WEEK 2 | Team Romania

Team Romania has been falling in love with the people and culture of this country! We had the joy of serving the community of Adi & Mia Pop’s church, New Covenant, and several other churches that Adi oversees. Emily Phillips kicked off the Sunday service (3/18) by sharing a detailed prophetic word the Lord gave her for New Covenant church, which left nearly the entire room in tears! 

Here is Hunter’s perspective from that morning:

“Sunday morning, Emily spoke at Adi’s Church (New Covenant Church). It was incredible to watch her share a prophetic word/vision that God had given her to share with the congregation.  She spoke there last year as well, but it was much different this year. Last year she shared a message, this year it felt like she delivered a prophetic word about seasons. The seasons of fire, water, and blooming. She explained how each person could be in a different season, but how God was cleansing the Church for a season of blooming. It felt like a word for the church, but also the Church of Romania. I was crying and most others in the room seemed to be getting touched by the Lord. I believe Emily delivered hope and promise to the church. It felt like she caught God’s heart for that particular congregation. It was amazing to see her be received as a minister and not just teaching a message. Everyone could tell the word was weighty and felt timely.”

Later that evening, Laura Watson led a healing meeting, where many got healed and set free! 


“It’s absolutely been a dream of mine to lead a healing meeting! I’m discovering more and more of God’s heart for healing and I long to see people set free from sickness, pain, and any other kind of ailment. I got to share a few testimonies of how He’s personally healed me years ago and how He uses us to heal the sick… but the best part of the evening was the fact that little of it had to do with me! I just showed up with faith and God did the rest! The Healer did what He does best… HEAL! It was so fun to partner with God and watch the room be amazed by His goodness.

Many were immediately healed when Laura asked the congregation to stand up and repeat the “4 Line Prayer” after her, which says: 

“This healing belongs to me, Because of what Jesus did on the cross, I receive my healing now, In Jesus name.”

Our team members all received healing words of knowledge and we were all blown away by how the Lord moved through every prayer. The following Sunday, many came to the front of the church to testify of healings that occurred throughout the week. One man we prayed with for back pain had a dream during the week. In the dream, God touched his spine and he woke up from the dream completely healed! Everyone was blown away!

We spent Monday evening ministering to the youth and had the privilege of prophesying over every kid in the room. On Tuesday, we were invited to eat lunch at a couple’s home from the church and to share at their small group. 

Chris Bontempi shared his heart with the small group that evening. Here is a piece of his experience: 


“The Holy Spirit was so thick and tangible in the room as I began to play my guitar. We were at a home group meeting with some of the leaders from Adi’s church and though many didn’t speak English, I invited everyone to join in with their own melody and song and to just get in a heart of worship and prayer. I felt like I should be coming to learn from them, but they expected to receive from me: First as a worship leader, then as a teacher. So I began to sing and as I sang, I could see an elderly woman just smiling at me. She stood up and prophesied over me. I was taken aback by her word of power that she imparted to me and it was further confirmation that this was a night to step into identity. This was my evening to share about forgiveness and restoration. Throughout the evening I shared my story and taught about Jesus’ love and forgiveness on the cross, which leads to freedom. I was blown away by how many people were impacted at the truths God spoke through me. To end the evening, we prophesied in groups of two and prayed for freedom and healing. God broke chains that night - not just in the community, but in me - and I will be forever changed.” - Chris Bontempi  

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We spent Wednesday, Thursday and most of Friday in the city of Brasov, which is a quaint, beautiful tourist city in Romania (all the European feels!). Our team had the gift of resting and recouping before a wonderful weekend of ministry and “family” time!

Jennifer Tomczak caught the heart of community this week when she wrote, 

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“This week was an incredible time of fellowship. We were invited over to the home of a couple from Pastor Adi’s church that runs a global ministry from Romania for an incredible meal and small group meeting. Then we took a team get away from Wednesday to Friday to the city of Brasov with Adi and his daughter, Andi. Lastly, we spent our Saturday in Adi and Mia’s home for a huge feast. I was so blessed by the fellowship and amazing meals! Their Incredible servant's hearts and amazing testimonies created life-giving moments for me. It left me in awe of the beauty of fellowship, family and the importance of community. 

One of my favorite ministry times was spent with the youth group. We set up prophetic booths and prophesied over each student. To see the accuracy in which the words were coming and the way in which each kid received it was so amazing! They were blown away by the confirmations God was giving to their hearts! Seeing people encounter the God who sees, knows and loves them is amazing! I was blown away by what God was saying about each of these kids! This week truly filled my heart to overflowing. I’m so expectant and excited for what’s to come for the church of Romania.” - Jennifer Tomczak

We arrived back to Targu Mures Friday afternoon and went straight to a youth meeting, where Hunter shared about Ungodly Beliefs. The team broke up into partners and we collectively prophesied over every youth kid in the room! Erica Roman did what she does best and found the “one” in the room that the Lord had for her to pour into. Here is her testimony:


When it was time to prophesy I was immediately drawn to this girl in black. I felt connected to her as someone who was walking a hard road. I told her that I saw a shield before her. I honored her strength and ability to survive troubles and then invited her to let God and others on the other side of the shield. 

After each of us prophesied over one student publicly and then we spilt up to allow the students to come to us for words. I hated to not be able to follow up immediately with the girl in black who was clearly hiding distress. Hunter recognized my heart to go after the one and released me to go sit with her. 

Through tears she shared her story and for a while I just listened. When she was done I gently asked her questions and finally asked her if she wanted the peace that came with inviting Jesus into our lives. She did. It was a precious moment that I won’t forget. When we finished praying I asked her how she felt and she said she felt at peace, that Jesus was going to help her through her situation. I could see in her eyes and countenance a marked difference. I feel so honored to have been able to witness her step into freedom.” - Erica Roman

The ladies had a girls day Saturday morning and we all got our nails done before the Pop family invited us over for an incredible Romanian lunch! Mia, Adi’s sister, and their dear family friend went above and beyond to serve us. There was much anticipation for this meal because apparently, it was one of Hunter and Emily’s favorite meals from their outreach last year! We were overwhelmed by their hospitality, love and generosity. We’ve been blown away by the way they’ve loved us like Jesus! 

Sunday was a very full day of ministry. Erica Roman bravely sharing her testimony about God’s kindness in the midst of her story at New Covenant’s church. As a way to honor Erica’s story, the church leaders called up a long-standing and faith-filled widow to the front of the church to pray over and bless Erica, as this widow has seen God come through for her time and time again.

 Then we spent our evening at a church in Sighisoara (a city about an hour away from Targu Mures), where Emily shared her testimony of overcoming a Heart of Stone and created space for the prophetic to touch hearts. The last few days, we’ve flowed in more words of knowledge and spot on prophetic words than we’ve ever before! It was so incredible to see people set free by God’s specific words for them. The evening left us overwhelmed by God’s goodness and His love for people!

As our time comes to a close, we can’t help but feel a deep sense of gratitude! The Pop family and every connection we’ve made here feels like family. We’ve been greatly honored, trusted and loved by the leaders of many different churches. We recognize this is no small thing and feel extremely thankful!  

-Written by Laura Watson

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