WEEK 2 | Team Scotland 

This week we made the transition from our time in Aberdeen to the next stop on our trip, Edinburgh. On one of our last nights in Aberdeen we got to attend a traditional Ceilidh dance at Sheddocksley Church, which was a combination of men in kilts, intense dance steps to bagpipe music, and a group of 13 Americans in flannels teaching Scottish people to line dance. Needless to say, we had a blast. The following morning was our last Sunday church service at Sheddocksley, and Elyse got to share on UGBs, Taylor taught the children’s group on the prophetic, and Daniel gave a couple of prophetic words. It was amazing to see how impactful the UGB teaching was when ungodly beliefs were transformed into godly beliefs in peoples’ lives, and watching the couple of people get touched by the Father’s love as they were being prophesied over. We then got to bless and prophesy over the church staff and the pastor before beginning our journey to Edinburgh the following day. It was hard saying goodbye to all of the amazing people we met during our stay in Aberdeen, but we are so excited to watch Sheddocksley Baptist continue to grow and impact their community in tremendous ways! It was an honor for us to get to serve alongside them.

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Once we made it to Edinburgh we met up with Andrew Quinn, who is an SOSL alumnus from Edinburgh and is on staff at the Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation there. The next couple of days were spent exploring Edinburgh - sight-seeing castles and monuments, going for a boat ride on Loch Katrine, and hiking the Crags to overlook the city during sunset. The beauty of Edinburgh is something else!

On Thursday we began ministering to the staff of St. Mungo’s Church, leading them through a time of soaking, prophetic ministry, and personal ministry appointments. Throughout the entirety of our trip, the personal ministry appointments have been incredibly fruitful. Being able to talk with people through what they are experiencing, getting them to hear from the Father, and then guiding them into more freedom has been amazing and definitely a highlight of our ministry time. 

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That night we got to be a part of a ministry called Outpouring, which is a night of worship and testimonies put on by Bethany House Homeless Ministry. A couple of us shared testimonies of experiencing Christ’s freedom, and then we all had the opportunity to be on the prayer ministry team at the end of the night. The presence of God was so tangible during worship and testimony time, and getting to praise Jesus in the center of the capital city of Scotland was a powerful moment and felt like a declaration for the Kingdom here in this city! 

We are so excited for more ministry opportunities with St. Mungo’s and Bethany House, and getting to meet and work with the students and staff of Edinburgh School of Supernatural Transformation! 

Love, Team #ScotlandOfTheLiving

- Written by Elyse Youngdahl