WEEK 3 | Team Nashville 

This past week has been AMAZING! It is such an honor continuing to see God being God in our very own home city!! We were able to prophesy over Elijah's heart ministry staff as well as 30 of their kids, It was so fun for us to be stretched in hearing Gods voice for others and get to encourage them!


We have gotten to help out Elijah's heart in many different ways, this week we got to go out with ‘Papa Joes lunch express’. We catered food to a company and this will be a continuing thing that brings in money to fund the ministry. We also got to do ‘walk of love’. This is where we pack over 400 bags of snacks/food/toiletries and deliver them door to door in the local community. The needs are great and it is such a blessing to meet some of them! 

We got to be at the Foundry church for Meal of Hope, where our very own Will gave an incredible and powerful message about plugging into God. It was great to see people we've met the past couple weeks and hear some breakthrough testimonies. One of many, (Symone, came last week asking for prayer for breakthrough in getting a job specifically as a caregiver. We prayed, declared, and believed for that! This week she returned, having started her new job as a CAREGIVER). YAY JESUS! 


We spent one day at the TN state capitol, in the old supreme courtroom. We got to intercede on behalf of our governmental leaders, the laws and people in the whole state of TN. It was powerful and intense! PRAISE GOD. Revival is coming. 


Something we’ve loved throughout this past week is ‘Papa Joe time’ this is when we’ve gotten to sit with the leader of Elijah’s heart ministry and talk about everything under the sun as we dive into the Word of God. We love this man and it’s an honor to have him pouring into our team!! 


God bless! 

-Written by Kati Thunborg