WEEK 1 | Team Iceland

Hæ Hæ (Hi!) Friends and Family from Iceland!

We are about a week in and already we are seeing God move in such amazing, powerful, sweet ways! We arrived in the beautiful country Friday morning and that evening we were introduced to Catch the Fire Reykjavík which is a church plant of Catch the Fire Toronto and is pastored by the amazing Baldur & Barbara Einarsson. Friday evening we worshiped with the church and our amazing leader Cooper spoke on the difference between being interested and dedicated. The message was so powerful and afterwards we were able to do ministry with different ones who wanted to give their “yes” to being fully dedicated to the Lord and who simply wanted more of God.


On Saturday we helped run a conference at the church where we came together for a time of worship lead by Bethany, Brendan and Gigi and then different stations were set up around the church with our team dispersed throughout and people were able to go to each station receiving prophetic words, Godly Beliefs which was set up by people being able to look into a mirror and speaking out all that the Father reveals about them which was written down and prayed into. There were also stations set up for soaking, inner healing and creativity. Many of us were so blown away by how open, hungry and even childlike the people were who attended. 

On Sunday we had a great time exploring the beautiful city of Reykjavík as a team and then we were invited to a surprise party for Barbara  (Baldur’s wife) which was so fun to celebrate and connect with people who attend Catch the Fire Reykjavík and other churches in the community. We were able to spend time honoring Barbara with gifts and encouraging words which then moved into our team prophesying over different ones at the party. It was so sweet to see the Lord call out the gold in each person and love on them with such kindness.


Monday at CTFR we had a time of intercession for the church and the region and then were able to connect with and prophecy over different people who walked into the church building that were curious of what was going on. CTFR has had an open door as a church with the community surrounding the area while we have been here. This has opened up many opportunities for praying and prophesying over those who walk through the doors out of curiosity of the church and who we are as a team. Little do they know it has been a Holy Spirit set up! Ha Ha!  There also were a few personal ministry sessions set up through the day which were so powerful and full of freedom! 

That evening we partnered with another “church” in the area that Baldur has connection with called United which is more of an organization for recovering addicts rather than a church. As a team we were able to connect with United’s leaders and prophecy over one of the leaders whose name was Þráinn and man oh man, it was absolutely powerful! After that time he ended up praying for our team and you could feel the atmosphere of heaven fill the room and in a sense electrically “charged” with the Holy Spirit… and the meeting had not even started! We served as United’s ministry team after a guest speaker from Florida preached and guys…it was so incredible! As a team we saw so many people not only give their life to the Lord during an altar call but people struggling with addictions, physical pain, torment, suicidal thoughts all came up to receive freedom and healing. The presence of God was so thick in the room and people were experiencing healing in their physical bodies and even deliverance from years of pain and tormenting addictions but above all … there was such a sweet peace of the Lord present. Many of us were overwhelmed by the compassionate heart of the Father for each one who asked for prayer. It was such an honor to love on and speak words of encouragement to each person in the midst of their vulnerability, desperation and hunger for freedom.


It’s not surprising that Reykjavik has the word “wrecked” pronounced in it. That’s exactly what we are encountering here, being wrecked by the hand of God and all of His kindness. Saturday, a gentleman recovering from addiction came to Catch the Fire for our time of ministry. He was reluctant but still visited each station on the off chance he might have an encounter. This man was not what you would typically expect to see in the church as he had face and skull tattoos, as well as, a sweatshirt with profanity written across it in large lettering (likely a reflection of the life he is walking out of). He received ministry that night, and although there was not a ton of evidence of encounter, we believe the Lord would finish what He started in this young man. On Monday night at United Reykjavik, I saw him again early in the service and felt my spirit leap. It was like my heart had caught on fire and was screaming “THIS IS HIS MOMENT TO BE FREE! He had but only tasted of it Saturday and now he would SEE it as well!” When we entered the ministry time, he stepped forward for salvation and I swooped over to pray with him. (Crazy how things with Jesus always fall perfectly in place, isn’t it? Haha.) I began to pray for him and realized there was a bit of resistance, I felt like the Lord asked me to prophecy promise over him. And as I began to pour out, my mind began to fill with all of these words of knowledge. I began to call out events of his life, words that had been spoken over him, and his heart’s current desire to be understood. As I stood in the gap for fathers, leaders, and brothers who had betrayed his trust- I saw the Lord reaching down to love him exactly where he was. Interestingly enough, this tough exterior built from the pain of life’s events was being broken down and tears began flowing from his life. There was so much joy that filled him, he couldn’t stop crying and even grabbed his girlfriend to receive a prophetic word as well. The Lord is wrecking Iceland and our team with IDENTITY. We received a prophetic word as a team that we would be melting away the ice around hearts, who knew that was a two-fold exchange and we’d be just as blessed as those we were loving? - Worth Peppers

Another amazing story from the evening is that there was a guy we’ve befriended here who had a friend at the meeting that evening who was skeptical of the Holy Spirit and thought that it was just a show that people put on. After the service she walked away feeling like she knew God was real and felt like she was getting saved for the first time then posted her experience on social media! How amazing and so kind of the Lord!?!

Radio Station

Radio Station

Tuesday we continued with more inner healing sessions at CTFR that were full of so much freedom, healing and personal revelation of the love of Jesus. Through out the day we had different people wander in the church and were able to connect and prophecy with each person. Brendan, Peter and Cooper had the privilege to go to a local christian radio station where they each were able to share their powerful testimonies on the air. After their interviews we ended up having people come to the church who heard the testimonies and wanted to check out the church, come to meet us and connect which was amazing! That evening we went to Baldur and Barbara’s lovely home to have dinner and got the chance to hear Baldur’s incredible testimony of redemption from the Icelandic drug world to becoming a pastor! Baldur and Barbara have absolutely impacted our team by their humility, love for Jesus and others and the call of greatness of both of their lives! What an honor it is to be able to serve this powerhouse couple. After Baldur’s testimony, we ended up having a sweet presence filled time of worship which Baldur ended praying for some of our team members which was phenomenal and so special! Toward the end of our hang time we surrounded Baldur and Barbara and were able to honor, pray and partner with them for the call on their lives and for all of what God is doing throughout this nation including praying for revival in Iceland… no big deal! ;) We have been so amazed by this incredible, presence filled church and the passion that is on the Baldur and his team. Truly, what an honor it is to be apart of all that God is doing here in Iceland! 

Written by: Bethany Dollar