inviting me on a "date" with Him, so I went. It still brings me to tears how He met me there by lovingly bringing you all to speak His love over me and lift me in prayer. Sometimes He, in His incredible wisdom and love, ordains the clouds to cover our hearts for a season, but how lovely it is when He finally lifts them and lets us see in daylight what we could only blindly trust in the dimness. Thank you so much for being sensitive to His Spirit and opening your hearts to care, to be used by our beloved Lord to lift the clouds. You all are precious. May our marvelous Savior continue to bless each one of you and minister through you to a lost and dying world! Praying for you!”

We are so encouraged by how God is moving powerfully! 

- Written by Kelsey Edgecombe