WEEK 2 | South Africa

We are on the second half of our trip now and we have more updates for you!  We are both thankful and excited to see what the Lord is doing!

With navigation and translation help from pastors from the local church, Friday was spent going house to house in Gutshwa.  We had many great testimonies from the day!  We met a woman that said her feet hurt so Silvia and a few others prayed for the pain to go away.  Blake, one of our team leaders, asked if her legs were the same length; one leg was about 3 inches longer than the other so Silvia prayed for the legs to become equal in length.  Silvia looked down and the legs were of equal length.  Marc was looking the entire time, but he blinked and the legs were instantly the same length.  Our team was ecstatic and filled with faith! In the same house, we saw another woman’s eyesight get better as she was able to read without her glasses after some prayer. She also had stomach pain that was healed through prayer. During these house visits, several team members saw images and proclaimed prophetic words about rivers flowing through the city of Gutshwa and abundance coming to the land.  We later found ourselves unknowingly walking through a dry river bed. The favor we felt in Gutshwa only increased as the days went on.  

Silvia speaking in Gutshwa

Silvia speaking in Gutshwa

On Saturday, we had the privilege of being the first non-locals to attend an annual celebration at the chief’s estate in Gutshwa. The chief is over the surrounding lands and we were told he oversees around 2 million people. It was the first time they had an inter-racial function to celebrate the chief’s birthday. We got to watch passionate and lively traditional dancing, much of which reenacted pre-battle ceremonies of different tribes.  After the showcase, we got the opportunity to go up on stage and bless the land.  One of our team leaders, Blake, blessed the land and shared prophetic words regarding rivers and blessing coming to the land.  Then, we were all invited to the chief’s house, given VIP treatment, and enjoyed a large buffet! In South African culture, to share a meal means there is no problem with the other party. So, this meal communicated to the chief that the church was ready to love on him, pray for him, and honor him. These events were a testament to the favor that the Lord has given us throughout this trip, favor that has only increased as the trip has gone on.  Saturday night, Kylie and Silvia shared on the Lord’s faithfulness at the sixth and final day of the Gutshwa revival. We know that their transparency coupled with the truth touched the hearts of the people in Gutshwa.

Sunday morning, we had our final meeting at Gutshwa. The local pastors expressed much gratitude for the work we had done in the past week.  We also had the privilege of hearing Tryphina Sithole, Pastor Surprise’s wife, speak on “remembering what the Lord has done for you”.  She has a powerful testimony and delivered a great message!  We celebrated the anniversary of the Gutshwa church with a meal that we have shared with them over the past years.  That day was also team member Sam’s birthday!  We had time to rest for the remainder of the day and had a fun braai (barbecue) that night!

Kylie speaking in Gutshwa

Kylie speaking in Gutshwa

Monday and Tuesday were spent as free days and sight seeing days.  It was also a time where we got to reflect on the week of ministry and check in with each member of the group.  We shared testimony and opened up about different things God has been showing us on this outreach.  It was also team member Cameron’s birthday so we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant and even got to pray for and bless our waiter!


Wednesday morning, we had a powerful worship session in the prayer hut. We spent time dancing and singing with the kids and praying together. For the rest of the day, we did personal ministry sessions at MCV and played with the kids.  We love pouring out everything that God has blessed us with through Grace Center.  We began to connect the dots of what God has been doing in and through us. This opened our eyes to how intentional He has been to lead us in this outreach.


-Written by Cameron Hunt