WEEK 2 | Team Puerto Rico 

Hello from sunny Puerto Rico!


Our team has been having so much fun getting to serve the communities of Puerto Rico in such practical and hands-on ways. This past week, we have partnered with MarAzul (a local church) to serve the community in Bayamon and help Bayamon Christian Academy (BCA) paint their school. The school building was destroyed in the hurricane and they have been using a temporary rented building since. Our team had the opportunity to landscape their building, paint the building, design and paint a mural, and work alongside a team of InterVarsity college students from the University of Vermont (UVA).  InterVarsity is a Christian program that consists of students who are both believers and non-believers. 


Our team had the opportunity not only to pour into the practical needs of the school but also work with the InterVarsity students and share our stories with them. We got to share about SOSL and share testimonies about what the Lord has done in our lives. We developed great friendships with them and when some of the students on their team had an opportunity to ask Jesus into their hearts, we heard that six of the students decided to give their lives to the Lord! One of our team members even got to pray with one of the UVA students to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It was so fun to share with the students about how Jesus has transformed our lives.


While painting the school on the second day, the students from BCA came to see the progress on the school and they were so excited when they saw it! The looks on their faces were priceless and they each got a picture next to the mural. The work was definitely laborious, but thinking about the students having a place to learn, grow, and be in community together was well worth it. The process of painting the school was also very meaningful for us because Grace Center sent out a team last year to visit and start painting and we got to come and finish the work they started. 


After a long week of working 9-5 we had a wonderful day off on Saturday! We woke up late and had some fellowship with each other in the morning then took a ferry ride to visit the historic city of Old San Juan. The buildings are the oldest in Puerto Rico and we got to visit and explore the city for a day. 


Prayer Requests: We have been so fortunate to be able to help practically and spiritually here in Puerto Rico. Please continue to pray for physical strength for our team as well as divine encounters where people experience the Love of the Father!


¡Adios from the sun kissed Puerto Rico team!



-Written by Ellen Warner-Gourd

-Photography by Chris Law