WEEK 1 | Team Scotland 

Hello from Scotland!


The England/Scotland team met at the Nashville Airport on Wednesday the 6th at around 3:30pm, excited and ready to go! Matt and Shannon and many friends and family members were there to pray for us and send us off. We landed in Winchester, England at about 11am on Thursday to a very warm welcome. Later that afternoon we prophesied over and hung out with the young adult group at Winchester Vineyard Church (WinVin for short). During the next few days, we joined some other churches and did ministry and prayed for healing out on the streets with a group of people from Winchester Baptist Church, went to a newly starting house church where we did prophetic ministry and helped out with worship and the kids ministry. Jasmine spoke on Ungodly Beliefs to the youth group, Mackenzie spoke on Soaking to the church, and a few of the ladies from our group did arts and crafts and gave prophetic words to and with the kids a couple of nights during what they call "Blaze" (the WinVin kids ministry fun night).


Early morning on Monday the 11th, we all packed up and got onto a plane for Aberdeen, Scotland! Again we were met with a very warm welcome! We dropped our things off at our apartment-hotels and then met with the staff and leadership at Sheddocksley Baptist Church (Shedd for short) for dinner!  Over the next couple of days the group split up and did various things such as Personal Ministry appointments, gave prophetic words, went to school assemblies, played UK football with local kids and went to Prayer Spaces in the local schools. Juliana spoke to the church on Sunday about Supernatural Evangelism, Austin spoke on Hearing God's Voice to the young adults group, Heather spoke about the Prophetic to the youth, and Mackenzie spoke on Soaking again. We also went around adventuring downtown Aberdeen to the various beautiful beaches, interesting museums, and cool shops.


We were incredibly honored by Shedd for throwing us a traditional Scottish ceilidh dance on the 16th! (We in return taught them the Church Clap dance, which they completely mastered!)

Stay tuned for more updates!

- Written by Ava Beischke