WEEK 2 | Team Nova Scotia


Hey there friends! We have some awesome updates from our week here in Nova Scotia! 

Over the weekend we hosted an inner healing conference (similar to an “Encounter Weekend”) and opened it to the public - we were blessed to have 65 attendees, including an entire youth group from another church! 

On Friday Austin started off strong with Hearing God’s Voice, and Saturday our ladies brought it in full force- Nicole spoke on Forgiveness, Ashley taught on the Father’s Heart, and Gina finished with Father Types. It was a very fruitful conference that led to a powerful culmination on Sunday when Trent taught on creating a Culture of Honor. Everyone was so touched when we honored the church leaders, Bill and Rosie, in front of the congregation and gave prophetic words to the members of the church! 


During the week we hosted a Spirit Cafe for the community and had many opportunities to pray for healings, give prophetic words, and offer personal ministry times. God showed up in a number of ways, one of which was a miraculous healing! A member of the church was healed of her rheumatoid arthritis, and complete function was restored which allowed her to bend her knee back and forth for the first time in 5 years! Jesus also addressed her heart murmur, allowing her to walk up stairs without any labored breathing! God spoke to her personally saying, “You didn’t want to be healed because it would mean not having things to talk about in your conversations with friends.” Then our team followed with, “How about talking about the goodness of God to fill the void!” Yay God!! 


We also went on a few fun adventures! One night we bundled up in below freezing temperatures and went searching for the Northern Lights and star constellations. Trent captured some stunning images- in fact, he started a new Instagram account for his nature photos, so make sure to check it out at @trentonalan_nature! 

We’ve got awesome plans coming up, including prophetic evangelism in the mall and our second weekend of inner healing teachings! Until next time!! 

- Written by Cheryl Brehm, Photos by Trenton Alan