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Team Nashville - Update #4

Team Nashville - Update #4

That's a wrap!


Our outreach has come to a bittersweet end this weekend. 

We spent Saturday with the Foundry doing supernatural evangelism downtown. We split up into groups of three or four, where half of the crew did “treasure hunting” and the other half went out with instruments to minister to people with prophetic song. With as many people as we had, it’s safe to say we covered just about every street downtown and got the privilege to witness amazing heart changes, healings, and love encounters. This ministry not only affected the random citizens of Nashville, but it touched the hearts of many on our team. Some of us felt new passions awakening on the inside of us from the joy in this ministry.


We saw hope restored, joy returned, and even healings within our own Team Home Plate! We then returned to the Foundry for a final get together/ cookout with all the wonderful staff and interns for the rest of the evening. We had a nice time of fellowship, volleyball, and stuffing our faces. Afterwards, a few of us went over to the famous soda parlor across the street and enjoyed some sodas and floats. Sunday afternoon we met for our final debrief after church at Burger Up to chat and process our experiences over our life-changing trip.

These past few weeks have been eye-opening and refreshing to see all the amazing things happening here in our home town. We’ve seen all kinds of miracles- from physical healing (a major theme of healing was backs and ankles/feet), to seeing driven homeless men find favor in getting a job only God could have provided. We feel absolutely honored and humbled to have been part of the prophesied “transformation in our city.” Great things are happening and even greater things are to come here in Nashville!

Blog written by Faith Boyce

Team Nashville - Update #3

Team Nashville - Update #3

Hello, Music City!

We’ve had an amazing time this week full of fellowship, ministry, and team building! 

This week we joined Family Affairs ministry for their weekly Saturday night church service. Sam, Tink, Faith, and Allie led us in praise and worship. Josh had the honor of teaching the topic of the Father Heart of God. Josh is such a gifted teacher and God so in it, with his message being so well received and relevant. Our team stayed around afterwards for a ministry time. A woman was healed and so many people were blessed with prayer and prophetic ministry. It was such a wonderful time of fellowship and a bittersweet time with Pastor Glenda and the family. 

We attended the Sunday morning service at One Stone Church. Their worship was beautiful! Pastor Mark extended the invitation for our team to prophesy over anyone in the church. Thus, after the service we spent a couple hours getting to hear God’s loving thoughts towards His children and blessing these sweet people with personal prophetic ministry. Pastor Mark and the church enjoyed this so much that they invited us to come back to train them in the prophetic. So Josh, Sam, and Tink led our group by sharing teaching on both Hearing God’s Voice and the Prophetic. We had a lot of fun playing activation games that night too! After prophetic games we prayed for some physical healing in the room. We then saw a young lady's left leg grow out!! It's so amazing to get to know people in our own city that are on fire for the Lord and hungry for more!

Team Nashville HomePlate loves to have fun… and that calls for a mid-week Fun Day! We went and played a game at the Escape Game! This was such a cool activity for our group to do- the experience was team-building and exciting- trying to solve a seemingly impossible mystery game full of details and clues, all before our time ran out in 60 minutes. Let’s just say that we felt (and acted) like the game was seriously happening! So fun! We celebrated our “escape” with a patio lunch afterwards because the weather was wonderful!

Thursday nights have become a highlight in our week during this outreach trip. Helping with The Foundry’s Meal of Hope is very practical yet also very Spirit-led. What a neat opportunity to get to help serve food and worship with folks from the community. Brie spoke on the subject of hope and shared some of her testimony… what a powerful night! God’s presence was really evident and touched many who were there. One couple was brought to tears by the hope and ever-present love of Christ. One of the guys that attended the service biked several miles because he felt like God had told him he had a message for him..and to quote him he said "Brie's message was exactly why I came here tonight." It was a sweet and successful last Meal of Hope for us.

We wrapped up our week by spending more time with our friends at The Foundry. We got to honor and love on them some more! We spent all of Friday morning sowing into them as much as we could. Faith taught on Soaking and she was amazing! She encouraged us in the importance of soaking, stillness, and rest. Then, we practiced! We then spent time soaking in the presence of God together and just resting. Our team also got to speak blessing and prophetic words over each of The Foundry’s interns/some staff members individually. This was really special because they've become such dear friends of ours and it was amazing to just hear the Lord's heart for them during personal prophetic ministry. We love them all SO much. 

Again, what a privilege we have to partner with these amazing ministries here in our own city. Nashville… we love you!!!!

Blog written by Kari Brandon

Team Nashville - Update #1

Team Nashville - Update #1

Nashville Home Plate Update!

Team Nashville has arrived! ..wait, just kidding since we're already here! Day one began on Thursday by meeting up with the staff and interns from the The Foundry. The Foundry is an incredible ministry located in Nashville that we have the honor of working with for the next couple of weeks. Every Thursday night, they feed the homeless community at an event called Meal of Hope. We got to help with that by serving in the food and drink lines while Allie Hayes and Sam McLeod lead worship. Tiffany Jo Barnett then gave a powerful message on forgiveness and led a ministry time with the rest of the team. The whole night was amazing and a great kick off into our outreach! 

Friday morning our team went to East Nashville to minister to Family Affair Ministries. Wow, the anointing in this house was just refreshing! Over the years, their staff has faithfully served their community and consistently poured out love to everyone that comes through their house. It was such an honor to be able to bless and honor them! We entered into spontaneous worship and gave a lot of personal prayer and prophetic ministry. We were even able to play with some of the children of the house and sing worship songs with them! We're astounded at how much they love on their community and the hunger that they have for MORE. It was such a wonderful time pouring in and having fellowship with family.

That night we went back to the Foundry and joined them for their Friday night worship event called "Friday Night Fire"!  For 22 years they've been worshipping every Friday night for hours! Come on! It was incredible! 

Saturday afternoon we met back up at The Foundry for prophetic teaching and games! Yay! Jessie Seal taught on the prophetic and it was amazing! It was awesome to share what we've learned about the prophetic with this group of people who are familiar with it but hungry for more! Tink McLeod led us in some activation games and we were blown away by what God was doing JUST in those games! The testimonies were incredible. Then the foundry interns taught us about prophetic worship and other creative arts. We then activated what we had learned by moving into a time of singing prophetically over a few people and the atmosphere in the room shifted. There's something so powerful about releasing a prophetic word through song. We were undone by the glory! Sam McLeod then gave a quick message on Treasure Hunting and had everyone in the room amped to go and find God's treasure! Lastly, our team stood up and got to prophesy over some individuals and honor them. The Holy Spirit was definitely present and it was a really special time. We are beyond blessed to be working with The Foundry and Family Affair Ministries! We can't wait to see what else Father God unfolds over the next few weeks!!

Blog written by Tiffany Jo Barnett