WEEK 2 | Team Australia 

As our time on this side of Australia draws to an end, I can't help but look back over the past ten days in what can only be described as a feeling of reverent gratitude. Not only have both of the churches we've visited welcomed us as family, but they were willing to step back and give us complete freedom to lead wherever the Holy Spirit wanted to go. This created an atmosphere of breakthrough for each person on our team to grow in leadership and step into their unique giftings. 

On our third day in Melton, we hosted a creativity and soaking workshop at City West church where we set up a couple tables full of all different kinds of creative mediums. Some people brought their own paints, some brought colorful yarn for knitting. We spent the first hour connecting with the Lord through creative expression, then finished off with some soaking after a brief message from Barbie about the difference between soaking and striving. The testimonies afterward blew us away. Just as Moses's face shone when he came down from the mountain, you could see a tangible joy radiating from these people's faces as they shared on the microphone their encounters with the kindness of our loving God. It was so touching to see how intentional and person the Lord was about speaking life and identity into each person in their own unique way. 


Later that night our team split up to lead the church's small groups. Each group was at a different house and the smaller setting allowed us an opportunity to connect on a more personal level. Casey Thompson, Molly, Cecilia, and Andrew led adult groups. Kasey Marcus and I led their young adults group, and Matt and Addison led the youth. The Lord showed up in powerful ways in each of our groups. 

At the young adults group, Kasey and I started off by sharing a bit of our testimonies, then we prophesied over each person. We saw some immediate breakthrough as we spoke, but we didn't realize how spot on and meaningful our words were until we received some feedback afterward. By simply being obedient and speaking what the Lord placed on our hearts, we were able to bring rivers of life to dry places and healing to areas that were in desperate need. Hearing the accuracy of our words was encouraging, but what truly amazed me was the outpouring of renewed hope and identity that could only have been accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Leaving our new family in Melton was sad, but sweet. We built such a special connection with the members of City West church and although our time together was short, the bonds we formed went deep. After a relaxing afternoon spent all together, our host families made it abundantly clear that we're always welcome to come back and visit, then sent us on our way to our next destination. 

We arrived in Ballarat a couple hours later where we were greeted with a welcome dinner at Mount Clear church. The pastors there were so open and in tune with the Holy Spirit that you could almost feel revival about to break out. As we were leaving that night, we got hit hard with the tangible presence of God in the parking lot and the weightiness of the Holy Spirit set the tone for the rest of our stay in Ballarat. Before jumping straight into serving, we spent the next morning at the wildlife park befriending kangaroos. There were lots of other animals there, but a few of us were too busy fulfilling lifelong dreams to notice anything but the kangaroos. 


Later that evening our team split up again. Half of us went to a prayer meeting and the other half were asked to speak to the worship team about spontaneous worship. While I didn't feel that I had much to share on that topic, since that's not something I've ever done before, our team felt like God wanted to release courage over everyone. So as an act of partnering with the Lord, I took the microphone and led spontaneous worship for the first time to show the church that sometimes courage looks like choosing to be defined by who God says you are, not who your fear says you are. It was a night of breakthrough for everyone who showed up. 

The next night we ran the church's prophetic ministry. Once again, seeing the accuracy of our words was amazing, but seeing God transform people's hearts was even more amazing. It was humbling to be able to speak into these people's lives, almost as if the Lord opened a window for us to see straight into their hearts and gave us the honor of calling forth what He had placed there. 

On Saturday night the pastors of the church took us to the White Night festival to go treasure hunting. Half of the roads downtown were closed off and thousands of people gathered to watch the light shows projected onto buildings all down the street. Our team split up into small groups and headed off to find our treasure. Casey, Addison, and I went with pastor Andrew and his sons to a BBQ place, where we got to speak into a young couple's life, pray over them, and bless them financially. Each team was ready and willing to go wherever the Lord sent us, and as a result, we all had divine appointments and spoke life into people who need it. 

We started off Sunday morning strong with worship led by Andrew and Cecilia, and during service Kasey Marcus, Addison, Cecilia, and Casey Thompson shared their testimonies with the church. The entire day was marked by freedom and as each person shared their testimony they unleashed over the congregation the courage to overcome and hope in the goodness of the Lord. Ministry time was lengthy and powerful. Person after person came up to lay down their burdens and receive prayer and person after person walked away changed and set free. Because this church was so hungry for God, and so desperate for a move of the Holy Spirit, that's exactly what they received. The Lord had set a fire in Mount Clear church and we got to be a part of it! 

We finished up our time in Ballarat with a night of worship and prophecy. Molly and I led worship with Andrew on the keys, Addison on guitar, and Matt on the bass. Almost immediately the presence of the Holy Spirit was heavy and tangible. After worship, our team stood at the front and prophesied. Once again, it was humbling to see the Lord use our team to heal broken hearts and set captives free. What the Lord ignited through us in the city of Ballarat is just the beginning. As we said our goodbyes that night, you could feel the Holy Spirit stirring within people's hearts, preparing for an even greater outpouring. It was an honor to serve at Mount Clear and we once again left feeling just as blessed as the people we ministered to. 

Written by Jordyn White